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  1. It's boring AF! The melee in particular (for me) is very stiff and stale. That and too much time played (over 4,000 hours)
  2. Would have to say no, don't like it whatsoever. 1. Don't like getting blinded by the snow everytime I enter. 2. I, like most people, just got done farming all of PoE when this came out. Coupled with DE not updating the plains, then pretty much slapping everything from PoE into Fortuna (ie. Bounties, fishing, hunting etc.) made it unappealing. 3. The charecter designs, imho, are flat out stupid and questionable. Like oh hey let's make a robot who's head is hanging from his crotch with a TV for a stomach with arms coming out the front. Why? 4. K-drives, more pointless than archwings.
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