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  1. Hi so it would be nice to be able to tell if a relic is vaulted or not when you're getting ready to go into a mission. So I propose adding the letter V to the end of the relic name so if for example neo K3 became vaulted it would become Neo K3V or Neo K3(V) while before it became vaulted it would remain Neo K3
  2. Also i'm so used to buying weapon slots from the foundry that clicking yes on any boxes that pop up is muscle memory
  3. Ok i already knew this you pointing it out doesn't change the fact that at a glance it still looks done. A small red x may pop out to you but to someone with adhd it might as well not be there.
  4. Hi so i just accidently spent like 13 platinum rushing a krisys core (moa part) 13 minutes before it was done because the bar looked full and i thought it was done printing this would not be a problem if the foundry completion bar turned a different color when it was done
  5. Hi so my suggestion is to make different parts of the user interface scale individually. When you have a big monitor and you need to scale up your health bar and ability health bar so it's big enough to be legible, you probably don't also need the mods you collect to take up a quarter of the screen or the sanctuary onslaught results pop up to take up 5/6s of the screen
  6. So my suggestion is that the audio cue for when an ability runs out be moved from when it runs out to 5 seconds before it runs out so it can be recast. Also it would be nice if we got a five second timer in the center of the screen like focus has. I can't count how many times i let vex armor lapse because i got to into the gunplay
  7. The blades of the ether weapons (ether sword, dual ether, ether reaper.etc) are always colorless. If you change the energy color they breifly change to the correct color but as soon as you stop editing it it goes back to colorless
  8. Hi i bought the palatine bundle because i was told instead of rhino's ironskin always being silver palatine had a translucent colorable ironskin but no matter what color i pick the iron skin visual is eaither just not there or is so faint it can't be seen. I was expecting an vfx like mage armor from skyrim but idk maybe my settings are wrong?
  9. Are the ether sword and it's family's blades supposed to always be colorless? I can color them by changing the energy color but as soon as i stop editing it it goes back to colorless
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