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  1. [U21] Bug Report Megathread

    @[DE]Saske Some more bugs. Jumping on a zipline while channeling Harrow's Thurible makes the buff not trigger when reactivated. Also, the channeling indicator for Thurible does not appear on the ability bar, and interestingly, I was able to quick melee during channeling, but only in one particular game where I had the Mios equipped. Melee in dual wield mode (Glaive + single pistol) appears to "queue" inputs - which ends up being very unpleasant when you end up flinging your Glaive around long after that Butcher died and you want to shoot that Heavy Gunner.
  2. Warframe Builder

    I took a look at the EHP calculator, and it's outdated. VERY outdated. It assumes Tenno are still on Alloy armor, when that isn't the case - they use Ferrite since almost a year ago.