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  1. There's just a lot of vitriol period. It is quite a shame, but I try to keep reminding myself these are the vocal minority. The community is generally pretty chill, but after today, I'm starting to wonder how much of that is just for show.
  2. Sometimes issues just crop up. Yes, I agree they need to stop with the definitive dates, but people crave to know when things will launch. A release window is a far better venue when it comes to releasing new or recurring content. It's less "this will happen at this time" and then "oops. we have to delay," and more "we're aiming for this period barring any issues" which is, imo, a much better take on the release dates.
  3. As stated above by TechParadox, what likely happened was the update to PoE probably broke something on the backend for Plague Star and it couldn't get triggered properly. They probably DID do lots of testing, but until it's attempted to go live...even on a test server....there's no telling what will hang up and break. Xbox apparently had a nasty crasher that forced them to send the whole update back to cert. It's unfortunate that it's holding up the release for all platforms, but in the name of letting everyone have a go at the same time, it's understandable.
  4. I have no sympathy for them either, tbh. Warframe is a GAME. If you "burned" a vacation day to play a game, that's not really DE's fault. They should have anticipated a delay since bugs always crop up when they're least expected or desired and planned accordingly.
  5. Megan replied to someone on Twitter that PC also was having issues. She also mentioned this in the initial post on this thread. People cannot read or simply choose not to comprehend that this isn't JUST an Xbox issue. It's a progression issue on more than one platform.
  6. Most of them are salty that they have to wait for it to roll out with the consoles. I don't know WHY they're angry. It's a boring event if you want my honest opinion. Only really good for...as you stated...a forma farm.
  7. Truth is, there is probably nothing to update us about. It's 11:37 pm EDT, if there's anyone still at the office it's not Megan or Rebecca and they're burning the midnight oil to fix this oopsie. They'll update us when there is something to update us about.
  8. I do understand that not everyone in a community is rotten, hence my reply. The only ones I ever see on these forums, however, are the entitled babies who need to grow up already and realize it's not all about them. Only rarely do I see mature adult PC players like yourself ever commenting on these threads. Maybe I'm just old fashioned and maybe I'm too understanding that sometimes you can't just unwrite spaghetti code without breaking the whole program, but well there we are. In all honesty, if it weren't for the friends and my fashion investments on PC, I'd completely abandon it in favor of the Switch port. Just getting tired of all the PC master race garbage that floats around in some of these people's heads. When will they realize we're not console gamers or PC gamers, we're just GAMERS?
  9. They MAY be gearing up to attempt it or at least ready the servers for it. In all honesty, I think it's about time all systems got synced up with or without cross platform play. It's kind of sad that consoles are so far behind in updates compared to PC.
  10. Wow. You're the one saying I meant all of the PC players. Please enlighten me where I mentioned ALL PC players are children? To be honest, your reply proves my point further. If you're not part of the problem, then I'm obviously not talking to you. A community can have problem individuals without being ITSELF a problem. Not sorry you got offended at something someone on the internet said. Perhaps you are one of those who are whining that something unforseen came up at the last possible second and had to delay the release by a small window. Software development is not as cut and dry as many of you think it is. You patch ONE bug and LITERALLY hundreds more could crop up out of nowhere. That's not sarcasm or exaggeration, that is FACT.
  11. I agree with you, fam. The infantile behavior out of the PC community is really why I always enjoyed playing on consoles more. Grow up, PC players. It's not the end of the world if you miss ONE tedious grind event.
  12. Thank you times infinity. My beautiful purple fire has returned after many months. ❤️
  13. Noticed this bug this evening while releveling my Ferrox. As Mesa Prime with only the speargun equipped, using the alt fire and then attempting to use Peacemaker will cause everything to lock up and prevent even nullifiers from disengaging the ability. Only death or jumping off the cliff will reset the abilities and unlock the Warframe's animations and abilities. To reproduce: Equip Mesa/Mesa Prime Unequip melee/secondary so only the speargun is equipped In mission, throw the speargun Attempt to use Peacemaker Abilities (not even Transferrence) will work and give the error ability in use
  14. I actually agree with these changes. Especially with the relic rewards layering. It's a lot less confusing to see the rewards separated out based on the rarity of the drop. Having labels on by default would also be a huge help for everyone. They can always be toggled off for those who don't want them.
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