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  1. What's wrong with Khora? Maybe if you outline what's broke, they can investigate and start to fix.
  2. It's possible for people to get high scores without exploits tho.
  3. Had this happen twice tonight. I was the host of a 2 person squad, sat down in the chair to use the Helminth on the orbiter and the program locked up. I had to kill the task via task manager. I do have logs from the second time the event took place, so I can submit those in a support ticket should anyone want to see those. Steps to reproduce: Be in a squad with a mission selected by another of the members. Sit in the Helminth chair to either infuse an ability or to feed the Helminth. The game will freeze entirely and appear as Not Responding when viewed in the Task Manag
  4. I saw that when I logged in and I must say that it was a very VERY sweet gesture. I never post my wishlist on these things because it feels....greedy? But this was a very lovely gesture from you and a few other Tenno. Thank you for the gift. It's nestled perfectly behind my Valkyr noggle near navigation. :)
  5. As a personal survivor of depression and suicidal thoughts, I want to thank you very VERY deeply for this outreach to our youth in this tough time. Truth be told, these lockdowns have been hard on everyone, yes, but it's been harder on those of us who suffer from the voices inside our own heads. It's important that the mental health of our community be addressed just as tightly as the physical health. I know there's no perfect solution to this pandemic, but the lockdowns are not my first choice to slow the spread. But I digress. Thank you again for reaching out to the mental health sector
  6. What's the name of that glyph? I'm not seeing it at all in my inventory.
  7. Yeah. I noticed that when I switched back to DX11. Thanks for the links and the feedback! I'll poke at them and do some reading. :)
  8. My Radeon RX 5500XT was $200 after shipping and taxes ($189 base cost on Newegg). That's not expensive in terms of GPUs. Upgrade it and join the rest of us.
  9. Maybe it's just me, but this feature seems to hinder modern cards more than help them. I ran it on last night with a Radeon RX 5500 XT with 4 GB of VRAM and on Tuesday night, it was running incredibly smoothly. Wednesday night, not so much. Went through driver uninstalls, rollbacks, reinstalls, tinkering in Windows Defender (solved some other issues I was having btw), and verifying download cache, but it wasn't until today that I realized I had enabled this particular setting. I can't recall if I had it enabled on the NVIDIA GTX 960 I had in my machine, but it dropped my FPS by around 30 - 60
  10. So, despite having a rank 30 Gaze kitgun in my inventory, I'm still showing that the Gaze and Rattleguts are incomplete when looking at my profile. Is this just a UI bug and the affinity is still there? Or did that get wiped out? Prior to this update, both guns had shown as complete.
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