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  1. I dont really mind or care to much about the changes all to much infact ill more then likely get use to most of the changes to the melee system that you will make, nerf or otherwise. But please im begging from the bottum of my heart to not remove channeling from the game. There are players like me who love and use channeling vigurously especially since the new focus system been imput since last year. I know its not a very hot topic talkin about channeling. But we fans do exist and just a single individual im begging you not to break down such a wonderful mechanic such as that. Even if you have to toggle channeling in the game option that sounds fair right??? I know regardless ill still play this treasure but its but 1 simple request all those at Digital Extremes. If you would take the time to atleast read this i would be very grateful to you guys. Thank you all
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