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  1. I’ve been unable to use it for several days myself. iPhone Xs with iOS 13.7. Just loads the first bit of the sign in animation then it just dies.
  2. Looks very nice! Sadly, my poor machine is waiting for retirement, so games are on hold until I can build a new rig.
  3. I've aborted who knows how many missions just tonight alone because of this issue. This is a gamebreaking and progression stopping bug. Please take a look at it soon. ;_;
  4. Yay! Thanks for the flower, DE. :) I have 5 flowers as I should.
  5. Had this issue too. Subsumed 3 warframes and got 3 flowers no issue. Subsumed a fourth and the top flower despawned until Wukong was fully subsumed. :C Subsumed abilities:
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