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  1. Also, player waypoints, and kind of waypoints in general, seem to disappear, lag when pathing, or dont path at all. Makes it very difficult to locate things
  2. Please....PLEASE DE for the love of God do the right thing this time....and make enemies in Fortuna hit a lil harder and spawn more frequently. The damage was obviously too hard to start with, but this nerf is way too much. It's WAY too easy now, my Carrier Prime kills the mobs before I do while standing still. ALSO!!!!!! The beacons, my goodness they need to be harder to kill and harder to spot, equinox's maim can wipe out all beacons in the immediate area and some change, and that's it, ALL the fun is over. I dont think the beacons should be vulnerable to skills, and infact i think they should be indestructible and need to have a "disable" function (just press E and it self-destructs). Areas need to be so dangerous that you should need to run from the area if you cant handle it. at 4 warning levels, this is not an issue. I should be terrified of 4 wanted levels, it shouldnt even be soloable IMO. PLEASE FIX THIS!! it's TOO EASY right now, WAY too easy. Also, as distance increases away from Fortuna, I believe base levels should get progressively higher and harder. The veterans need a challenge!
  3. I just wanna know how they thought they were ready enough to predict their deadline, and be off by this many days.
  4. Let's see if I can simplify. as it stands, our operators can leave their frames through transference, be an operator, and do operator things, while lets say, my equinox is in a particular spot. If I go too far as an operator, Id like to be able to RETURN to where my frame IS, as that could potentially be a safer position (maybe i purposely left it in a safer position). The Idea, is defence. When we leave transference, we essentially summon our frame to our position so we can go offensive. I particularly, would like some defensive use as well. Then i can go BACK to said safe zone where my equinox is, and APPROACH the danger, rather than just being caught in the middle of it summoning my frame to my operators location in the MIDDLE of the danger. Positioning is definitely the aim here. It would give frames like with AoE and specifically Umbra, much more control and use. Maybe i wanna leave my umbra in one area, and fight with my operator in another (interception?) only to find out umbra is about to lose his capture point, in a click, Id be right back to him. The reason why I say this shoulda been the initial ability, is cuz I imagine it's alot more difficult (lore wise) to summon a mass of biomechnics, then just materializing yourself back to said heap. Why not both? I literally see no reason why we cant have both, we have the more powerful version of the 2 already. gimme dat defence!!
  5. I like your class system idea, i think it's a necessary addition to gameplay right about now. We definitely need more -reasons- to be switching types of DPS constantly to warrant it's implementation. Some anti-warframe ish like having some unique high-level mini-boss type mobs (like a bursa, but not necessarily A bursa) able to see invis, or disable corpus-type wpns, a shockwave that reduces all warframe damage in an area, all kinds of annoying things you could do with that idea, With that, would bring mods that would make that offensive synergy click more efficiently (faster switching, buff for using diff type of dps in succession), or buffs for using repeated use of diff types of heal skills or support skills if that wouldnt already be implemented in the main system, im sure DE and the rest of the community could think up something creative where that's concerned, were they to consider this approach. Also, we DEFINITELY need the ability for our operators to RETURN to our frames, when leaving transference, without having to die. That right away adds a new dimension of gameplay, and infact should be the initial ability of transference in the first place, with the mechanic we have now (calling our frame to our operators location) as the secondary/advanced function.
  6. Bullseye. That is the idea: the synergy based scaling mechanics is THE KEY to high-level content. I bet if some thought went into this it would work out nicely, while completely enhancing the way we play altogether.
  7. Between the 3 of us, I can tell we are after the same goal. Me and Rhythm want to make us more powerful, and yet with a tweak in balance, where as Ursus is of the opinion we turn DOWN our capabilities in an effort to balance, for concern of making us too powerful for endless. Now, where I think we can agree here, is, according to lore, we are SUPPOSED to be that much more powerful than our enemies. If we were to somehow incorporate the scaling of melee CC into the rest of our dps, and perhaps maybe lower the strength of the buff itself as it approaches infinity (omg calculus has just found its usefulness outside of school), we would be able to at least feign the display of more power by using all of our means to deal damage in fluidity, without breaking the mechanics of endless. But as Ursus mentioned earlier, an established peak of player damage output would need to be established first. Then you can apply caps and nerfs as necessary. Or, increase the scaling multiplier of enemies to correspond. In my head, if this were done properly, there would/should be no possible way for S2W to outdmg someone whos using all of their wpns, therefore, we'd be able to keep that mechanic (this is the 'ability' i was referring to), as it is STILL a decent means of survival. Again, as Im typing this, I feel like there would be no other way than to increase the scaling multiplier of enemies, to match the increased dmg capabilities of players in this way. It would be difficult to add CC buff to the rest of player dps without increasing avg player dps at the same time. However, that wuold be an easy fix as well. At the end of all this, we want the difficulty of endless to remain the same, but without over-commitment to melee, but have the REST of our dps, scale WITH it, if for no other reason than fun-factor and diversity.
