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  1. The future is in the past. Warframe is always more of the same. New content is underdeveloped, thrown at the masses, analyzed, optimized (sometimes with a lot of leeway). This "event" is one of the less impressive, very uninventive with lots of questionable design choices but In the end it doesn't matter, Endgame stays the same (FashionTM), got the new Nova skin already? (yummy). The most surprising about Bloody Spear is that RJ groups have very little to do with Railjacks I still have hopes for Railjack if DE finds a meaningful way to combine it with the rest of the game. The stepped in the same trap again and drowned it in upgrades, however. With a more interesting reward system and more "hard" skill checks, it still has potential. Or it ends in a partner grave with Archwing. I on you and your three cheer leaders.
  2. Objectively MR means S#&$. As a clan you easily can outfit a MR 5 with sortie-worthy equipment. To anyone with the right tools, this event is as boring and uninspired (and bugged) as usual. If someone jumps into a content that's not meant for beginners (without a sponsor) it's not challenge but despair. Once you have a certain knowledge of the game mechanics and amassed some key frames and items, the challenge is reduced to picking the right tools out of your toolbox. I agree that new players should have a chance to enjoy the content too. Gear-based scaling has been scrapped as has been become too complicated to weigh out the myriads of combinations. Instead I'd strongly buff players on their MR (missing a better alternative) during a mission. If that means a clever well-equipped MR5 hits harder than a MR28 Have-it-all, be it so.
  3. Fashion is Endgame. Warframe is a martial arts doll house with a sandbox. You kill tons of stuff on a combined Hitler/Stalin/Mao level while looking as cool as you can. Challenge usually is just based on picking the right tools and not on how well you use them. I play the game since its steam release (spare me the beta running gag) and it is more like a meditation than a stressful experience. Most of the time it's something I play along half-watching youtube or a Netflix comedy special. DE's MO for new content is: throw it raw at the masses, gather data and complaints and then apply hotfixes. In most cases, it's best for you to just wait a week or two before engaging the new stuff. If you enjoy the wild and fast parcours, the careless slaughter and the complexity and freedom of the mod system, Warframe is the game for you. Don't expect your typical endgame of other games. Unless it would be secluded from the core game, Warframe offers far too many ways to overpower and crowd control the S#&$ out of it. Btw. is Scarlet Spear in an acceptable state yet?
  4. Challenging is only slightly subjective and easy to produce... and it will probably never happen. Give me a mission editor and I give you all kinds of challenging missions. That, of course, takes a bit more effort than DE's years old more-of-the-same random design philosophy. I'd strip you of your precious overkill loadouts and give you fixed loadouts specific to the mission/challenge. As soon as you test people's hard skills (dexterity, spatial awareness, tactical skills, team affinity etc), things become more challenging or at least interesting. DE could introduce a Left-4-Dead-like mode as an easy solution, considering Warframe's dumbass AI.
  5. On the contrary, it's exactly what I expected... When I first saw the progression table in the live stream before "Operation" Spearhead, I knew there would be no amazing unified effort of railjack and ground crew... Everthing just screamed cheesy grind for the one or the other to fill some stupid progression bar. My clan mate and I gave it a shot in RJ yesterday. We got greeted by a crash to desktop, at the very moment we finished 9 of 9 code packages... Back to Division 2 and Destiny 2... Wake us up when we're there. Btw., have you noticed how the event shop misses all the "good" arcanes? Seriously DE. When you're confined to your own four walls in your spare time, endless repetition is not what you're looking forward to.
  6. The question was semi-rethoric. I don't fully understand the implications of the update yet (and I don't really care as overkill is vivid as ever), might be nerf might be a buff with the "right" setup. My impression of Excalibur is that the posterboy is a rather weak skill frame and that a possible (if collateral) nerf won't matter in the end and that regard. To improve his performance I went to the extreme, stripped him of any skill-related mod and reformed him to a mere tank with blind being the only skill I pull off now and then. The real question is why bother with Excalibur when he's outperformed by so many other frames? Just for style? Excalibur needs a reform and DE shouldn't care if it's a starter frame or not. He deserves skills that are strong or scalable enough to compete with the more powerful frames.
  7. Hmm... does the discussion actually matter? My Excalibur is a mere weapon platform/fashion frame since his frame skills never could compete (like at all) with melee and some serious guns. I doubt that has changed after the patch.
  8. After seeing the very long patch notes, I simply tested my usual suspects for performance in their typical task field (Sortie/Eso/specific missions). Not using double arcanes, I didn't notice hard cuts to my efficiency, even with timers on popular arcanes. All still worked as good as before, e.g. Saryn for ESO, Mesa for open Maps and Defs, Inaros bathing in Ropalolololyst's beam without stress, Hildryn pushing the cart on a Sortie Hijack etc. The only thing that doesn't work as before for me is shredding dropships. Which doesn't help to get a full understanding of what the changes imply (not even the devs do), especially when things are open to change on feedback. Read (or don't read) the patch notes, test your typical gameplay, give feedback. Just relax and don't do any wild changes to your warframes and weapons (forma- and riven-wise) till most feedback and afterpatches have kicked in. With that many changes, DE will tweak around for weeks to come.
  9. I'm feeling with you there, especially since the changes aren't very meaningful unless you care about the utmost minmax. Took me four days to even peek into the patch notes. Good news is you hardly need to change your builds. At least to me all rather feels "samish" if a bit off for corrosive damage (no more dropship shredding) If you're a long-term vet with lotsa badass Rivens, chances are high, most stuff works the same as before, overkill stays overkill. With a few exceptions like Chroma, the big loser of this update, and the odd double-arcane builds (I still doubt it's a substantial percentage of players), it's (boring) business as usual. About the beta: "release" games constantly change too, see Destiny 2 and Division 2 and I understand the beta in Warframe as a 7 year-old running gag.
  10. Jesus didn't need mods to do the trick (but maybe some clever carpentry).
  11. Sorry, I have to call this BS, as BS as Dev Stream 139. Before Eidolons dropped Arcanes, I didn't even have any Arcanes. The only thing Arcanes changed for me was a higher flexibility in Warframe choice. To me Warframe is unbalanced since mods and formas were introduced and maxed. I never felt the same challenge again that I had as a starting player when your team organized roles for a Mobile Defense and damage type choice was decisive... The real crux with Warframe is the lousy AI and the dev's necessity to cater all kind of players. I'd hoped Railjack would bring a small island where skill could matter for a change, but it got drowned in mods again. The planned Arcane changes won't change much in the end.
  12. The really stupid thing is: DE wouldnt have to change ONE bit to offer both challenge and power fantasy... All they'd have to do is introduce some kind of special challenge mission with given loadouts and adequate enemies. That of course would take a bite more effort than your typical all-random mission. Give me a mission editor and I give you hundreds of challenging, versatile and maybe even fun missions besides the core game without changing anything on frames, weapons, mods, arcanes whatsoever.
  13. What's so shocking about it? Once you got most stuff or miss just incredibly rare items you cannot trade for, there's little point to play it atm. That's the point where most Railjack Enthusiasts like myself are right now. And let's be honest: the prerequisites for RJ are way too high for the average Warframe player or newcomer. I just hope we see more meaningful ways RJ will be connecting to the rest of the game. Next update doesn't look that way...
  14. MR 28, less than 20k to the next. Missing Lato Prime (Grandmaster Founders) and 3k from three intrinsics R10. Completely maxed GM founders should be five weapons away from MR 29.
  15. Man, you're working really hard on a dumb image... To all others, who try to get something fruitful out of this troll conversation: just glue the enemies to the ceiling or a wall with Nidus, problem solved.
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