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  1. Sorting by Usage is the only thing that appears to be broken. Instead of by percentage used, it sorts things by name. The example screenshots are of the warframe selection, but it affects weapons too. Expand spoiler tags to view screenshots. I used that to limit the scrolling of this post.
  2. Little update on this issue. Tonight I decided to try removing the settings files stored locally for Warframe. I removed the EE txt file and EE.cfg file from the Appdata/Local/Warframe folder and had the game recreate them brand new on the next launch. Window settings went back to default, but controller settings had not, so I then reset controller settings to default and it has fixed my issue. I still have the aforementioned files if they would be helpful in finding the cause of the craziness.
  3. Killing large units (Corpus tech, Grineer heavy gunner, Infested ancients to name a few) have a chance to drop heavy ammo on kill. Look out for the large squarish ammo drops. They look like yellow shotgun ammo that's been scaled up a smidge. Those will fully reset and resupply your ammo for your archgun.
  4. I posted this in the megathread for Railjack bugs and hoped that it would have seen a fix, but sadly none so far. I'll give a rundown of the issue and then post a video for reference when I get one recorded. My issue stems from the new archwing mode changes and incompatibilities with the Ability Menu being on the button for the default down/dodge/blink setting. Incidentally, this also is problematic for Titania's razorwing mode which is where I first encountered the issue. For the sake of reporting, I've screencaptured my controller settings to prove I'm not just a dingus. As you can see, I have Move Down/Dodge/Blink bound to the press of the right stick, not the left bumper. The default setting is Left Bumper. I can work around my issue if I use the keyboard keybind for ability 4 or any of the abilities, but that requires me moving my hands off my controller and makes me stop dead in my tracks. Same with my other work around of rebinding the ability menu temporarily to some other button (I usually put it on D-Pad Down). I have tried resetting controller settings to default and resetting them from scratch. That is a trick that works and persists for the entire session, but that's where the "fix" ends. As soon as I close Warframe completely and reopen it, the controller keybinds for Move Down/Dodge/Blink and Ability Menu are ignored by the Left Bumper and I have to go through the ordeal all over again or just temporarily swap keybinds.
  5. Ok. So I've discovered that while resetting controller keybinds to default and resetting them from scratch IS a valid workaround, it screws up again when you restart the game so you have to go through and reset controls again each time you load the game.
  6. Can't exit Razorwing with Xbox One controller. I use the Ability Menu on the LB button which makes Titania descend. Archwing descend is bound to Right Stick press, but Titania ignores that LB should be ability menu rather than go down into the floor. I have to hit the keyboard hotkey to exit Razorwing, which I have bound to 4/Num Pad 4. EDIT: After resetting controller to defaults and changing the keybinds back to how I had them, it seems to have cleared up the issues. Was affecting archwing as well.
  7. Update on this: if you can manage to lure the bursas out of the laser grids before knocking them out, it’s beatable. But it certainly is not the most efficient method.
  8. Ran three attempts at the razorback this afternoon while set to Public. Each time, I was only able to hack each laser grid once before they all broke and became unhackable. Each time I had to abort the mission due to stopped progress during the boss fight.
  9. Please DON'T put them back in the sortie rotation. They're horrible vaults to hack even still. I'd rather do the Jupiter vaults than the Lua bullcrap in a sortie.
  10. Had this happen twice tonight while helping people with their ascension chambers.
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