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  1. I've got a MK 1 Braton with 8 polarized slots. I think that's a rare one. 😋
  2. If I stopped caring bringing the right tool, I easily could fail quite a few sorties. Sortie C Lephantis is a good example. I did over a dozen runs at one evening (you could call it community service) to see how well people are informed or prepared for it. In exactly two runs the team had properly prepped people who either brought the right damage and/or a supportive Warframe. The rest would have failed miserably or would have taken a long long time (despite being high MR and probably having the necessary stuff in their arsenal). "If the cat is a tiger, it's less likely that curiosity will kill it."
  3. Wukong is King. Have pity with those lacking the enlightenment. In spy missions, I always announce going for C and guess what? I usually finish before the dude at B and often enough before A. Maxed void dashes and Wukong, nothing's faster and more convenient. About Nova speedruns... do you really think that hotshot/[enter name] on YT posts his dozens of fail runs? When it comes to consistent speed, nothing out there can touch Wukong, especially on very vertical and obstructed levels. Wukong reminds me of playing good old Descent at times.
  4. Same here, noticed it when farming for some pigments in Draco Survival. Dethcube stopped shooting after a few mins. So I left at 5 mins and returned with Carrier, no problems whatsoever.
  5. I call it heresy when you haven't maxed out focus (all schools, dammit!), can't keep up with my void dashes and let me wait at the exit in a capture mission that could have been 50 seconds short but ends after OVER 3 minutes! Infidels!
  6. There's a simple solution without changing ANY game mechanics: challenge missions with predetermined loadout. You still can play demigod in the normal content, but in the challenge mission you would have to use whatever they'd give you. Of course, this would take a bit more dedication to mission design. Do you know when I faced challenge the last time? 2013/2014 when we still were not maxed to the brim and actually had to talk over our team roles before heading into something dangerous like a 60min survival mission. The only other way I see, is a Left for Dead clone-mission. Everything else is doomed to fail or piss off people worse than Riven nerfs.
  7. Keep rolling if you like. I don't roll, I chop. Chop, chop. The only time I thought "Rolling Guard would be useful now", was in The Index hunting the poster. On the other hand, I don't do level X-hundred runs either...
  8. Rahn-Shraksun-Certus with Madurai Void Strike. Shraksun is your damage dealer. With enough charge from Void Strike paired with Volt's Shield (best to play Volt yourself) you deal great damage per shot. Despite doing twofold damage, every shot counts as only one charge from Void Strike. With a few minutes charge up time for Void Strike before Nightfall, you get 8 one-shot charges. Why Rahn? In later stages (especially with average groups), you won't have longe charge phases for Void Strike and often have to do with VS multiplicators of just 3-5x between phases. If you have only a few VS charges left, you might want to discharge them quickly with your Rahn shots and recharge for the full eight VS charges instead. Certus for max crit chance, use Virtuos Strike along.
  9. It just means it might be a futile undertaking trying to force the stats and it means the stats aren't necessarily representative of your more recent (in my case, years) playstyle. I just wanted to point that out.
  10. Easiest: Void relic runs (you need relics though). Learn the market prices (warframe.market), make screenshots of the rewards and compare them later. In doubt, pick what high MR players chose, they're usually after plat and not after a specific item. On the fly: Syndicate mods. I hoard my syndicate points and sell mods once or twice a week. Here higher MR help to obtain more points per day. As MR 27 I make about 150 P per week just for playing and selling mods. Dedicated Method: Eidolons runs. Takes a lot of knowledge, adequate gear and team, however. Some of the Arcane sell for good platinum however. If your gear is still low, Trinity is a good starter option. Expert Way: Become a trader. You need to learn the market prices and notice trends and potentials, oh and some base capital won't hurt too. 1st example: last week's Riven Gift Alert led to a market drop for rifle rivens to 40 Plat and less (usual average is 60-70). Traders with enough riven slots and platinum reserves make some easy plat there. 2nd example: new hyped Prime releases can earn you extreme plat in the first two days (not Atlas...), Mesa Prime sets sold easily for 1,200p on day one. So farm the stuff, sell it and get your own set a week or two later for cheap.
  11. I still got Nova and Boltor Prime listed as my most played... that's like three or four years ago. Besides Defense (speed) and hard Interception (slow) mission, I hardly ever use Nova, nowadays. Still, I don't think I will topple both stats anytime soon despite being an active player over all the years. If the stats would be close to my current choices, Wukong Prime, Acceltra and Kesheg probably would lead the list.
  12. The biggest problem I have with dispositions is that most are not based on the actual potential of a weapon, but something stupid as popularity. Fun and diversity, my ass... Sure, you will hit very popular meta weapons with that filter but also a lot of weak weapons that are "popular" for being the first and easily obtainable weapons for players. Or they just are popular for looking nice like the Cyanex. Don't tell me it's overpowered, it's a good primer for conditional overload, armor stripper and bubble burster with an abysmal reload timer. What exactly was the reason to nerf that one?
  13. I hate riven debuffs, especially when they get ridiculous to a point where using a riven actually cripples a build. I hate the hypocritical start dispositions of new powerful weapons, hyping the popularity to crush them after a few months. There's an effin pattern to behold... you mentioned Acceltra, it will be along next round, my bet: 0.7. And I really hate uncalled nerfs on fun weapons like Supra. Do I still invest in new rivens? Hell yeah, what else to do (got 400k ready again)? My best tip on rivens: look for the ugly weapons with high disposition and a few strong stats. They usually stay untouched by the damn nerf committee and you can work around possible weaknesses. Shinies like Opticor Vandal, Cyanex and soon Acceltra are prone to quick nerfs.
  14. I despise you... homogenization sucks. Luckily you ignored some hidden gems so far...for that I despise you too.
  15. To me, a warframe veteran is someone who knows most or all aspects of the game (or knows where to look for that knowledge) and is able to bring the right tool for a job or at least provide adequate support. MR only gives you a wild guess about the proficiency of a player, personally I consider MR10+ as potential veterans. In the end, high MR only means you're a hoarder and still can play like a fool. Best example: Sortie-level 3 Lephantis (L100) assassination is a huge challenge to non-veterans. While the clueless just bring anything to the fight, the veterans bring something to do the job on their own (e.g. high-efficiency green Chroma with Carrier and corrosive Rubico) or something to substantially support the fight (e.g. Slow Nova, Stomp Rhino). As for endgame: there isn't such a thing in Warframe. With the right choices, you can trivialize any content the game offers. Endgame should be challenging, independent of your gear. It should have crucial moments, challenge your skills more than your equipment, emphasize teamplay and it should be able to let you fail. Sadly, the thing that comes closest to that is pure new player experience (without demigod support).
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