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  1. they discussed this on a devstream. Rebecca asked if we would see an increase to the FOV or change to camera angle. The response from Scott was "Why do we need that" or something along those lines, and then i believe the other devs added reasons to why it would be better to have higher FOV (capes, sentinels, etc blocking view because we are too zoomed) and i think the conversation concluded on "Well thats something we can look into" and that was a year or two ago. So ya, i'm on-board for bringing this idea back up.
  2. You should change the title of this post to "I was wrong, sorry." I doubt you will though since I don't remember a time where you admitted you were wrong as many other people here have pointed out in this instance. Also, that was the correct way to use quotation marks, you should take note of this for the future so you stop using them incorrectly. Putting quotation marks on made up words is pointless, I have started to guess you are using them like air quotes in a person to person conversation where people would normally use them sarcastically. However, this is not conveyed well through the internet, and you do it too often so you should stop using them entirely for this purpose and only use them for their intended purpose which is to quote someone. In this post I quoted myself, in case it wasn't obvious.
  3. Please learn the proper way to use quotation marks.
  4. lul ye, he told me after he was able to get the quest before the MR requirement was on it, and that to get all those weapons he had he bought bundles with plat because if u do it like that the MR requirement doesn't matter on weapons.
  5. around Christmas i had a guy who was MR0 in my squad, i believe his name was UNRANKED and he had more weapons than some of my MR20 friends so just be like him 🙂 as far as i am aware the only MR requirement is for the archwing quest, and it hasn't always had an MR requirement. So what you are really asking for is removal of mastery requirement for archwing.
  6. that would be nice to have, however i haven't found it yet and no way in hell im buying it for 400p. thanks, it was confusing because it wasn't clear to me what he meant Saying stealth affinity bonus on crewships would have been much more helpful.
  7. let me ask you this - do you think doing XYZ things in a certain order to achieve a strange result that then gives a great advantage is an intended game mechanic or using en exploit. Currently there is an exploit where you can launch yourself with the railjack slingshot, kill a normal ship with it, and it will let u use your regular weapons while in archwing, this is X+Y+Z conditions to reach the end result of the exploit. This is considered an exploit because you are abusing an unintended game mechanic i.e a bug. the point at which u get banned for such a thing is when you are using it maliciously, such as using it 24/7 to trivialize railjack content and get 10/10/10/10 intrinsics faster than anyone else doing it the legitimate way. The line is drawn when you are intentionally abusing it instead of reporting it and that is obvious to DE. Chroma was never bugged, he just had higher damage values than what was ever necessary in missions so they never cared to change it, only after it became apparent that he was the only good choice for killing eidolon limbs did it become an issue (not an exploit). slash + viral damage and faction mods are not bugs, so using them is not an exploit. It would become an exploit if using slash/viral + doing something else all of a sudden, like giving more affinity per kill since that is not intended. the last reports of people being banned for using an exploit i can remember was during the disruption event, people were knocking the amalgams off of the map effectively killing them when the intended solution was to empty their health bars with your weapons. This was not a problem for people that may have come across this accidentally, it happened for those that were doing it to every single amalgam for 4 hour runs at a time. Bugs like the kavat/kubrow abomination that were used by many many many players in the 48 hour window it existed were not considered an exploit because there was no advantage to making one, it was a visual bug only. so to answer the title of this post in a sentence - abusing something that is clearly unintended (a bug) is where the line is drawn between an exploit and being efficient.
  8. hmm, i see. Earlier today i was doing invite only on Flexa to farm out the quellor bp with aborting after killing the boss and it gave me 1.5-2 intrinsics (with booster) for doing nothing else besides rush the boss so it seemed like it might be a better mission to me and i havent realised that gian point doesnt have the double objectives
  9. something else to remember, you can also buy those avionics, even dirac, but you cannot buy affinity. If you get tired of waiting for the good stuff you can just buy it but you still have to grind out the intrinsics. I am just using the sigma reactor because its higher than any zekti reactor you can find (which seem to be the most common drop) . Whatever the case with this i still want to know the most efficient way to farm them and if i get ship upgrades along the way of getting my mastery XP ill take them.
  10. i do see the most open squads on that mission, which i find interesting. The Flexa mission has a guarenteed galleon boss (fast to kill) and that boss gives quite a large amount of affinity by himself, and hes not the only enemy in the galleon. Are the ships in gian point worth more or is there just something im missing about why flexa is not better?
  11. my ship is basically done. Only thing i want now is better reactor which will get easier in the future when they balance this mode more. I am at 7/6/7/6 which isnt even halfway with a nearly complete ship, i think 9/9/9/9 is halfway soooo ya, i want to know the best way to farm this so i can be more efficient.
  12. only case of that i remember was an exploit. Using trinity nuke to get something like 1x10^24 affinity in one round of hydron, seemed warranted to me. Im not asking for an exploit, im asking for best way to farm it legit.
  13. how exactly does stealth adaro (starchart mission) give me intrinsics for railjack missions. Maybe i'm dumb here but i thought intrinsics can only be earned in railjack missions
  14. I know its based on the affinity in the mission, i'm just wondering the most efficient way to farm them since affinity has never been equal from all sources. possibilities for most efficient that i can think of: Killing more enemies instead of just completing objectives Mission completion speed instead of killing every enemy you see Repair spam as long as u have revolite letting ramsleds board for infinite enemy killing? (not killing a side objective and staying sort of near it will send out seemingly infinite ramsleds) any tips for fastest method?
  15. then no one gets voted out, unanimous decision must be made. They can be toxic all they want but it wouldn't change anything with how the game currently exists, since people can still be that type of toxic right now.
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