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  1. Dahx11

    Please let this be the next open world.

    This can be a good way to introduce kitgun primaries as well. For lore reasons, it can be said that the colony has developed a nack for crafting artillery for combatting the infested or something like that
  2. Dahx11

    Console login help

    So I got one of my friends to install warframe on his Xbox One X and on initial launch, it protects to accept the privacy policy/terms and agreements to which when we press A to accept it, the game tells us "login failed, check info". We even had him create a warframe account online with the email tied to his gamer tag; still no login access. Would anybody know why this is happening? Quick responses would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Yeah the subscription would not benefit DE in any way. However, this does beg the question, what would DE do with a subscription service?
  4. How long do I have from release to do this?
  5. Dahx11

    Sentinel weapon rivens - bad move

    Don't you mean two *heks* :v In all seriousness, I understand both sides. I remember working my butt off unlocking a riven that happened to be for deth machine rifle. It had amazing stats but it just wasn't what I was looking for. About a year later, I hear that we are getting moa pets that use these weapons. Which now in this case I understand the OP's post because even if this was planned, this is just bad timing for those who want to minmax sentinal weapons for their moa pets. Point is even though it was underwhelming getting these, now was not the optimal time to ship this change. That's just my opinion tho.
  6. Wait for melee 3.0
  7. Dahx11

    Hey DE, can we get some more arbitration rewards/buyables?

    Could throw in a riven mod for good measure
  8. Dahx11

    Excalibur Umbra Scarf

    They really aren't that different
  9. Sheeeeeeeeit!!! These are brilliant! Heck i'd buy your gammacor riven even tho I already have one😂
  10. You can also get them from the secret caches found in some Sabotage missions
  11. There's always the free energy in the void
  12. Dahx11

    Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    @[DE]Rebecca For players whos pets have died in the past, will their pets be revived?
  13. Dahx11

    PAX Australia: TennoVIP Party!

    PoE releases in Australia first #Confirmed!