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  1. General idea to buff her Aegis Storm. let her wield arch guns while this ability us active and give enemies affected by its cc a small chance to drop heavy weapon ammo.
  2. I agree it wouldn't take to long to get used to performing the new block combos. However, the inability to block actively, feels really bad to me. weapons that gain benefits from blocking like the Vaykor Sydon. How it used to work is i could build up my blind with only a few enemies around then move to a larger group and blind them all. but I cant do that anymore. Any thoughts on this?
  3. The swiftness of gameplay this adds is AMAZING. I love the instant swap but I really wish I could block and use block combos without having to worry about switching back to my gun. An easy remedy for this while still retaining the enhanced flow would be you press melee to switch to melee then when you need your gun again you press the swap weapon button to revert to the last gun you held before entering melee mode.
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