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  1. Not cool. While I didn't do this in the endurace, I almost did. Because the scaling shields/health makes it damn near impossible to keep up long term what this event does is simply reward people who have better gear. I saw a demolyst die from getting knocked out and came up with the same strategy myself in the simulacrum. I however did not use it. Not because I felt it was illicit or unfair, but because the scale of and situation with my own clan means that no matter how high I scored I wasn't going to get our clan anywhere near the top and it wasn't worth the effort of even trying. The anti-participatory exclusiveness nature of the competition for clans that are situated to reign the top which is something that DE should be trying to avoid because it's bad for the community, is ironically the thing that saved me from possibly getting banned by this action. Which physically sickens me to know that DE's response to using game-play mechanics is something that could have possibly ever resulted in something like a week-long ban from the game itself, not even like being banned from chat. That is wrongful and a major wrong-doing on DE's side. If DE had a vision of how a competition should have run within the in-game context it's one thing to disable or remove "illicit" run scores as desired, which stings a little for people who put the time in, giving them some sort of secondary reward for the time and effort they put in at least would help smooth things over, even acknowledging it with a top illicit-run badge would be something. These weren't rules specifically states before the competition that somehow disabled or said not to use loki-switching etc... The act of disallowing demolyst death on pit drop was a proper step in that direction. The handling of this is in very poor form and shows poor judgement on DE's side. Assuming those people come back to playing, I think those players should at least get a reactor/catalyst in the mail, suspensions lifted with an apology that perhaps the suspending the account was an over-reaction that wasn't in line with the spirit of the community and game. DE's mistakes in design should not penalize players for playing the game itself around those design decisions and where they might be deemed so, they should be slight and more gracefully maneuvered. Personally, the mistakes of DE saved me from DE's worse mistake, so I'm lucky for that. But DE really needs to work on being more communicative among those who make these decisions and widen their perspective and scope on how and why these results happen. Determining whether there was ill intent or whether these were just deemed unfair. The sort of action in this way is analogue to DE Scott saying that the Itzal neeeds to be nerfed, and he's not wrong about why he came to that conclusion - even if that conclusion may potentially not be the case in that there could be a better design alternative that wouldn't affect it. But then DE considering that it's illicit and banning everyone whose ever used Itzal blink on landscapes because other archwings couldn't do it or that's not what they envisioned happening. That would be a terrible decision and I think in that manner it's visible for the employees to say yeah that's too harsh. Find a way to fix the design problem, definitely. Remove scores that don't really play into envisioned competitive rules that was overlooked, less okay. Banning people for not knowing beforehand that you don't want them to play a certain way which is fairly innocent in and of itself, terrible. This ban did not personally effect me or anyone I know of off hand, but this decision to ban people in the community is such poor handling it has affected me and given me pause to reconsider longer-term play of the game may not worthwhile if DE is not operating in a considerate, reasonable, and professional manner intended to be fair to the player or community. I'm unsure if this was due to an outcry of unfair play that was felt needed a swift resolve and appearing to be definitive, in which case I think that swiftness came with lack of perspective and individual compassion - which can't be undone but can be rectified.
  2. As you can see... the same node on Phobos had two different invasion missions. Which I'm technically okay with except you can't select the second invasion, just the earlier detonite/fieldron one... Hopefully over time the catalyst one will open up. Still a significant problem.
  3. Same here. Seems like their chat servers are down.
  4. Tab works in game for switching chat, but on mouse hover over elements where tabbing is supposed to give the new info etc... Still doesn't work. Curious if having steam overlay might effect it, may test disabling it later. But tab does work in game so I don't know why it would. Still. Please please look into this with the new UI basically requiring tab for proper info on certain sections. Edit - disabling steam didn't help but I found what causes it. I had "show player list" set as tab in custom consoles, apparently that blocks the UI tab button from working and mouse over doesn't override it. I would recommend letting tab work regardless what is bound to it - while I would say do something like "IF mouseover UI, use tab for UI not custom key binding" seems like it would be fine, barring I suppose if someone has bound their push to talk mic to tab for whatever reason then you don't want to disable their push to talk as well - perhaps let only those two things work simultaneously, but possibly disable anything else?
