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  1. En 20/2/2021 a las 19:42, (XBOX)WryWoodenman dijo:

    DE, just want to say. Its lame to have grinded hard with a great team on an event to reach 1st. Just to have a bunch of hacked/glitched scores sit above us. If ya would fix this it'd be nice...

    Would be amazing, I´ve been actively reporting cheaters (incluiding one of your team mates, I was texting with him and I apologized for that), but sadly nothing changes. Guys without Necra, alone... we all know what is possible and what isn´t. I dont expect any change before tomorrow, because the event ends today, but it has been a shame. 

    40% more effort to get the rewards than they had on pc

    Cheaters since day one, just one reset to the table. Now it seems we can get few more points, but it´s too late.


    And cheers for the great score you have guys. Was it on a perfect tileset? We have been grinded for a perfect tileset (perfect AA good B perfect CC) but no luck with my team mates. I played 2-3 times perfect tilesets but with random teams... 

  2. hace 2 horas, (XBOX)NYPDBlue911 dijo:

    Can we have an option where we can sell arcane we don’t need for phasic cells so we can buy other arcanes.💩🤮🤦🏼


    Numbers 1,2,3,4,9,10 are cheaters.

    I´ve been asking for a solution for almost 10 days. Nothing. 

    The event will finish this week and they are going to have more phasic cells than us (they could still cheat with an inferior score and no problem), so they are going to get more rewards. Is a win win for the cheaters.


    There are 4 players with more than 25000. I don´t know if they do it legit, I tend to believe, but in more than 50 events (running with my clan mates) never get more than 24530. We also tried to look for a good tileset, no luck. 

    But we are dissapointed with the leaderboards and the cheaters, so maybe no more event for us. Really bad, no bans, no discount , we are clearly behind the PC players in every way.

  3. hace 8 horas, (XBOX)RunicSea dijo:

    What about the steel path inventory for Teshin? I'm still waiting on the umbra forma blueprint.

    This comes on a rotation. 8 weeks between the first one and the next. Expect the blueprint in March, first or second week.

  4. En 28/1/2021 a las 20:41, Aznvasions dijo:

    What I meant was, although the highest scores on PC are double of console, the highest scores do not represent farm runs.

    The farm run score on console, which can be achieved by nearly anyone (the 22k mark) if you just put a geared party together and bum rush the Orphix asap instead of killing sentients, which requires basically 0 strategy, is very close to the current leaderboard scores of 25k.

    17,100 points come from killing all 36 Orphixes. If you kill all Orphixes ASAP, you will get approximately 5000 bonus points from downtime, corresponding to 2500 seconds, which is 41m 40s of no Orphix being present. The missions are about 56 min long usually. This corresponds to Orphixes being present 25% of the time, and dead 75% of the time. This also means an Orphix is only alive for 23 seconds in the 91 second cycle, which is a very fair estimate (there are teams that can consistently clear an Orphix in <15s when necessary).


    In contrast, bum rushing the Orphix on PC will still only net you 22k pts. If you try to assign one person to kill sentients while you do this, you still won’t pass 25k.


    Going by the logic of PC high score is 2x console high score, a 22k farm run on console should correspond to a 44k farm run on PC; which is the disparity I’m trying to show. It’s extremely hard to score higher than 40k on PC. Although the top PC score is 2x console, the typical PC farm run is nowhere close and sits only at about 1.5x console at absolute most (22k vs 30-35k).


    That is my basis for suggesting cutting prices by 3/8, which sets Energize price from 800 to 500.

    The only problem with this suggestion is it devalues killing sentients, as you will get similar farm quantities of arcanes as PC by bum rushing the Orphix instead. While I am kind of fine with this (the strats for high scores are honestly ridiculous compared to all prior operations and events on the game so far), some others may care. That’s why I also have another suggestion below, which will fix instead of the store prices, but the point scaling itself, which is the root of the problem, to enable consoles to achieve identical scores and scaling to PC.


    For my alternative suggestion, due to a 8-15k gap between farm scores on console vs PC, I would suggest multiplying the sentient kill points by 3x, which will give similar scores to PC, placing the top console 25k score as a 41k. This would preserve the original “feeling” of the operation and enable console to have the same score granularity and significance on sentient killing PC had.

    So far, console is exactly 1 week into the event. I would say that’s a fair judgment, as 50ks didn’t even happen until the final week of the event, and until the final week, there were only about 100 scores above 40k.

    I did watch your videos, very informative and with fps on. I agree with you, it´s not 2 to 1, is about 35-40% more so your assumption of 3/8 is right for me. The problem is we have people in the leaderboards cheating the runs, obtaining 45000 points in Xbox. We are reporting that, but if they continue doing cheats, we won´t have the adjust.

    Thanks for the vids by the way. 

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  5. hace 31 minutos, (XBOX)Veytok dijo:

    Look at their mech kills too. Literally impossible. 


    while we're all worried about scores, i feel like people havent brought up that PC was able to earn more arcanes than us. we cant even hit 25k(2500 points) but PC was able to hit almost twice as much, being able to purchase more arcanes... 

    I told that, we should have reduced price in every reward because we need double time to get the same amount of points

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  6. Good morning tenno


    Number 1 and 2 appeared together. 30000 is not achievable on xbox. They played together and have 1 point difference. Not true.

    Number 3, definitely imposible to achieve that score ALONE. At least that person wasn´t greedy to get 30000, point for him/her... but in the end, not true.


    We still try to beat our score, but seems complicated. There´s time to improve but honestly, we (and I mean all of us, players of the event) need a perfect tileset with 3 good orphix to do.

