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  1. Kromatia

    Hydroid Deluxe Should come with

    Limbo's deluxe skin is so far in left field from his kit's design that it's not too far fetched to think Hydroid won't be able to have something unrelated to pirates. Hell, he could be a unicorn that unleashes a rainbow-farting fairy for all we know. Actually, I low key want to see this now.
  2. Kromatia

    Hydroid Deluxe Should come with

    It should come with skins that fit the theme of the deluxe skin. I would like to see other pistol skins, though, and the revamp of the Nusku skin to work on dual pistols since the pistol skin with Mesa's deluxe can be used on either.
  3. Kromatia

    Can Khora get her "exalted" whip via Garuda's approach?

    I agree with saying "no" to a separate whip for Khora. Part of what makes a warframe unique is the things that it does differently from other frames. With Khora, she has the ability to equip two companions at once. No other warframe allows that. Garuda's uniqueness comes from the fact that her claws can be used in place of a melee weapon should the user choose, but they are not exactly an exalted weapon. Nor is Khora's whip. Garuda's claws were added as a melee due to community feedback about her abilities not making proper use of the talons. Khora's whip is on the opposite side of the scale: it is used quite frequently if you know how the synergies work. To allow it to be a separate melee weapon would require the replacement of whipclaw in her kit and would therefore destroy the synergy her abilities have with each other.
  4. Kromatia

    No reward due to being "inactive", while being very active

    I just had this happen to me too. I was running actively between operator and warframe...incidentally it was also Baruuk. I got 10% of the damage but lost out on the wave 15 reward on Hydron.
  5. Kromatia

    WARNING! Baruuk - Causes Epileptic attacks!

    They actually do. You can adjust the particles that are emitted via Warframe abilities and disable onscreen particles in the Display section of preferences. At this point in time, however, it should be a given that people who suffer from photosensitivity need to be cautious when playing video games and understand that things like particles and other effects could trigger it.
  6. Using default colors on the Magistar, the wrong textures are applied.
  7. Kromatia

    Why "some" semi-auto exist

    Intentionally dishonest? From my observations, it has been primarily console players complaining about le fire rates. Sure, there are some PC users sprinkled in, but not as many from my observations. But to be honest, it does sound like you want them to remove it. "Make semi-autos automatics with a toggle." Yeah. That's getting rid of them and hiding it behind an innocent toggle. The simple solutions to combat this "carpal tunnel" you are suffering is to either take a break, rely on an automatic primary and use the secondary as it was intended - as backup, use a fully auto pistol, or mod the semi-auto to have a lower fire rate with the mods in game. Creeping bullseye will further buff your Lex/Aklex Prime crit chance while also reducing the fire rate that is giving you so much problem. If you don't have it, either buy it from someone or farm it from the vaults.
  8. Kromatia

    24.6gb of junk data in Warframe folder?

    28.7 GB in the Steamapps folder for Warframe. 28.9 GB for the Discord install. Are you using the standalone client?
  9. Kromatia

    24.6gb of junk data in Warframe folder?

    Mainline updates ask you if you want to validate the download and it wipes unnecessary files. At least it should. I haven't gone to check it so I wouldn't know if it actually does or not.
  10. Kromatia

    Prime packs and the prime noggles

    If you only bought the accessories packs, you won't get the noggles. You'll only get the noggles of the Warframe packs you've purchased.
  11. Kromatia

    Volt Conductor helm

    Yes pls. I need this in my arsenal.
  12. Kromatia

    Why "some" semi-auto exist

    I can agree to a mod that makes it full auto, but I still don't understand why this is such a hot topic of late. Semi autos have been in the game since day one and only now are they getting flack for being semi auto. I'm sensing a 1:1 correlation with console releases and this topic. PC is not the primary focus of DE. They focus on every port at the same time. Stop using that crybaby excuse for not utilizing the tools at your disposal. Again, I play on PC with an Xbone controller so I understand it's not as responsive as a mouse/keyboard. Big flipping deal. Stop worrying about stats and just enjoy the game. Stop trying to get lemax fired shots out of an Akbolto. Either use mods that lower the fire rate but up damage, or use a full auto pistol. There are plenty.
  13. Kromatia

    Why "some" semi-auto exist

    Xbox One can now use mouse/keyboard for control, so that part of the argument is invalid. Hook up a keyboard and mouse and you can benefit from the same mechanic. I honestly find the triggers easier to press on the Switch than on my Xbox One controller I use on PC. Especially now that the dead zones have been tweaked and the buttons are far more responsive. The simple solution is to either use a scroll wheel or just use a full auto primary so that you're not relying on the semi auto secondary. Just take Carrier and you'll never run out of ammo on the full auto.
  14. Kromatia

    Mesa Prime build, aura and exilus question

    Unpopular opinion puffin: I actually LIKE the waltz because I can reposition myself to shoot around corners and other obstacles. Obviously, I turn off Peacemaker to make big positioning changes.
  15. Kromatia

    Unpopular opinion- Revenant is actually good

    I totally agree that he is worth keeping. Definitely not mastery fodder imo. He just needs some reevaluation to his kit to bring his theme into focus.