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  1. You can sell the boss sigils, friendo.
  2. Just reloaded the game after the recent hotfix and now my volume is all wonky. System volume is at 64 (anything higher and it's "oh god help me" loud), and ingame volume is at 63. I checked the sound mixer and nothing is interfering with Warframe as all the sound levels are at the same height. Did something get fubar'd? EDIT: Seems sound is just stupid on my machine. Might restart it and see if that fixes it.
  3. Had this happen twice too. Going to wait for a hotfix or two before placing my shawzin back out.
  4. Yay! Relaunched the launcher after having it gather the logs and now it's optimizing cache. \o/
  5. ;_; Update fail. Is there anything I can do on my end or do I just need to keep trying?
  6. The problem with Warframe right now is what others have said: it's lacking in new content that is MEANINGFUL. Yes, new Warframes and new weapons are technically content, but there are no new quests...there are no new missions....and there are no new system mechanics to master. I've got well over 3000 hours logged in this game and while I do still very much enjoy it, I have been finding it difficult to keep playing. Mostly because the people I used to play it with all the time don't play it all that much anymore. We do sorties every night and then we're done. I continue grinding for whatever it is I need, but after an hour of that, I get bored and go back to my mobile games. I used to be able to play Warframe for HOURS on end...now it's challenging to continue doing that. New actual content needs to come up for Warframe to remain profitable. I understand that sometimes releases are delayed for whatever reason and that's OK. That's part of software development. But there should come a time when I think new content reveals should honestly wait until they're nearing completion or at least a highly polished demo mode that is free of MOST crashing bugs before it gets announced. Empyrean got teased at Tennocon last year. A full demo got released at E3 this year and we're STILL waiting for the end of the year to get our hands on it. In my opinion, that is far too long to be waiting for such a highly anticipated update. Not even the open worlds took that long to release. Plains got released a couple months after Tennocon, Orb Vallis about three months after its announcement at Tennocon. Why then, did Empyrean get announced and we have to wait a YEAR AND A HALF before we can even THINK about starting on it. And don't forget that it's coming out in WAVES. It's not even one big update. It's in segments. No. The recent content droughts are incredibly unacceptable for a live service such as Warframe. I've been with the game and I love DE dearly for the work, love and attention to detail they crank into this game. Their hearts are in it and it shows in the big content updates we have gotten. I just would like them to continue to show us that their hearts are still with us by ending this drought. Their team deserves to see the joy it brings us, and the players deserve to be shown we haven't been forgotten.
  7. They do, obviously. The cost of the items encourages people to play the game. If they lessen it, would anyone still play? Probably not after they got all the stuff they wanted.
  8. Fixed the description for Rhino Vanguard and Thrak Helmets spelling Rhino wrong So how long has that been misspelled? I have never noticed it. lol
  9. There's just a lot of vitriol period. It is quite a shame, but I try to keep reminding myself these are the vocal minority. The community is generally pretty chill, but after today, I'm starting to wonder how much of that is just for show.
  10. Sometimes issues just crop up. Yes, I agree they need to stop with the definitive dates, but people crave to know when things will launch. A release window is a far better venue when it comes to releasing new or recurring content. It's less "this will happen at this time" and then "oops. we have to delay," and more "we're aiming for this period barring any issues" which is, imo, a much better take on the release dates.
  11. As stated above by TechParadox, what likely happened was the update to PoE probably broke something on the backend for Plague Star and it couldn't get triggered properly. They probably DID do lots of testing, but until it's attempted to go live...even on a test server....there's no telling what will hang up and break. Xbox apparently had a nasty crasher that forced them to send the whole update back to cert. It's unfortunate that it's holding up the release for all platforms, but in the name of letting everyone have a go at the same time, it's understandable.
  12. I have no sympathy for them either, tbh. Warframe is a GAME. If you "burned" a vacation day to play a game, that's not really DE's fault. They should have anticipated a delay since bugs always crop up when they're least expected or desired and planned accordingly.
  13. Megan replied to someone on Twitter that PC also was having issues. She also mentioned this in the initial post on this thread. People cannot read or simply choose not to comprehend that this isn't JUST an Xbox issue. It's a progression issue on more than one platform.
  14. Most of them are salty that they have to wait for it to roll out with the consoles. I don't know WHY they're angry. It's a boring event if you want my honest opinion. Only really good for...as you stated...a forma farm.
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