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  1. ya the UI thing is so irritating, once it starts no joining, I really hope they add more drops to this after the initial phase or people will forget this real soon totally, why will i even run this thing after having all items when in 60 secs from spawning in valis i can catch a stover or just trade in a zodian No did not have any issue like that but then again i was running ivara Even though its a rage among content creators, umbral mesa and normal mesa with umbral intensify does not have too much difference in damage out put at least not untill New war drops , you can easily catch up with growing power coaction drift or come close almost. But I get it got 9-10 Mortus scrap before the system. but 25 runs in total for system, considering my luck with revnant neuro { 100+ bounty5} and guass parts { still missing chass,evryday i do 5 runs} or gausss weapon BP, {not a single till now 5 runs daily}, thats like winning the lottery, DO the void first, then do mission, by the time you come out of mission he will spawn , worked evrytime in 100+ runs as off now yes, 75 with 4 guys was real easy , so i guess thats why. its still easy though 40 kills each approx Its a bug, did you have her 2 or 3 active before going to void if yes, then thats the cause activate skills inside its just a bug Most importantly Did you get anything i stopped after like 1000 but nothin Stopping current mission time is necessary , its stupid that survival timer keeps on going inside. Also its Plot hole, in quest the two worlds are disconnected through time in mission its not lol. Jokes apart what really pissed me off is this thing increased my Quit rate from 1% to 3% for all the missions i joined when either the void is done or the entire mission is almost done , i mean come on.... now i have to do 30k missions to make it even lol well no they did not make them harder but reduced time pyramids, so essentially cutting it half. but its doable not as easily as when it dropped but possible yes once the rift is open no one should be able to join. happened quite a few times, finished kills waiting suddenly 2 more guys coming with 10 secs remaining, However for solo play u can put solo mode or invite only hahaha, you beat me to the punch, saw a guy with rubico prime and catchmoon complaining he cant kill things, well catchmoon falls off!! Jackal fight is not bugged, Waht bug you are talking about? no it doesnt promote solo play 1 man killing 75 and 4 guys killing 40 each, which each is easier? timer is required, not everything in game should be available to everybody just cause we whine. If we match the skill required we should get it. If not, then no. Bramma is nerfed because of the player base using it and am happy they did it, constant bramma usage with ridiculously bright colors made it like the simulor. and how the ammo count matters I dont understand, put vigilante supplies problem solved or if you are using carrier prime.
  2. hmm weird then, since all my other bundles, i bought whole.. why on earth did I not do the same with the same one. Anyways, option of upgrade will be great though. Ya man I understand, I wanted the pistol skin from vermillion , so had to buy the entire bundle . Now I can afford to do that at this point in the game, but many cant, seaprate will definitely increase sales
  3. Did it ? . It was so long ago dont even remember but am pretty sure will not just leave such a good looking sword skin,
  4. Yes ageee, I earned Ivara and her drop is fine, let it be low, people nned to practice spy mission. This way we wont have to solo spy missions just cause there is a chance someone in your party might do a booboo. I had no issues with Nidus either, However, Harrow was a pain, after some time i just finished mission, went to market and bought it
  5. Same, Do void first, by the time you finish he wil spawn, kill finish mission much faster
  6. I could use all abilities in all tiers 1, 2 and 3, may be you were just bugged
  7. Waited a few days to write this, wanted to enjoy the entire thing first. This was a great update, at least for me the best after fortuna, The new tile is awesome and huge and you feel that you are in a capital ship. Just awesome. Music is great, the quest is great, even the fight mechanics is something fresh, not just shoot em till they die. New jackal is great looking and the fight is fun. However, after the initial period is over, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add more drops to the granum system, does not have to out of this world drops but something which people want or need, like nitain, BPs for potatoes, forma whatever it may be. If not as soon as people will grind out the parts, this will become another feature which will be forgotten.. Don't let all this great work just go into obscurity. 🙂
  8. Ya but didn't the Harka skin came first, it was not with the sword, and with many games if u already own a premium item, and in later stages it comes with a bundle u dont pay for the entire bundle, just upgrade it. Which means the price of the stuff you already own gets deducted. honestly, its hurting both sides, if someone owns a skin already why will they pay full price just for the sword skin or weapon skin,
  9. ya they do stalker came during my mission also, and survival ticks down when u r in . 😞
  10. Hi, many of us already have the Harka skin without the bundle, now that the sword skin is there, is it possible to make the Longsword frysta Skin a separate item . It absolutely makes no sense to dish out 215 plats just for that even though we have the frost skin , Thank you and share your thoughts.
  11. or it goes too down, blocking the forge legend 😞
  12. i Have a few achievement stuck on steam for some reason weird but stuck there, even though they are finished in game
  13. Thanx for the RJ fix, it was annoying, Now one more to go . when you join from dojo navigation outside RJ u spend the mission kneeling to the Orokin gods The Pluto Oceanum (Corpus Outpost Spy) tileset has been changed to the Corpus Ship tileset on the Star Chart to provide it with the newly refreshed Spy Vaults.... Pretty much looked like the same old vault.. Can someone elaborate what is new? I for one would love some new flavour in the spy vaults🙂
  14. The fissures don't spawn enemies you need to lure them in - didnt lure any in , got 5 /5 every mission. dont know if there is a max cap on that but feels 5 is max. Enemies converted need to be killed/stripped by the operator - No, just any damage directly to the glass shards is fine. uploaded same on youtube. Affected by Ressource Drop Chance Booster and enhancing Warframes (Nekros/Hydroid/Khora; Up to eight drops per fissure) -- doesnt get effected by resources boosters though, is there a video of this , i have got maximum 5 untill now. You have 60 seconds for solving everything. - its useful to remember the symbols and names, mostly u have to choose those, If u fall off the order of the questions will change.
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