  5. I can see his point of view with nerfing itzal because yeah one AW with that ability kind of makes it a requirement. But I do think K-Drives should be buffed to compensate and should also be the easily acquirable thing that makes travel reasonable. What they should do is have a "rev" mode where you hit sprint three times in a row to turn it high speed. The real issue is, with too high speed it'll mess with the tricks and it harder to control, but you'll be able to cover ground. So, really just have the three speeds slow/medium//Itzal. Either that or buff archwing speed across the board during the blink nerf (I can only imagine that a blink nerf would simply be a removal unless they maybe add some sort of pause/stall to momentum so that it doesn't outpace other frames in atmosphere.) But increasing archwing speed would also have a similar problem with doing flybys on the ground being too fast or abysmally slow - same as the K-Drive. So, I'd say the solution is don't actually nerf itzal, just give K-Drive a hyperboost mode that disables trick points/falling off to get from A to B since K-drives are handed out like candy and that keeps this new fast mode from being used to grind out tricks differently. Now everyone can get around without that speed being locked behind specific unique wing and they can K-drive around fast and use their preference of arch for combat. And in this case Itzal would remain with blink and could be used as well but since K-drives can keep up more or less the blink becomes more of a redundancy. Technically, you can void dash pretty fast comparable to itzal but it runs out of energy. Optionally maybe implement a squad based void "hyper dash" where maybe being near someone voided and holding down jump would lock it to squad mode, which let's the first player have extremely long and quick void dashes, effectively - a "void squad blink". Only problem is this hurts solo players then and if you make it so that it's based on player ratios such that solos can get full effect, then people will solo more definitely. Another option, Lander pickups - where you can mark on the map where you want to 'jump' to and your lander will fly by and animate you hopping into it and it could fly you over and shoot you out like the landing drops in the normal cut scene. Less maneuverable - but it could be made quicker than itzal perhaps. Since everyone already has a lander there doesn't need to be any other item - this is just now a map UI function to call it outright. It should be even faster than equipping an itzal and blinking across Vallis. Or maybe have a tractor beacon item to activate it and the lander will tractor you into quickly while not hitting other people's landers or however that's best handled. There's a loss of individual mobility here compared to itzal overall but it could be worth it. Maybe let it you pick up while you're equipped with K-drive/Archwing such that you can be shot out with those without slowing down the equip process, so it'll let you hop right out of your lander with your archwing like you blinked to a spot.
  6. Megan in time people will know, but I ctrl+F decorations and nothing explains orbiter decorations are now in the scene selection of the interior orbiter options. Could you please edit and add that to the end of the main changelog so people find out about it easier, and also because it's a change and by default decorations will be missing.
  7. RIP skipping the glitchiest part of the Exploiter orb. 😞 Can someone tell me why DE can show off a sentient enemy that you can shoot through a 2 foot hole in the middle of but I can't snipe a coolant raknoid through the 50 foot hole beneath the exploiter orb without hitting the orb itself and unable to cover the opposite side of the orb directly? The fight wouldn't be so bothersome if it wasn't so glitchy and full of waiting. Also, while it's unlikely to die, free hits after cutscene every time? Really? Also, the cutscene is sort of immersion breaking. I hate losing control of my frame.
  8. I'm not seeing a fix for the DX11 game not even starting issue. Get on that 24.4.2 stat.
  9. All of this. I dread this update. I constantly check abilities tab to see build - I wish the stats was more visible in the upgrade section so I can rapidly check where I'm at for abilities and the shown ability page is an outright downgrade to use-ability. If you guys are dead set on implementing - please put it behind a demonstration button or something. That page is going to make builds so much worse to make than how it is now which is still not great. Realistically the best place to have abilities stats should be on a slideout tab on the upgrade - if you do that, then this "cinematic" styled abilities section would be fine - albeit no one will really care about it all that much.
  10. Didn't read through the whole thread to see if someone already suggested similar. The Vaykor Sydon effect releasing on aim should be changed to released with aim+melee attack with this new system, that way you retain your mobility like aim gliding with your melee blocking to close distance and as long as you're aiming during melee it can go off if it's charged pre/mid combo. *Edit - Since aiming doesn't just aim, but weapon switches to gun simultaneously which I noticed watching the devstream that won't work rather than having "aiming" disconnected from the weapon swapping such that it would only switch to full aim and fire when using fire. I'm still probably not going to use it, because if things are low level you'd just kill them instead of charging all day, but if things are big where you'd want finisher opportunities then blocking is generally considered worse than evasion tactics and would get you killed which also any mission with higher level enemies enemies that you'd feel the need to blind generally has enough of them at a rate that blocking can be somewhat suicidal really, barring some of the tankiest frames or frames with intermittent form of CC like mirage's clones or nekros 4's as a distraction cutting down on incoming fire. Someone suggested the fix to this would be to charge blocks non-consecutively up to it's cap which could fit right into the auto blocking system in that you basically build blind charges while as a passive over time for switching to melee while normally playing and then releasing when it when you decide you want to, making it far more fluid in that taking a few shots here and there while rolling or running will eventually let you take out some finishers mid play or using it for vital CC. I'd definitely give it another go with those mechanics and play around with it. In a way it'd sort of almost make Sydon melee being closer to a more controlled version of Gara's glint passive that requires taking some form of damage.
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