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  1. It was either going to be Octavia or Maestra. Kinda prefer Octavia though tbh
  2. You have had way too many energy pizzas :v
  3. Errrrmmmmmm....... what helmet is that?
  4. Looks like somebody has never heard of Damage 3.0
  5. You really don't need Nekros tho. :/
  6. Ok.
  7. The game is free. You get what you pay for. Don't like it? Don't play it.
  8. Some people just want to watch the world burn
  9. Smart decision to save them. For lack of knowledge on how they work, it's safer for you to just save them. And technically Euphona Prime is in the game right now. It's just not farmable. So in theory, you can get a riven for it now if you crack them. You just won't be able to use them until Feb 28. Good luck though!
  10. I keep getting detected during the opening pan of the test. When it actually starts, it tells me "Attempts left: 2" instead of 3
  11. I mean it essentially makes it a slightly worse boar prime. Based on what i've seen
  12. SIMULOR* Get the name right!
  13. In a recent update, we were given the option to use vanilla Warframe skins on their prime variants as well as toggling prime details on tennogen skins. Do you think it would be possible for this toggle feature to be applied to the immortal skins as well? It would only make sense. Maybe this could have happened but nobody thought about it in time but I would like to see this possible. That is all :)