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  1. Yeah the devs REALLY screwed up with primary kitguns. First off, their stats are much worse than the secondaries due to how much better the secondary mods are. Second, the primary rivens are all 0.5 dispo so basically useless on 99.9% rolls. Third, this was overall the laziest possible release of primary kitguns. We expected actual new weapons, but they didn't even bother making them and just made reskins with minor tweaks. Wait... So you are telling me that after all these fails, they decided to NERF them too??? DE should go see a shrink at this point. 

  2. 15 часов назад, (XB1)The Neko Otaku сказал:

    So they're the kitguns but in the primary slot, why do people keep expecting something different? What did they expect in the first place? It's a kitgun primary, what was the primary version suppose to do? Nuke the map without pulling the trigger?

    We obviously expected new modular weapons that will actually be fun and worth using instead of simply being mastery fodder.

    Now where is the downvote button? 

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  3. Seriously this option to sell rolled rivens only for credits or endo makes no sense. If we put some kuva into them already then we should be able to get some back out. Even 10% kuva back would be much better than what we have now which is zero. 

    I am just sick of all these high rolled rivens that keep taunting me to sell them with sunk cost fallacy jokes. Make them shut up lol

  4. 5 часов назад, (PS4)FriendSharkey сказал:

    Nope, turns out the larger clans liked going down the slippery slope of Shenanigan Mountain and ruined it so much so for the future that DE had to armistice the whole lot of them. 

    Oh so DE decided to just delete an entire game mode instead of actually bothering to fix it? Now where have I seen that already? Oh yeah, raids. 

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  5. 5 часов назад, SneakyErvin сказал:

    Get the augment "Blazing Pillage". She's beastly with it when played around her 2+3 since you get shields from anything you hit and you set them on fire, so you have CC in your kit without having to toggle her #4.

    Yeah that's nice but an augment solution is a bandaid which further underlines the poor initial design of the frame. 

  6. I really tried to like Hildryn but I think she has a terribly designed kit. With active 3+4 she just runs out of shields in seconds and you can't even use her 2 with 4 to stop this. Plus her 2 is useless against anything without shields or armor, so basically she was designed to be useless against most infested. Her 1 is awesome but once again you spam it and run out of shields too fast. Can't use zenurik because it doesn't affect shields. Can't really play her much without a full set of arcane barrier plus arcane aegis. She doesn't help the team much either. What a mess of a frame. DE really need to go back and rework her. 

  7. 5 минут назад, TwistedLogic81 сказал:

    It's only the Oplink that can't be healed, not regular defense objects. They said that the Oplink was not designed to be affected by Warframe abilities. 

    So this was all done because of this event? Meanwhile everyone with Limbo is still cheesing it.

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