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  1. @thor_sten @GrayArchon That logic makes sense for why that strike is at the bottom, but only if the usage counter is only counting what the Machete has been used for. So i guess this is a bug where its only counting the usage timer on the first zaw of each strike? as u can see in this image cyath is my most used strike, so it shouldnt be at the bottom of my arsenal like it is. I have barely used the zaw i named machete and it was the first one i crafted, so it makes sense to me now.
  2. i have for sure used my atterax 2.0 more than these other ones, yet it is one of the last 3, y dis happen?
  3. @844448 she definitely got worse, but she is still good enough to do the low level stuff she was always good at. STILL worse though, low level exterminates were the best reason to use her before because you didn't have to search as hard for the enemies hiding behind walls/corners, but now u have to actually get closer to them to make sure they die. My build feels the same as before the nerfs besides the fact she has less range now, and if i wanted to get more range i would have to sacrifice efficiency/duration/strength mods to get it, which would make the damage too insignificant to kill trash mobs. So for me the nerfs that happened to her did one thing, and one thing only and that was lowered her range which is a direct nerf not 'maybe better'.
  4. This whole thread disturbs me. Conclave has dedicated players, yes. Conclave also has less than 1% of the player base playing it, yes. Queuing for conclave for 30+ minutes to find a single other person to 1v1 during off hours doesn't classify as a dead mode? Someone new joining a pvp match just to see how it is to then get destroyed by someone who only pvps never joins it again because of the bad experience. This is why there is a decline in player count for pvp. 2 weeks ago before jovian concord update steve answered someone in chat about 'lunaro fixes when' and he said there were plans to fix it because they are aware they should. To clarify for an earlier post i saw in here someone said "next mainline update they promise fixes" well, they said this after jovian concord from my perspective and we haven't had a mainline update since jovian concord, so wait until the next mainline update? Even after steve answered the person in twitch chat the same person kept spamming 'lunaro fixes when' for the next hour we waited for the update to drop - this greatly annoyed me. I played lunaro and conclave enough to get the second highest rank on the pvp syndicate maxed out, yet i don't see anything they should be fixing in patches because they are "broken". Personally i hope they don't waste their time updating these modes because there are far more important things that constantly need to be fixed, since these other things affect the other 99% of us.
  5. @(XB1)Cubic Clemhaha i have the same problem with regular frost vs all my other frames, but it is based on time spent on that frame in missions so you can fix it. All you have to do is find a mission that doesn't have an end of mission timer from being afk too long, then go into that mission with the frame u want highest usage on and spend a large number of hours in that mission with the frame the usage metric is based soley on time spent on that frame IN missions. I know i used frost alot when i first started playing so i understand why hes my most used even now, the rest of my time has been spread pretty evenly with the other frames but i have been slowly fixing it with afking in solo missions so that i can find my favorite frames easier
  6. i disagree, 20k was not very hard for me and 3 random people from recruiting chat. Solo clan only need 20k. If you really want it you should learn how to maximize points per round (you can get 1.5k points per round) and this way at 20k points enemies are still within killable level (120-150). The scaling of the enemies is based on round count as far as i can tell, not by time spent in mission.
  7. i just keep refreshing the PC updates page :S
  8. @WhiteMarker i consider it spam if the majority of my inbox is filled with her emails. First line from wikipedia article about spam email -Email spam, also known as junk email, is unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email (spamming).- i do believe these messages count under that definition.
  9. ghouls, ghouls vanquished... fun, how about just one of the emails instead of one for emergence and one for vanquishing.... or just put it on the alert screen like thermia fractures and not give us an email at all. It is seriously annoying me when all i do is log in, see i have a message in my inbox which makes me a bit excited and then i see it is just ghouls >.>
  10. @Golmihr it took me 34 runs to get my hildryn systems you don't know true suffering yet 😄
  11. please allow an option to disable aimglide switching of weapons. It is affecting exalted weapon powers forcing you out of them (valkyrs hysteria) causing you to pop like a balloon to damage.
  12. but that doesnt last for 40 seconds like the invisibility does when it ends 😢
  13. why does wukong augment not make wukong invisible for the duration too :(?
  14. Some possible better options for the daily rewards: move milestones to every 25 days and keep the same order - almost 3 years of gear available in half the time remove the 50 day milestone and replace it by pushing all the mastery rank gear earlier. Once all mastery rank gear or mods are acquired have the current 50 day milestones be distributed. add an option to buy the login rewards in the market with plat so the wait can be bypassed The common theme everyone seems to hate is the timewall to getting the things they want from logins. The amounts of endo/neurodes/oxium etc from logging in is so negligible I don't know why it is even being changed in the first place. The only reason aside from the milestones to login everyday is for the chance at a platinum discount (opinion of a mastery rank 25 player). Something else that would be cool is just to be able to pick from the entire pool of rewards every 50 days, instead of one of the three separate categories every 50-100 days.
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