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  1. I think it would be really nice if we could search for mods using a different language than the one of the installed game. For example, i have my game in english, and i don't want to change it, but if a clanmate asks for a spare "Derivación poderosa" mod i have no idea what he wants.


    I want to be able to type "derivación poderosa" and the game finds "power drift" so i can be helpful and a good clanmate.

  2. Does anyone else's game crashes on opening after this?


    The game launches and then crashes to desktop and the windows to send the report appears. I've tried a few times

  3. Alright, ill be working on this, but the basic premise is in the name, is a robot warframe, its much more fragil than other frames, but with higher shields to compensate, and all of its abilities are focused on shooting stuff

  4. Its alright, i can take it... snif

    Anyway, something that i tried to explore here is: abilities tied to the mods you use, this would make them IMO usefull with every level of enemies, even higher ones, something that is difficult to get with the ones we have now

  5. Robowarframe is one of the first warframes created, in an era when the Tenno where still new to the whole "organic armor" thing, and the whole "naming stuff" thing.

    It has:

    Shields: base at 180

    Health: base at 60

    Polarities: 4 " - 2 V - No aura polarity

    Armor: 10.0

    Sprint speed: 1.05

    His/her abilities are strongly tied to his/her equipment:

    Ability 1: Roboshooting

    Cost: 25

    Roboshooting increases the firerate and puncture of primary weapons by 25/50/75% and 0.2/0.5/1.0 respectively during 5/7/9 seconds, affected by continuity and bettercontinuity mods. It does the same to the secondary weapon but on a lesser scale, + 15/30/45 % firerate and + 0.1/0.3/0.5 puncture, thats just because secondaries have better mods than primaries.

    Ability 2: RoboshamelessIronSkinripoff

    Cost: 50

    Robowarframe gains + 20/40/60 % of his/her actual shield number, including mods, untill enemies shoot it down

    Ability 3: Robosealing

    Cost: 75

    Robowarframe depressures the room where he/she is, causing the closing of all doors in the room and enemies take extra damage, this warframes do not suffer the normal depressure effects because of reasons.

    Ability 4: Roboshooting - a lot

    Cost: 100

    All primary and secondary weapons of players gain infinite magazine capacity and 1.5/2.0/2.5 elemental damage multipliers during 5/10/15 seconds

    How does it look? I can't draw for my life, but in my mind it is like Eva 01 from Evangelion (but smaller):


    All critics and feedback are welcome! (Especially if you think Robowarframe is OP)

  6. The biggest flaw i saw in this event was in the alpha team, no matter how much i lasted Lotus always comes and tells me they need MOAR time XD

    Besides that i think this is my favorite event so far, totally solo friendly, and makes you be really fast in your killings and calm and strategist in picking up oxygen, very ninja like.

  7. I would really like a silencer mod for rifles, it could be a big improvment in the stealth department, i imagine them working like this:

    It would reduce the radius of sound in meters, a low level silencer would still be heard and alert enemies that are, say, 10 meters in each direction from the player, while at the same time reducing the overall damage of the rifle, lets say that low level mod reduces in 5% the damage, in the highest level the bullet would be heard only in a 2 meters radius while having a (lets say) 30% damage reduction.

    Pd.: The numbers are probably not balanced, they should be studied

  8. I have to give it to you on Overload, you're suspended for too long, i recall dying while doing it (it started killing everything, volt was still in the air, had little life, a totally not dead grineer came and shot me down)

    I don't thing you should die while doing your super ultra ability.

  9. When you are playing with friends i think is pretty clear when you are not connected anymore, your friends are no longer there with you, or the game puts a "host migration in process" and then you have to try again.

    But when you're soloing and you are not connected anymore, the game continues as if nothing wrong, only telling you when you finish the mission and want to use your new super cool mod that you just got while soloing. That can be frustrating. Right now you have the clan chat while you solo, but i think that a "You have lost connection, your game will not save if you do not restore it" will be a better way of knowing this.

    A funcionality that i wish were not lost if this is implemented, is the chance that i have now to pause my game, check and restore my connection, and continue playing, PLEASE don't auto logg me out if i'm solo and disconnected.

    Pd.: English is not my first language so please complimentme on how great i write despite that fact, i mean, forgive any spelling mistakes.

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