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  1. Sorry if this was requested already but did anyone request anything from Cyberpunk 2077 yet? Specifically talking about Johnny Silverhand's and V's themes. If not, I would like to request V first, precisely starting at 1:29. Not sure if it's even possible but I would like to know how it could work out. Thanks in advance! :D
  2. How about you instantly become the club's leader?
  3. I believe people seem to misunderstand things. When you abort, the mission rewards only include the bounties' rewards, but the rest you farmed is still added to your inventory. I did only a single plains run and according to the mission rewards, I should have only about 10 resources but somehow, when I checked my inventory, I had more than 80 of them (was quite a long run indeed). Not sure if it's fixed already, just wanted to mention how it worked out for me.
  4. You have do download the game via Steam. Otherwise Steam may assume it's a pirated game (even though Warframe is free, Steam may still think that it is not the original version of the game since Steam does not know where you got the copy from). So yeah, you gotta download it all over again.
  5. The wiki does not say anything about that, so I'll just leave that question here.
  6. I mean, it was possible to change Chroma's elements, even before the whole passives-concept was brought to the game. So, I don't think it is worth being called a passive at all. Why is there no real passive which is truly a passive, and not just a placeholder because DE couldn't think of an actual passive (or whatever the reason is)?
  7. 2 Passives? You gotta chose 1, and the second one sounds way too OP. First Ability: What do you mean by "dash"? Do your lasers dash or just you? Also, the blinding effect is a little too powerful, considering it a simple start-off-ability, which almost nobody will be using anyway. Second Ability: We got this already. Well, not as a warframe ability but still. It also does not quite fit to your concept (not just considering the fact that the Glaxion fires extreme cold, and not actual lasers, which are pure heat) because turrets fit more to the trap master amongst the warframes, which
  8. You should try using a warframe or weapon that can stun him. Try Frost or Volt (they are quite easy to get). Or just join a public group, there's usually at least 1 guy who can one-hit-kill any enemy in the game.
  9. That's funny. I got S. Simulor (4000 damage per stack) and a Galatine Prime (max damage), the enemies can't be one shot. It is not possible. I'm wondering if you even tried that mission.
  10. The Glast Gambit is all fun and games until you get this mission 'Win with max 10 points ahead'. DE: ''Hey, that's a pretty nice idea, right? Let the player pay 160k credits and if they fail, they'll lose all of it. Shouldn't be a big deal, huh?'' Oh, you want to know what I mean? Why I am mad? Ok, listen up: It sounds quite easy. If you get the 10 points and the enemy has 0 for some reason, you don't expect anything bad. But suddenly some random enemy invests 11 or even 20 points at the very last moment. Because you have to be ahead only up to 10 points, it is quite difficult to kee
  11. I came in a little late but I just wanted to say that the multishot one was better for the Zarr.
  12. So, now Frost got his own cloth physics but I personally think that Volt should get his own too.
  13. The time and effort that will cost DE to make this will be way too much. And also it'll be ''stolen'' from another game -> The community does not like that
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