  8. In the current system, players need to scale, or players wouldnt be flocking to S2W as the ONLY damage-scaling means of dealing with high level mobs. You're wrong. There are only 2 options here: 1) Remove broken ability, understand reason for needing broken ability, polish system and expand on broken abilities niche, or 2) Understand that the entire way the game is made, is why the need for the broken ability is necessary, and completely overhaul the game and rebalance the relationship with damage and armor so it's no longer necessary. That's it. 2 options. Increase health is a band-aid on the situation, simply making them damage sponges and not solving the problem whatsoever. Some people called for the removal of CC. Not all my posts and it's content is directed to you. However, this may be a reasonable/possible fix, if all weapons/skills get the same or similar function as CC. Melee cant be the only means to deal with high-level mobs. We cant be having classes completely useless at high levels (Ember IMMEDIATELY comes to mind) Yes. It's called endless. The "end-game" we've been discussing this entire time. The only time where an infinite CC could be meaningful and worth discussion. S2w is completely unnecessary in any other part of the game and is ONLY necessary once skills and wpns damage falls off. That's why they took a nerf canon to T boltace. You are incredibly correct here, but................................you know......that's not a horrible idea.....allow melee CC to apply to wpns and skills (maybe a fixed percentage of the buff after looking at balance?)as long as its up and running. the penalty then would be constantly switching to keep the buff going, and that in itself would take a fair amount of attention and timing worthy of high-level reward. That's a GREAT idea actually. The removal of maim strike and its variants, coupled with this, i think would solve a MYRIAD of problems. You could then safely increase the difficulty of lower level mobs to match the new abilities of players (were it necessary). Quick melee could/would be a thing to put major consideration in. it would give dual wielding a new use. Obviously im coming up with all this as im typing, but honestly i think with some tweaking, that could turn out amazingly for all of us. We'd all be able to enjoy high level content, we'd have tons of fun using ALL abilities and weapons at our disposal, more builds would pop up. More mods for DE to create to make it happen, a whole new level of synergy for "masters of the gun and blade". Maybe at that point, removing S2W wouldnt even be necessary. But again I'll say, it's a great point that you mentioned the over-commitment to melee as a source of advanced power. That in itself may be the second-most underlying cause of the entire balancing problem: Versatility. Even right out of the gate, melee is ur best option, only to hit end game and you end up going right back to it. Mid game is the only fun there is to have, n iits not much fun cuz we completely destroy everything mid game, but thats the only point in the game we can effectively use ALL our wpns and skills together, we just dont.
  9. The problem with this is, players dont level. Mods are the only way to reach peak performance, not even so much the weapon, as the mods in it. DMG scaling is the ONLY reason why melee is as powerful as it is. But to a point you're right, they have to take one angle or the other: remove the need for dmg scaling, or have all wpns scale similar to melee. Also, that a players peak damage be confirmed and established. But adding/increasing the ability to scale your wpns, rather than overhauling the ENTIRE damage and armor system is a far more prudent idea. Removing CC is foolish, that's their golden unique system. And it's not easy to reach and maintain a high combo counter WITHOUT S2W. It's a good system, S2W just broke it. Then, however they decide to do that, it needs to be DIFFICULT to obtain that power, and NO ONE should be able to trade or buy into it. I hate the fact anyone can spend their money on plat n just BUY S2W without ever needing to learn how to play at high levels. They just buy into it. So yeah, essentially, until a balance point has been established with mobs vs players, changing Melee at ALL before then is incredibly ill-advised. A side must be chosen first: make players stronger, or make mobs weaker. and making mobs weaker will gut the "endless" factor.
  10. This is just flat out wrong and a bad POV without understanding the underlying issue: balance. Nothing in the game scales like the enemy armor does, or like enemy damage does. The reason people use spin to win is because they find it difficult to deal with said mobs by any other means. And while most of the time it's against enemies that just require a little skill, at the extreme side of this, spin-to-win would definitely be the endgame as it's the only thing reliable enough to keep pace at extreme levels where one-shotting OTHER than S2W is impossible. Which is the problem: we have (or rather, dont have) end game where the best option for survival is a broken mechanic that takes zero skill or effort. The fact that S2W exists is a glaring beacon on the fact that we need proper endgame, and proper balancing of armor and damage scaling. Maybe DE should look into the fact that melee is the only thing that scales it's damage (combo multiplier). Without it, even S2W would have it's damage capped to mods. Perhaps, as a suggestion, maybe DE should look into other forms of damage scaling in a similar way. But no, we need to get rid of S2W completely. People need to learn how to play properly. At the same time, that kinda also needs to be possible.
  11. The sentiment that spin-to-win ruined melee already, and that maiming strike and ALL its riven counterparts/buffs be completely removed, or sub out that buff completely for something else. Whichever way it needs to happen, it needs to happen. Start with that. And no adding a substitute for it either that would be counter-productive. IMO just completely remove that buff and any trace of it. Removing the combo multiplier doesnt seem like a sound idea, that's the one unique system we have that works well. You change/remove that, and there goes the entire way we use melee altogether. You'd be completely gutting one of the best features of Warframe that really isnt broken aside from noob--to-win. A slight addition or change will refresh the melee system, but completely rehauling it is a bad idea.
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