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  1. I like the changes but not all of them, lemme make a clear list: Pros: Quick switching is useful - but should be more flexible when it comes to keybinds. We should be able to split the Fire weapon and Melee channel button into separate keybinds, and that's just one example. Having options never hurt anyone. Directional slams are crazy fun Auto-blocking is useful - but should be optional, sometimes taking damage is desired and automated blocking gets in the way of that Cons: Hold-to-channel no longer an option - Lmao. Guys. Too many people rely on Life Strike as means of staying alive to just take this away. Please bring it back, perhaps with an option to keep it a toggle for players who took the liking to the change. Me and many others find having to toggle it much to tedious and less accessible. Melee aim-glide removed - if somebody's using a sniper and decides to glide, suddenly their situational awareness is out the window Quick melee removed - not a big con thanks to instant switching but the partial combos are indeed handy sometimes, mostly due to not interrupting movement (in most cases), as opposed to some default combos. Block combos are wonky to use - there are too many issues associated with RMB switching to guns. That functionality should be optional. Perhaps a toggle in the settings, something along the lines of "Switch to ranged weapon with RMB?" Directional slams can be wonky - not entirely sure why this happens but sometimes i find myself launched 100m sideways upon meleeing an enemy and maybe not entirely standing on the ground. Maybe a stricter angle limit would help? TL;DR - we need options, that's the only way to please everyone. I don't know what you guys are planning to do with channeling and Life Strike but please keep in mind that without those, many frames will lose their most reliable way of staying alive.
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