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  1. The event has finished. Nothing changes since the first week. And finally, leaderboards have a lot of cheaters. http://content.xb1.warframe.com/dynamic/orphixVenom.php Numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6, 17 and 18 are cheaters but no problem. They have their points and their rewards. As far as I know, nothing happened
  2. Would be amazing, I´ve been actively reporting cheaters (incluiding one of your team mates, I was texting with him and I apologized for that), but sadly nothing changes. Guys without Necra, alone... we all know what is possible and what isn´t. I dont expect any change before tomorrow, because the event ends today, but it has been a shame. 40% more effort to get the rewards than they had on pc Cheaters since day one, just one reset to the table. Now it seems we can get few more points, but it´s too late. And cheers for the great score you have guys. Was it on a perfect ti
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