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  1. well done DE, well done you've outdone yourself now (i think)
  2. under no circumstances will you spoil them for good...
  3. something that stuck in my brain for a while, wondering what it feels like if so, or what do you think... in case you wondering what's jamming: it's like a fired bullet stuck in a gun after firing them, then you need to work out to unjam the gun
  4. Say, this fragment found somewhere near The Pearl scans The Business' mem fragment 5/5 yes? I've scanned them some time ago, but why is the fragment not appearing in the codex? (same goes for ticker's mem fragment 5/5)
  5. is this paracesis intended as heavy blade, or you want the paracesis as, like, revenant's big curvy blade?
  6. y is dis thread have been infected by zalgo
  7. so once you reach your login day above 1000, does it mean you no longer obtain some new milestone rewards? (something else than those evergreen choices)
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