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  1. Might be worth waiting it out. I don't expect an emergency hotfix tonight, but likely first thing in the morning is when we'll see one. Had a friend say he was having issues too, so just be patient all. This is hardly the first time this has happened and it won't be the last.
  2. Noticed this after buying the Octavia PA and then switching her skin to the default skin (not prime skin). The skirt will actually remain when you're using the regular Octavia skin, though it properly goes away with all the other skins. Prime skin...this is expected. Tennogen Diva skin....also expected behavior. The skirt toggles on when you toggle on the prime details as expected. Octavia Maestra skin....also expected behavior and no overlapping skirt. Default Octavia skin.....NOT expected behavior. The skirt should not be overlapping the bumbum.
  3. Been seeing this a lot too. Perhaps also related to GPU drivers? I'm running a Radeon RX 5500XT on Radeon Software version 21.3.1. There's an update for 21.3.2 that I'm currently installing. Will report back if the issue continues. UPDATE: Radeon Software 21.3.2 has greatly reduced the black rectangles that I see. They still occur, but it is far less frequent and far less noticeable. I've found they're easiest to reproduce on the Venus settlement tiles where there's a lot of light and rock texture and on the Earth tiles during the day.
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