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  1. Great idea sounds interesting and worth a try heck we got Lunaro might as well as get this in the game
  2. Firstly you didn't even read my post properly and yet you call it stupid. The internet ladies and gentlemen. My point wasn't ;leave the game but don't engage in poor game mechanics if and when yu don't enjoy them because surprise surprise it gives DE the wrong statistical view of player engagement. Because your point 4 is what I am telling people engage with content you enjoy. So how exactly is my opinion stupid when repeat what I have already stated 🤦‍♂️
  3. All my classmates who I started playing 5 of my mates don't play any more they haven't logged in like 1500 days why because they stopped enjoying the game. Point is I agree with you
  4. KInda have to disagree a little bit because some people do enjoy Railjack(I don't btw) and some people enjoy Kuva Liches(I do) and the exact numbers only DE will know and they can't innovate with breaking a few eggs for example Trials could have been an amazing End game it wasn't so they tried again Conclave could have been great but its terrible and might never get better but the fissures and the new star chart are great but we would have never had them had they not tried something new and all this is subjective you have your reasons for not enjoying RJ and Kuva liches lt the Devs know why in as constructive manner. Not saying playing something else literally said play the parts of Warframe you enjoy and leave those you don't so that DE knows statistical what the playerbase isn't engaging with on top of your feedback
  5. Value is subjective though in a video game someone may find Cosmetics valuable content whilst another finds a new island i.e. Railjack valuable content for me Kuva Liches valuable content which I am going to play because I value it. Hence why I am encouraging people to engage with content they value and give feedback on content they don't value and not waste their time on said content
  6. Side note: Both should have been dumped why we got Lunaro Lord knows.
  7. Once again as I stated in the main post I have given my fair share of negative critisim what I am asking is why engage with a "bad piece" of content when you know you don't enaging with when you can wait for it to fixed e.g. Railjack was roken for from the get on and looked on the forums someone had state the problem I was having so I didn't engage with it until it was fixed enough for me to try it. Now I can atleast play some missions I am not happy with the economy but haven't enough to give detailed feedback but upvoting evey topic that addresses but I am Dev bashing or raging every 2nd post I am just engaging with content worth my time for the moment
  8. Railjack can actually be sidelined because it isn't intergated into the main gameplay loop and I believe it was on purpose because they knew it wouldn't be balanced. Like I have my issues with the game as some who started Warframe 6 years ago I was playing back when we didn't have a liset and just picked missions. When frost prime had a 1% drop chance. And you are not stuck with Warframe this game is one of the few games that has actually evolved and truly evolved with time and will continue to evolve.
  9. I enjoy the Kuva Lich system and its a good stress reliever after work. Not white-knighting I do play every day for you information I just don't play content I don't enjoy and I give feedback on why I don't enjoy it. I don't however continue to punish myself in a video because I respect my time hence the point. And being passionate about a game isn't a problem but some of the posts I have seen directed at the Devs have been out right disgusting to read as it seems people forget these are human beings who love their work and are trying to do their best to deliver quality content. Do they miss the mark ofcourse like any person but what I have been reading is just some people who are tired of the game and are looking for any excuse to bash the Devs.
  10. Basically the title been reading the forums for a while now and i am shocked at the number of players who aren't even Founders continuously playing a game they have stopped enjoying. I can understand that most have invested some money towards the game but that's the risk that comes with supporting a free to play it might not develop the way you want or improve in the long term. But what shocks me I think is that most players are interacting with game modes they don't enjoy when they can stop playing the content give feedback on why they are not enjoying and then not interact with system until it is changed which FYI is the best for DE to know that a particular game modes needs attention due to limited interaction. Great example Raids I always felt they were abysmal and played a few trials gave my feedback and never touched them again and now they out of the game and eagerly waiting for their return so I can see if they have improved. So my opinion why doesn't everyone do the same play the game modes you enjoy leave the ones you don't and have FUN with the game. Because if a video game isn't fun for you DO NOT PLAY IT. And the beauty about Warframe you can come back anytime and carry on from wherever you left off. Heck I stopped playing during my final 3 months of varsity came back and honestly had missed nothing of value. This is just my unpopular opinion. Martian out.
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