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  1. I focus on 2, 3 and perma-channeling too. Auto-Equip 1 on 4 would be very nice indeed. Akmlso annoying: when turning off 1 always end up with my (widely cosmetic) sidearms. About the rag doll with: I usually just use it on tight groups in Mobile Defense to keep the point cleared. I wonder if Fulmination mod works with the Bale Fire Charger, gotta test that one later. If it works and combined with high fire rate, it could be a nice CC weapon.
  2. Solo it's too annoying in the second phase, you have to keep the raknoids in check and get the heat up with the fractures and by throwing condensed thermia canisters. Best is to split tasks, 1 or 2 kill the raknoids, the others activate the fractures. She reminds me more of this, with her constant barrage of ragdoll fire: Her fourth is more like suppressing fire for point defense.
  3. Now that I call a boss fight! At least by nature (not by challenge to Veterans). It takes a little skill and teamwork, but you still can do it without meta groups. It has several stages and great voice acting plus you get some decent loot at the end. Way to go, DE! I will hunt that Ephemera down! 🌩️
  4. I just want to express my appreciation for the latest reinforcement, Hildryn. I just love her! The looks, the dash animation, the freshly added melee channeling via shields, those energy shields, that hover mode - and above all THAT AWESOME SOUND! That babe sounds like future! The guys and gals behind this deserve a bonus! Please hurry up Operation Buried Debts, so all can enjoy that bodacious broad! P.S. great job on the Opticor Vandal, too! Instead of just beefing a few stats as usual, you gave us a practical and enjoyable version of the gun that feels and plays totally different! P.P.S. Looks while writing this post and working on my little photo, the update for the Operation went live. GO, GET HER!
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