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  1. Had this happen with Hildryn's Aegis Storm too. Others are reporting it on Excal's Exalted Blade as well. Perhaps a mod could link or merge these two threads?
  2. That was by design. The new melee changes kerfeckered melee on controllers, and making channeling permanently bound to a particular button was the solution. Hopefully in the future we will get to rebind it, but until they can figure out exactly what messed it up, expect this to be the case.
  3. Had this with Hildryn's Aegis Storm the other day too. Got nullied then NOTHING would work. I forgot how I fixed it, but it had something to do with dying or jumping off a cliff I think. Then I randomly tried to melee and oh em gee I could use stuff again.
  4. Noticed this on my Raksa kubrow the other day. The drapery clips into her rear legs and the bands also don't line up properly around her ankles. A few shots to illustrate:
  5. Such helpful feedback. Buy yourself a pie since you just won the internet with this. How is she a wreck? What can they do to make it better?
  6. I've never been able to go lower while in Aegis Storm, but I use a controller. I'm not sure if that's using archwing controls or something else entirely. But the lack of being able to toggle ON Balefire while in Aegis Storm is an issue. You can use it if you had it enabled before using the 4th ability, but you can't turn it on while in Aegis Storm.
  7. Her 2 does nothing to the Infested, but with the Raksa kubrow you rarely run out of shields. I would like to see both Hildryn's Shield Pillage and Mag's Polarize work against the infested. Shield Pillage could use a lot more shield regain against armor too.
  8. Using the Phage this evening caused an "endless" vibration feedback to my wireless Xbox One controller. In the past, it would only vibrate while the trigger was being held. Tonight, it vibrates long after the trigger was released. It eventually stops, but takes some time. If I had to wager a guess, perhaps it is about 3 to 5 seconds long. Unsure if any other "beam" weapons do this, but I will test on my Ignis Wraith and see what happens. EDIT: Used the Ignis and the mining tool. Neither caused the extended vibration issue that the Phage caused.
  9. I run instant revive school (vazarin i think it is) when I run Hildryn. Unairu would be a good fit for her too.
  10. For those of you having issues on Steam, something to try. Open Steam settings (usually a right click on the icon then select Settings) Go to Controller and click on General Controller Settings Disable any controller support you may have opted in for I don't have any controller support enabled on my Xbox One controller and MOST buttons behave properly. Only issue I now have is throwing canisters at the Exploiter, but I haven't tried since the hotfix today.
  11. Because DE is not ANet. They're far too competent to be ANet.
  12. Could not use alt fire to throw the canisters at the Exploiter Orb on my wireless Xbox One controller. If I swapped to keyboard and mouse, I could do it. I have alt fire bound to down on the d-pad while melee channel is permabound to B. Personally, I feel permabinding that function is a band aid at best. I know you guys are busy and the solution is probably complicated, but could a real solution be made available to us controller users soon? It’s difficult to swap to kb&m when the controller feels more natural.
  13. Reset to defaults. It should put melee channel on the button equivalent to the Xbox One's B button.
  14. Balefire needs a rate of fire increase to make it a little more enjoyable. It could also do with the Chroma treatment and allow us to run while using it. The gunslinger mod helps a little, but it is still fairly slow to fire and so I just rarely use it unless I wanna make fireworks. Also, I got complained at for using her Haven which is, imo, a great ability. People don't like the buzzing noise and while I tune it out, it seems many of the community can't and would rather tell people to not use helpful abilities. A sound tweak on this ability would be fantastic. Tired of hearing babies *@##$ over me trying to not get killed.
  15. My only issue is channeling does not work at all for me. I've reset controls to default and recustomized the controls, but no dice. Had to bind secondary fire to a button other than B since you can't bind melee channeling with that for...some reason. While I don't miss channeling that much, not being able to do something in game is not optimal. Win 10, Steam, wireless Xbox One controller
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