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  1. 1] Is there any development on the infested room? When you'll introduced it at the end of 2017, there was hype on what plans are in store for it, but now, it's a room that is left at the side lines.Do you'll have any plans, quest and lore in store for it? 2] In future, is it possible to mod our operators? Since our warframes,weapons, sentinels,amps and pets can be modded, why not our operators? 3] Bring some cool mini-bosses to the plains cause the plains is extremely boring at day-time and also add more animals that we can catch. 4] When is RAILJACK coming to pc? 5] Are there any possible plans on introducing treasure hunts? 6] Any news on raids? 7] Replaying old nightwave series? cause we didnt have enough time to complete it due to a busy work schedule
  2. 1.When is Railjack coming out and how's the progress on railjack? 2.Any news on the New war and it's release date? 3.Is the kingpin system still in works or is it scrapped? 4.Is the Exploiter orb going to be added to the bounties like the profit taker? 5.Is there a quest on Helminth and the infested room?
  3. PLS fix the animation of the silva and aegis prime.THE sword is not straight when it is displayed
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