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  1. I've been lucky, got 3 from syndicate packs since unvaulting. That's my ugly suggestion, just get every syndicate point you can and hope for the best. "Ugly" should have been "only", but I think ugly actually fits better, so I'm gonna leave it 🙂
  2. Found him in void fissure sabotage last night. He dies fast to my 6 forma catchmoon!
  3. I spent 320k of syndicate standing, and got 12 vaulted relics. I recommend that method :). Otherwise, I like void missions. No other reason for me to be there, so handy when unvaulting brings me back.
  4. Trinity prime was also free for twitch/prime (?) users. Probably not a lot of value there
  5. I'm missing that one too. Maybe next time!
  6. Yep, and great one for me. I'm missing all the primes there except volt
  7. Glad DE finally answered me!
  8. I just shoot him with my amp. Seems the most consistent high damage
  9. I use the 423. I like the pew pew... And haven't bothered to farm the new amps yet
  10. Any word on time frame for next unvaulting? Only a few left for me... Getting twitchy 🙂
  11. Read this. Your answers are here :
  12. This is what I've found. Can't belive this bug is still around. Short answer, cap standing first, then run syndicate missions.
  13. I have over 200 captures, and nullifiers only dropped 12 times... Yeah rng
  14. Exactly. He's trying to hard. Whatever, he likes the weapon and that's fine.
  15. Braton prime, supra vandal, maybe a couple more. I still say Tiberon prime as well, even though lower fire rate. It provides great utility, plus feel, and high damage.
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