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  1. Those that complain surely are the minority, but then there's those that simply stop playing, like me. If I have to chose to either devote a couple of hours a week to a list of chores that I rarely enjoy or go play something else that doesn't dictate how I have fun, I'm choosing the route of least resistance. Grinding old content doesn't become fun simply by dangling a carrot. Before nightwave, I logged in daily and enjoyed the game how I wanted to... now I rarely log in at all. But I'm not complaining, I've had a good run with Warframe up until Nightwave. It's too soon to say if Nightwave has been a success but I'm sure DE will be tweaking the formula in response to feedback and player stats. But go checkout the the steam achievements some time. While they might not be 100% accurate, they are a significantly large data set for identifying trends. It's interesting how quickly player numbers fall off in the first 10hrs and even later on (7.8% completed TWW but only 5.1% completed The Sacrifice). My point is that those that remain are obviously pretty dedicated but are a minority themselves. Those who have stopped playing for whatever reason are the vast majority and I'm sure DE would like to turn that trend around, and constructive feedback is a good thing. Don't dismiss it.
  2. Gun & Blade is an alliance on PC seeking to unite small, casual clans (ghost <-> storm). Gain all the benefits of having a large clan but without all the hassle! Why join our alliance? We've got members throughout Europe, North & South America, SE Asia and Australia. New to the game and could benefit from a little help? We've got many long-time veterans that are happy to help your clan race through the star chart! Founded by veterans, but open to all. Like to discuss lore or analyse weapon builds and game mechanics? So do we! We're in it together: all clans are treated equally and everyone has a voice in how the Alliance is ran. Alliance events - we do run competitions from time to time, but you'll never get hassled to participate or contribute to prizes or giveaways. Alliance Discord server, fully configured to support both Alliance activities and your clan's (e.g. private clan channels) if you don't already have a something set up. We've put a lot of effort into our discord to make it a nice place to hang out (news, events, trading, build advice, etc) and has loads of resources to help reduce the grind. If any of the above sounds interesting, join us! Or if you need more information, post here or come visit the alliance discord HERE.
  3. I'm glad i got all the drops from the Exploiter Orb before this update. It was fun having different options for at least one phase of the fight. We played within the rules of the game mechanics but the real goal here was not to provide an entertaining boss fight that rewarded strategy, but to insert yet another time-sink for players to maintain/boost retention. Just like Saturn 6. I enjoyed my time in warframe reaching "end game", but bidding farewell to tedious game modes / boss fights was a big contributing factor. I did my time and avoided burnout for the most part... but i'm tired of 1%-2% drop rates for the new shiny (looking at you ephemeras). That doesn't motivate me to spend even more time in game modes i've grinded hours on end already. I'm desperate for a challenge that rewards\respects my time and skill. Warframe has become a slot machine for the most dedicated players... just keep pulling that lever, maybe something nice will drop... someday. No challenge, little satisfaction. Other than the obvious push to increase playtime and grind, i don't understand the reluctance to favoring (just a little) those that are "brave" AND skilled, instead of merely lucky or time-rich. The most fun I've had in Warframe in a long time was a 1hr MOT run with self-imposed restrictions. Achieving a truly difficult task that forced me to think outside the box and actually improve as a player has been more satisfying than any event DE has come up with in a long time. DE, you don't need menial time sinks to boost player retention, you need to challenge your players and reward them appropriately.
  4. I bullet jumped up the escalator near the cave entrance after phase one and clipped through the ceiling... well i thought i clipped through but it may have just been the 3rd person camera that got confused. And then the mission failed to progress, we all were just standing around waiting for the door leading out to open.
  5. After only 3 days of this Saturn Six, I think burnt out is a real concern. Incentivizing players to re-play old content, over and over, isn't going to make it any more enjoyable just because there's a handful of desirable rewards to unlock in 1-2 months. If i had to weigh up reward vs effort, I'd be looking at finally dusting off some other games i've been neglecting up til now.
  6. Why not within an alliance as well? It would help the smaller ghost clans (inc. solo clans) that are part of larger alliances.
  7. Can we please exit the briefings after the 1st time? Getting old real quick!
  8. The new mind control for nyx just isn't gelling for me. Instead of pumping up our minions with a tigris prime to the head (it's so silly and ppl will find ways to expolit) couldn't the target simply grow in strength and eHP over time, based on power strength? The ability would also need a massive duration boost... or just remove duration altogether... something like Saryn's spore would be real nice - cast once and with a little maintenance can be kept alive and grow in strength until everything is dead or we lose control somehow. You can do better than this.
  9. Dispositions are attached to the weapon family... it simply wasn't designed to work the way you describe.
  10. Why not make the weapon usage stats (with riven & without) public like drop tables? People then can't call foul when they invest too much into a riven for it to get nerfed. We still need separate dispositions for individual weapons and not just each family of weapons... surely that isn't too much to ask for? We shouldn't see strong prime weapons become the new meta overnight simply because of their significantly weaker base versions. And every weapon that undergoes re-balancing should have their disposition reset to neutral (like particularly every weapon to date). I'd be happy for rivens to be removed altogether. Their implementation was handled poorly and no one asked for it or the mess we have now, but there's no turning back i guess. Probably best to plough on through with more regular disposition changes so no one can ever again claim shock and disappointment in a system that was always intended to be dynamic based on nothing more than popularity, which in itself is flawed. The negatives of rivens far outweigh the positives.
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