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  1. This is constructive criticism so it’s up to the devs to read or ignore it: I’ve tried a few of the new Corpus missions and an old Grineer mission and I think that, as soon as I opened all nodes, I will quit playing Railjack. Here are a few of the reasons: 1. Changing avionics to mods was a bad idea. Yeah, we now have more mods and can forma the plexus but it’s just the same, boring stuff as companions, weapons, Archwing, Warframes… Avionics were something special and made the RJ kind of unique to all the other mod stuff. 2. A
  2. Seriously, they put Ash to RJ as well? What was wrong with killing Maniacs for Ash or Eximus for Oberon?
  3. That means I can avoid it by waiting for my pet to avoid the bug? If yes, then it's awesome
  4. I made many runs the last few day and most of the time the bug didn't happen anymore. Guess they worked on it and almost fixed it that's an annoying bug Luckily I haven't noticed it in regular missions yet
  5. I've noticed that a few of my weapons are shown as "not mastered" despite having mastered them. These weapons are Sybaris, Dual Cestra and all Kitguns except Tombfinger. I've masted the two Dojo weapons and I maxed, glided and mastered the kitgun weapons a few days ago and at the terminal on my orbiter, the weapons are shown as mastered. Edit 23 of March: I now also happens with Deimos pets and Amps So all stuff you need to glide and level a second time are bugged for me + Sybaris and Dual Cestra
  6. yep, it's very annoying. Did it start after the Railjack Update for you? I made some experiments to find a possible reason for the bug: 1) Pet gets downed and revived 2) Using different pets like the "immortal" Deimos pets 3) Instead of a pet, using a sentinel 4) Keeping my pet alive 5) Host Migration Not matter what I tried, the companions always disappears after a few Zones, somtimes Zone 2, sometimes a little later
  7. Since the last upgrade, I noticed that my kavat stopped to give me blessings when I was running Elite Sanctuary Onslaught after some time. It usually stays for Zone 1 and sometimes also Zone 2, but then it just disappears. It's not dead and the health/shield for the pet is not gray. It's still red/blue but it neither regenerates nor does the mods are working anymore. I’ve also tried the “immortal” Deimos pets but it happens to them, too Not sure if the bug also appears on Sanctuary Onslaught
  8. Since the upgrade companions are no longer working in ESO
  9. Hi, I have had this bus a few times already. When I go to the Plains of Eidolon without a bounty, I often encounter invincible Tusk Thumpers. I can usually even kill Doma easily with my Necramech, but this special Bug Thumper actually is invicible. After hitting it, it's health bar turns silver an even through you can do 1k damage from time to time, he won't die. The pieces on his legs, those that are hiding the weakpoints, can't be destroyed anymore (I can even destroy those on SP Thumpers) and I have to leave the plains again So far, the bug only seems to appear on free miss
  10. as soon as the first was finished, I grabed it. Then I noticed that the bag went back to 0%, and was slowly filling up
  11. It could be a random decoration of the weekly drop. I got 2 of the 4 drops for this week
  12. Was it planned to get 2 twitch drops during todays stream? I got the Unity decoration and the Mag with Itzal Noggle
  13. yep, most likely^^ But it also seems as if those "1 plat for tier 5" users had either remove the auctions or got banned already So the panic sellers are still there, but the fake ones got banned.
  14. Sounds interesting but it's also take the "fun" of farming arcanes I think I'll wait a bit until I try to buy some of those Maybe this and the news from the latest stream But how can you get 10.000 Arcane Energize tier 5? That would be like 200.000 tier 0
  15. Hi, did something spezial happen today, because suddendly there are many new auctions for "arcane energize" at warframe.market for 1 platinum. Like a few users having up to 10.000 Arcane Energize Tier 5
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