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  1. Hard to obtain does not mean viable lol Hema says hi
  2. So this was all done because of this event? Meanwhile everyone with Limbo is still cheesing it.
  3. So why is this new gun such a joke? DE PLS BUFF
  4. All the audio and visual spam just makes me sick after a while honestly.
  5. You will get your relay rewards when it hits 100/100 even if you leave and can't rejoin it.
  6. Yes and this is what happens when they release half baked content that hasn't been properly tested. Maybe they will fix this by next week.
  7. Just out of personal experience really, I spent about 100 hours actually playing new content and then about 900 more just grinding stuff because I had nothing better to play. Still playing!
  8. Destiny 2 is all flash and no substance. Once you've done the campaign and tried all the other stuff there is nothing to do. There is no trading, no player driven economy, only a few classes, fashion is boring, social elements are a joke, it has nothing like dojos and stuff. Yes it has PvP but we are comparing the PvE games here. I quit D2 after like 30 hours. Warframe is a much better game.
  9. You could do it in less than 100 hours if you burn through all the content lol
  10. Don't even bother trying to solo until you have a full Mk3 loadout. Keep running Saturn pubs until your tactical intrinsics are level 7 and then keep doing pubs in Veil until you are stacked with all the goodies. Hopefully DE will release NPC crews by then.
  11. ...is that most players haven't even tried it. By most I mean almost all of them. Just look at this screenshot from today. Only 2.7% have even entered the Dry Dock! DE hey maybe try making Railjack a bit more accessible, since you're marketing it as the marquee new mode and all? Better late than never. Otherwise this will just be like the elitist raids that you said nobody was playing and so you just canned them.
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