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  1. Got the ultrawide fixed, until someone tells me otherwise. Also got expandable windows sorted! You can now expand relics + equipment windows
  2. No problem. If there's anything that adding would make things easier, let me know. I'm literally trying to find stuff to add now, so I'm down for anything.
  3. That's what APIs are for, a secure way to give specific information and nothing else. I'm thinking that's what they did for the App because it has to access your account information, after logging in. And I'm wondering if I can use that same connection to allow me to login and get my inventory.
  4. For both of you, @Shokley and @BaronBaever How do you write one half? Is it 0.5 or 0,5 Because I think I might have found the issue: I forgot about culture specific formatting. EDIT: I included the culture formatting to 7.1, so it "should" work. Please let me know if it doesn't.
  5. WFInfo v7 I'm trying to get the current inventory so I can figure out what items I haven't put up on warframe.market
  6. The warframe android app can connect to your account and acquire your inventory list. I'm wondering if it's possible for me to use that same connection in my project. Does anyone know if that's allowed or not?
  7. I'm getting a hotfix (let's call it 7.0.6a) that "should" fix your issue, and at the very least will show more in the log. I'll try and get it up within 30m. Hmm... can you send me the other files next to the log file? Email works, or discord, or even fileshare like google drive. A possible fix is to delete those files and try to get new ones, but I don't know if the error will reoccur.
  8. Yup, sorry about that. Seems that I missed a couple files with 7.0.5, got it fixed with 7.0.6
  9. Sorry about my radio silence, work decided a sudden 2 month trip was exactly what I needed. I'll try and respond to everyone, but if I miss your message, just hit me up and I'll try and help. That's interesting. If you're still having the issue, I can help troubleshoot it with you. I don't have an ultra wide monitor, so I can't do much testing, but if you send me some screenshots of your reward screen, I should be able to get it mostly working. I haven't tested it in Linux, but I'll put it on the todo list for Linux. It may be a bit unless I get a linux buddy to help me test it. I got the ParseScreen issue sorted out. Just download the new version 7.0.5, and it won't occur. Can you send me the error log. It's located in your AppData folder: C:\Users\Kekasi\AppData\Roaming\WFInfo\WFInfo.log Just replace "Kekasi" with your username.
  10. You're welcome! If there's anything that will help you farming, please suggest it. I've been adding things I can think of, but I'm pretty sure I'm missing some stuff.
  11. Got this bugger updated to 7.0.4 .4 remedies some Windows UI Scaling issues and minor fixes all around. It also adds a status bar with text, which is much clearer than the status "light"
  12. I'm going to be posting updates and bumping it when I do. This program ain't going away anytime soon.
  13. If you want to, I am more than happy to explain how the program works, or even to walk you through its code. I love programming and sharing programming. If all else, the github link has its source code.
  14. It "should" be good, because it isn't modifying anything to do with the game, just pulling a screen shot. However, "should"s should never be trusted. I support anyone who wants to wait until that confirmation comes through.
  15. Completely agree. A more recent confirmation would be for the best. Here's hoping that we'll get lucky and they'll give an updated response! @[DE]Aidan @[DE]Rebecca
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