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  1. Woah woah.. it does not take years to advance. The only reason it's taken me 2 years to advance this far is because I looked up no guides and learned it all myself. I can speed him along much much faster since I know what I'm doing. He has questions? I for sure have answers because I've done it all. If I had someone who knew everything playing with me I'm sure I'd be much farther along by now. We are in this situation where he's MR1 and I'm MR17. I didn't get him to play until I was 2 years into the game. Now we're clearing his nodes, and going from there. He needs resources right
  2. I have a clan for my boyfriend and I. I like being able to play that way, I shouldn't have to give up my upgrades in my clan because others want to force me to play a certain way. I'm also not an active clan leader and can't keep general interest in my clan. That was never my intention when starting my own clan in the first place. I kept getting kicked, because again I'm not an active clan member. So I solved it by making and contributing to my own. No one has voice chat and if anyone ever does it's some obnoxious noise that you immediately mute. When typing in chat you would actua
  3. There's no list of players who are playing advanced missions on a low MR. I've gotta experience their fail in order to block them. I'm not someone who just sees a low MR and thinks "leecher". This idea would probably be better if I didn't have a 5 day job where I can't play for some days meaning more new players are joining than I can block. Some of the ones I do block I'm sure have stopped playing due to burnout too. This is a lot of work on my part considering they're leeching off of me to grind for them. I don't mind stopping and helping new players but when the en
  4. So what you're asking is that we let these players make us play for them and do nothing/can't do anything so we should just play the game like they want to, right? So you're asking us to play the way they want to because they want good stuff fast instead of working up to it. So they're allowed to use advanced players to mooch off of and we're just supposed to accept that way of gameplay because others want to do it? If you want to play a sortie you solo it or find people who are ok to carry you. So now I'm FORCED to play solo because others want a certain way and won't give it up?
  5. Honestly I have joined groups full of noobs that can't do more than two points of damage per hit and they're dieing almost every minute. This problem is especially rampant in sorties I find. Didn't it used to be that you had to complete the most recent story quest to get to sorties? Well they're coming in at MR7 and 8 now -__- this makes the mission twice as long as I'm basically carrying. I don't mind people excited for the game and more people joining, in fact it's a good thing, but being able to join missions that are meant for advanced players hoping someone will carry you... There's no ho
  6. It means whether I want to waste the relic or not. I'm a player who doesn't play for a long time then plays in major bursts, as I'm sure a lot of people do. I have massive buildups of relics because I'm doing other missions that are earning me these relics. When I come back I don't know what has or hasn't been vaulted. It may be a fault of my own but I don't hound this game for information when I'm not on a binge for it. I'm on a binge now and have been for about a month now. I still don't think I'd need to create a notepad worth or information to match up what relics are vaulted or not.. that
  7. I don't think anyone is asking for pity here :p I've seen people in chat that are new ask to be invited or do certain missions that are seen for a split second and then noted on chat " so-and-so has been suspended from chat". I see these bans so quickly and all the time to both new and veteran players. This moderation system may be needed to completely contain as much irresponsible behaviour as possible, I get that. On the other hand for the unknowing user can feel like a kick in the ass over a hill rather than a slap on the wrist. It doesn't tell you why you've been b
  8. I get in those love hate moods with Warframe and grinding all the time xD I work through it.. somehow 😶 Just because a game eventually turns into a grind fest doesn't mean there's nothing to write home about for any other parts of the title. I'm sure a lot of people just play games for the story. I'm talking about engame no more story besides small side quests and the like. Every game that I've played where it has me going "Wow! This mechanic changes half way through the game that's so cool!" Also has me realizing that they can't keep cranking out new features, modes, and styles.
  9. Endgame with every game becomes a repetitive grind. Witcher? Grind. Mario? Grind. Skyrim? Grind. No game can stay varied enough for players within a daily capacity
  10. I do it for mutliple reasons: - test out a build - to be able to do survival or defense as long as I want without anyone else - to not deal with people - to test the limits of my powers - no leechers - no dealing with chat during a mission I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting, but there are also plenty of instances to use public too :)
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