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  1. Forget 4k, it doesn't really add anything (just makes your icons smaller :s) I want a 21:9 Ultra wide monitor, that's where it's at people :D
  2. I ran the 10 t1caps I had, mostly got keys but did get a paris grip which isnt even in the drop list for t1 cap :s Then I ran 1 t1 ext and got a scindo bp, go figure...
  3. It was told by a dev (either Steve or Glen I think) in that post that explained how they found a bug in rng and he posted pics of how it was and how it will be. It was stated there that it starts with a seed that started you off and the seed was causing the problem. It was a while ago (maybe a year ago?) and I dont fully remember, i'll see if I can find the post. EDIT: Found it: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/128402-rng-algorithm-bugschanges/
  4. Congratulation to anyone that went over 15 points, worst event ever, I did 16 and I could feel my brain turning to mush and running out my ears on that 1 extra run. so. boring.
  5. I know nobody really cares but I was bored so I calculated how long it would take to get to MR30 If the release of new rank rewarding items continues at the same rate as this year to date. OK, so this year so far DE have been adding new points at a rate of (on average) 4428.5 per week. At this rate it will be 230256 per year Rank 30 require 2.25 million exp, if we subtract the current available exp of 653724 we get 1596276 required to 30 Now we divide that by our yearly total (1596276/230256) = 6.93 years to get to rank 30 if level of additions stay the same. Will this game still be
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