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  1. This is just one man's opinion. Carry on guys! Useless post.
  2. Mirage for me. She's actually my second goto frame
  3. In my opinion, the old void system was way better. It was the OG test for players who like high-level content. You could extract from a mission with a massive haul of prime loot. Who cares if you didn't get the part you wanted, sell what you don't want as junk and by the part you do need with plat! It also made the Void more exclusive and special. Now it's just a regular old tileset with no unique purpose (which lore implies it clearly does.) This new system as the OP suggests is just more grind for the same rng. What's the point? The void traces make little to know difference anyway. And having to keep track of specifically labeled relics is just unnecessary. I could go into a lot more about the flaws of the relic system but those are my real gripes about the new void system.
  4. As a Valkyr main who has not attempted eidolon hints yet, I demand to know your Valkyr build and strategy 😄
  5. So I got one of my friends to install warframe on his Xbox One X and on initial launch, it protects to accept the privacy policy/terms and agreements to which when we press A to accept it, the game tells us "login failed, check info". We even had him create a warframe account online with the email tied to his gamer tag; still no login access. Would anybody know why this is happening? Quick responses would be greatly appreciated.
  6. They really aren't that different
  7. Sheeeeeeeeit!!! These are brilliant! Heck i'd buy your gammacor riven even tho I already have one😂
  8. You can also get them from the secret caches found in some Sabotage missions
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