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  1. JulianLynx

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.1

    You might've polarized a no-polarity slot to no polarity. Yes, that is possible. Worst case, and quickest fix/workaround if you get to it fast enough - you can poke Support within 24 hours of having it polarized and mention which polarity you'd like to have it switched to. Also, props for using Akmagnus, they're fun.
  2. JulianLynx

    Warframe Builder

    I know it might not be the simplest thing to fix, but the DPS calculator for melee weapons currently does not factor in the Gladiator set bonus (which would add onto Blood Rush, ex. Rank 10 Blood Rush + 2 part Gladiator = 195% combo crit) Perhaps there could also be an option to add # of external set mods, to reflect the full power of the set. If we want to simulate Gladiator Resolve and Gladiator Aegis on top of Gladiator Vice and Rush on a melee build, we can say we have +2 Gladiator mods besides Vice and Rush. Also, naming is not consistent. For instance, Chilling Reload will say "Cold damage", but Chilling Grasp and Rime Rounds say "FREEZE DAMAGE". Similarly, Heat damage is labeled as "Fire" and Toxin as "Poison". Electricity is correct.
  3. JulianLynx

    Warframe Builder

    I took a look at the EHP calculator, and it's outdated. VERY outdated. It assumes Tenno are still on Alloy armor, when that isn't the case - they use Ferrite since almost a year ago.