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  1. THIS is the root of DE's problems, right here.
  2. All facts. Definitely not ever flying my own railjack, I saw how bad the farm and grind was before I got to Saturn. Not once have i opted to fly my own ship lol DE can't trick me into that mess lol literally, all DE has to do, is stop doing what they're doing, and listen to us lol the way they're doing things isn't working anymore, if ever. Time to put the nerf stick down DE and tackle the biggest issue: balance. Proverbs 12:15 "Even a fool is wise in his own eyes, but a wise man seeks counsel."
  3. I think DE needs to stop everything they're doing, sit at a table, and figure out how to balance everything out, from costs, to affinity gaining, to rewards and their drop rates and where they can be found......the list is long, and will only get longer and INFINITELY more complicated, the more they slap together updates like this without thought or care. And at this rate, stands to lose popularity as it will soon become an impossible task to balance this game if this goes much further, and there will be no saving it at that point.
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