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  1. Uh what? What happened to the Lavos deep dive you said this stream was about in the Arcana post?
  2. Just had it happen on PS4, using the Esophage to exit the Vault. (This was the vault that used to be the first one, from the bounty taken at Necralisk) Strangely I was able to jump before falling through the map and it would pop me back on the surface.
  3. Not sure if it's a bug but on PS4 no Deimos gems or fish are tradable, unlike the ones for the other open worlds. Not sure why that is the case.
  4. But the Khrusos was done, right? That model was shown and everything, what gives?
  5. Incredible that the first reply post is the fun police decrying this MR15+ content for being imbalanced. Wait until it's out before you make this snap judgement. And even if it is a powerful tool, good. I deserve my power fantasy after 3k hours and all frames built 3x over for this (original then Primes then Helminth fodder). Honestly shaking my head, I just don't get this kind of reply straight OUT THE GATE.
  6. Oh wow thank you very much, support very kindly said I wouldn't be getting them because I reset my Twitch password so this is a nice surprise 😚
  7. After watching the whole stream and sending a ticket I received an answer from support that was news to me; if you reset your Twitch password this can reset connections to Warframe and other 3rd party apps even though it shows as linked on this site. So I won't be receiving the Athodai or Hydroid (which is cool I already have one), but begs the question, will Athodai be coming with Heart of Deimos? Baro? When? Lotus Ephemera (last year's Tennocon drop) took until Baro showed up just before this year's event (over a year), are we going to have to wait that long for this too?
  8. Judging from this thread there were a lot of issues, and obviously it's not on us if some are getting Hydroid but no Athodai.
  9. It can't be, and if last year's drop (Lotus Ephemera) is any indication we'll be waiting over a year for Baro to bring it.
  10. Guys, submit a support ticket here: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Apparently they do not add Twitch drop items to your account but I would argue that this is a special scenario. They can't ignore everyone, right?
  11. Same, got ducats during community stream and just rechecked and verified link. I'm submitting a ticket anyway.
  12. From the Twitch Drops section of the Support site: "While support cannot add any Twitch Drop items to player accounts manually, we can help you confirm the Twitch link is working on both ends for future drops. If you have trouble receiving Twitch drops please UN-link your Twitch and Warframe accounts from BOTH ENDS. It is very important you disconnect both sides, not just one side." Verified my accounts are linked with my platfrom and Warframe, yet I received nothing and looks like a ticket won't help...
  13. I never received any drops & I watched the entire show from 12:30 EST to the end. I even switched from PS4 app to browser to play the entire quiz show (never got my email for that either, but I did get the email prompt) & was logged in and linked. I know I was linked because I got my 500 ducats during the community stream prior. Do I submit a ticket?
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