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  1. .......What?
  2. So I built a hybrid status/crit panthera using a riven that consisted of +Crit chance, +Crit dmg, and +Electricity. The order of elemental mods i added is as follows: Infected clip, the riven and hellfire respectively. Thus giving me a Corrosive and heat combo. These elements indeed proc in the simulacrum, however, every time I go into an actual mission, I proc gas and electricity on enemies. Don't change the build around and when i extract and look at my build, the mods are the way i left them (in the corrosive heat set up) I am convinced this is a bug; and an odd one at that. I tried to rotate the mods to radiation and toxin to see if the bug would be applied and run a mission to see if it would give me the corrosive and fire procs (of course, it doesn't). I would like to know if this can be remedied until a fix is applied.
  3. What if the slam from the reckoning caused a minor knockdown to nearby enemies who weren't affected by it. Just a suggestion c:
  4. Also I realized this is in the wrong category but I don't know how to fix, move or delete the post. Forgive me :'(
  5. It was indeed the first time.
  6. Let's say you're in a public mission, and you happen to get downed and nobody wants to revive you. Even though your squad mates are right there! What could the reason be? P.S. No I wasn't Limbo or anything. I was just a Chroma
  7. ETA on melee Rivens?
  8. We already have sentinels. I assume you mean Sentients?
  9. Such shade tho
  10. So as a player who enjoys going full melee (and maining Valkyr), it would be pretty fun to have a mod that makes enemies explode on melee kill, similar to Combustion Beam. This does not have to be an endgame mod or anything used in minmaxing. This is just something think we could all have fun with when using melee in low to mid-level content. Also maybe the possibility of it working on exaulted abilities (like Hystaria or Exaulted blade) for he fun factor. That might not happen but it would be pretty cool. I am also aware of the fact it could do self damage which I guess is probably why this mod isn't a thing, Maybe it doesn't have to make enemies explode, maybe it could be something that just makes melee a little more fun. What do you guys think? P.S. An "On channel" condition is plausible but I don't think a lot of people channel often
  11. GG
  12. TRINITY!!!!!!!!!!
  13. This may sound crazy...but does anybody have a Vectis Riven with minus zoom?
  14. Uhhhhhh you mean Sands of Inaros?
  15. Does this mean we get to keep the bloated dominion skin size for the Zenistar? :D