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  1. Mastery Rank 19 Ending the Game

    Banshee + Sarpa = easy gg
  2. {Wrath, The Shield Of Anger}

    As a Valkyr fan, I am saddend that this is just a concept and not a real thing. I really like this. Also why no shields tho? Not that it's a problem, just curious.
  3. What are your favorite bows?

    Cernos Prime. Inate multishot; great for room clearing.
  4. Zenith

    It hasn't been a year since it's release tho! o.O
  5. Rhino Prime to Chroma?

    Generally Chroma is indeed more tanky than Rhino. Rhino's ironskin falls off after a certain point while Chroma scales a lot better. So I would definitely go for Chroma.
  6. Try Higby Censorship instead of the current system

    I remember playing a game where profanity words were replaced with *bubba* lol
  7. Destructible Shield Lancers shield

    Or at the very least, the shields should have a health bar
  8. What is the prosses of cert??

    Waiting for certification by the companies of the respective consoles
  9. Wrong pic

    This is old...
  10. Wrong pic

    <response deleted>
  11. Corpus Raid

    This is all good but unfortunately, on Devstream 100 they said there are no plans for a corpus raid
  12. Valkyr. Her lore reminds me of Logan from the Marvel comics and she actually has a real reason for battling the Corpus. (Which is the faction I hate the most) I was especially excited when her Delusion tennogen skin came out.
  13. Is Atlas Bad?

    He just doesn't scale well and his abilities are lackluster
  14. What if Khora's Kavat...

    Or maybe have it affected by the mods on your companion. Just like the exalted abilities are affected by your equipped mods.
  15. Ember deluxe: the last hurrah for change

    This will most definitely not work but worth a try just for the heck of it