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  1. exactly, tridolon is much harder also, to kill the last one u have to capture the first 2. and they have same amount of standing as finishing a sortie. SMH
  2. honestly the sortie challenge makes no sense, run 1 sortie is 5k and 5 is also 5k lmao and kill 100 eximus is also 5k , but running 8 bounties is 3k.. PS tridolon also 5 k .. 1sortie = tridolon ?? lmao
  3. 98Octane

    Update Failures

    Well update went ok with 2mbps speed but the game wont start it goes from running to sync and gone. using steam version
  4. So after the the game is updated in steam version, if i click play it doesnt start just vanishes from processes. any solution? Installing the stand alone version right now to check if same hpns again
  5. So a few questions... 1. Can we also have night wave challenges that refresh after completion, with less rep reward offcourse and not after a week? 2. Well the grind seems to have increased with this new system, specially for some stuff which is mostly required by newer players but they cant get through the tiers to get enough creds to buy the stuff. any thoughts? 3. The alert tab was a big part of our life and now its empty any plans to put more weekly task there like ayatan or clem ? 4. With changes of riven disposition will the current rivens already maxed out and rolled several times in our inventories will also change? or is this only for new rivens that will be unveiled after the disposition refresh? thank you {waiting patiently}
  6. Well dont see anything wrong with this or filling 5 ayatans , my only complain is there is no way to get new tasks once you finished your current ones. This requires people to play every week which might not be possible for them . Instead we can finish our current ones and receive new tasks. {something like the research tasks in Pokestop spin..lol} Daily tasks doesnt need any changes. Or we can have a 3rd type of tasks that refreshes once u finish them like konzu bounty with may be little less of rep gain?
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