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  1. u may want to consider an infinite reactor hallway so u don't need to worry about them on your main floor. that way you can have all this stuff on your main floor without a single reactor there. I also have like 4 areas here where i can expand from "infinitely"
  2. too much, or not enough, as all rivens are priced. There is a trading sub-forum somewhere on here where this would be a better place to ask.
  3. i wonder if "Assassination Bus" would be allowed, assassinate and its similar forms might be on some kinda white list since its a real word and not trying to make a pun like in your examples.
  4. @Berzerkules @SneakyErvin this is for u guys 😛 inb4 someone says im promoting my youtube channel - this video was private before i read this discussion and now i've put it to unlisted so only people with the link can see it. I am just sharing video to share one of my favorite memories of MHO with some people who might enjoy it :D.
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