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  7. hace 39 minutos, (XBOX)BANDiT 1210 dijo:

    DE you should increase the points per sentient kill on console to compensate for the limitations of hardware - it really feels like you are trying to hard cap the event ... all platforms should have equal chance to achieve similar loot and point return for a...


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  8. hace 44 minutos, (XBOX)Cherubs Zophiel dijo:

    Sorry I appreciate the event on xbox  but the score earned for each sentient kill does not work and since in my clan like many in this game we are competitive and that the DE has put up a ranking it seems only right to make a complaint, too many people have used the trick of the low fps to get 1 in the standings with 45K alone, when in 4 well-built and coordinated you get to the max at 21-23k (using the fast boss kill method), which on a PC it was enough to kill the greatest number of sentient .. . DE I hope you take action at least to be fair to your loyal supporters :)

    Not at all. You can get 21-23k using this method, but we have managed to get 24500 LEGALLY in the event. In full well coordinated and prepared squad, killing sentients and killing fast some bad orphix (talking about respawns). Just need a good tileset and practice.

    That being said, we would like to know if the developers could ask the players the next questions:

    1.- What is going to happen with the "cheaters" on the leaderboards? Are they going to be punished? Should we do (the legal players) the same in order to be in the leaderboards?

    If you go to the inspect mode on players with high record on leaderboards you could see funny things, for example:

    -Some of them don´t have MR over 20. That´s not important if you only look at the number but, the difference in hours played and knowledge (supposedly) is really important...

    -Some of them don´t have their own Necramech. Really?. Now is possible to beat all the scores without your 6+ forma necramech and 3+ forma arquebex because if you have a simple bonewidow without mods and forma you can kill everything.

    -There is a lot of difference between 24500 (our score without cheating) and 27000, 30000 and 45000...

    -I could manage 22.000 alone (killing the orphix as fast as I can, with fluctus for resonators and arquebex), but really 30000? or even better 45000? lol


    2.- Consoles have problems with performance due to their capabilities if we compare to PC. This is absolutely true, but:

    In PC, max Score could be over 40000 points legally. Lets work with 35000 points as a Points Per Match (PPM)

    Lets say in console, we can get a maximun of 24000 points legally. Again, work with 21000 (PPM)

    That´s aprox. 40% of difference...

    Are we going to get the same percent in the price of the Oprhix Venom prizes?


    In console we all know we have the last patch. Now we can´t use Rejuvenation Aura to manage our Necramech health, ok.

    We dont have the same spawn rate so we can´t get the same high scores, ok.

    But we also have the same prices than PC players have, thats completely unfair.


    Please, let us know if we are going to have any form of compensation because we are clearly injured in the comparasion.


    PD. English is not my first languaje so try to understand the logic of the post.


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  9. I think they need a vacation like every one needs, that being said, lets give them time to make things the way they like. It´s a free to play game, probably the best FTP ever... and we keep asking for more every time they give us content.

    I can´t believe everyone in this game is MR 30 and have everything else in this game...

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  10. 9 hours ago, (XB1)Itz chibi said:
    • Ah now that makes a lot more sense seems a bit under powered tbh tho

    Do you think any warframe with 5x damage multiplier is a bit under powered? 

    He´s not a frame who kills everything in the room just pressing 4, but he´s definitely a good choice for special purposes.

    Try this:

    Limbo + Sancti Tigris (or any other weapon that deals tons of damage)

    press 2 (to be in rift walk). My build has more than 65 seconds.

    press 3 to have the damage multiplier (it scales with strenght)

    press 1 on every enemy you want to kill, shoot and enjoy he passive (50% faster reloaded speed while you are in the rift).

    Tested in Sorties, no problem.

  11. On 29/5/2016 at 0:12 AM, Cosmic_Elf said:

    That simply sux...  she was fine , she was working... nw she is broke... "get a safe distance away to deactivate Hysteria. " seriously... IT RUNS OUT, AND YOU CANT MAKE A DASH FOR IT WHILE REVIVING SOMEONE.... its impolite and inconsiderate... and makes you look like a douchebag player... I liked using Valkyre especially as a rescue frame , keeping the entire squad alive in sorties ... now everyone is just going to die including myself trying to revive them. I hate nerfs... this has put me off from playing for a while... where affinity weekend has personally become meaningless.... Gone off to do something else , maybe i would come back tomorrow, or the next day... or next week... I don't know , but i get killed in a sortie trying t revive an entire squad , with hysteria running out to fast... it would tick me off. Valkyre has become complicated 

    Have you ever tried Limbo? is as good as she if you are talking about keeping your teammates alive.

  12. 2 hours ago, angslan said:

    Corrosive Projection

    Transient Fortitude

    Stretch, Overextended, Cunning Drift

    Primed Flow, Fleeting Expertise

    Vampire Leech



    Dont EVER put multiple strength mods on her, its useless and you get energy fast enough with just a transient fortitude, also helps if you shoot an enemy to kill the second you press 2 on it, or shoot it and press 2 instantly and you can jump up 200 energy easily


    Their builds are very inefficient and waste good slots


    IMO you are wasting slots with P. Flow and Fleeting, and I´d swap redirection for vitality. For me:

    Corrosive projection

    Transient Fortitude, Intensify

    Overextended, Cunning

    Quick Thinking (in end game you´ll need it)


    Vampire Leech

    And the last slot could be: Stretch for general purposes or flow (for raid for example)

  13. 14 hours ago, --Q--Lotus_Underwear said:

    Only discounts PC players can get is one where you can buy play with real money.

    Doesn´t PC players get a daily reward when they log in?

    We have daily rewards, and sometimes we get 25%, 50% and even 75%. I´ve never tried to buy a warframe, because I still have the ones which only can be obtained through missions one time, but I think it´ll be possible. We can´t buy bundles with discount.

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