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  1. I keep getting detected during the opening pan of the test. When it actually starts, it tells me "Attempts left: 2" instead of 3
  2. I mean it essentially makes it a slightly worse boar prime. Based on what i've seen
  3. SIMULOR* Get the name right!
  4. In a recent update, we were given the option to use vanilla Warframe skins on their prime variants as well as toggling prime details on tennogen skins. Do you think it would be possible for this toggle feature to be applied to the immortal skins as well? It would only make sense. Maybe this could have happened but nobody thought about it in time but I would like to see this possible. That is all :)
  5. It means you were awarded that in a previous fissure but you somehow got disconnected from that mission
  6. Well actually you're right. I guess I was wrong there for being a wee bit selfish. But he didn't have to be such a savage tho xD
  7. We spend a lot of time in Warframe farming resources, credits, mods, parts, etc. so we can build new warframes and weapons. We also spend a lot of time leveling and putting forma on those same warframes and weapons. But have you ever stopped to think, what if we could forma our lives. To just start over and change a few polarities in our life that made us the way were are now. To build a better a version of us. So that we can have a larger capacity of what obstacle we can handle. If we can handle more, we can tolerate more. And when we tolerate more, we won't have to roast that one player who just took 16 seconds longer to get to extraction. Or tell another player to "suck a " because he couldn't collect 10 reactants in time (because he loaded in 10 seconds before the turn of the rotation). Or call another player a noob for using a tonkor (when it was a sortie). And telling that same player about what his mother does (when she couldn't have possibly done those things when she is deceased). Or go off on a player for trying to capture a synthesis target during an Acolyte mission (I mean seriously! They already took care of the Acolyte! What does it matter to him if I wanna cap out my Simaris standing in the same mission. Has he ever heard of killing 2 stones with one bird!?!). But I digress. There are many things in Warframe to be toxic about than to go off on other players.(Like sapping osprays) Warframe is kinda like high school. A really fun high school! Your missions are the classes and your squadmates are your classmates. DE is the principal and Baro is the Lunch Lady.(They just won't go easy on the salt). So next time when we realize we just wanna hand it to that MR 5 who activates all the life supports at 90%(Please don't do that btw), just think... "Wow, am I really becoming the reason I left League of Legends?" because really, Warframe is not known for it's toxic community, It's known for it's helpful community (and not league of legends like community) and always active mods and devs. DE loves us! (arguably) We don't have to make this game bad for other players. Just enjoy it! No need to be toxic, my fellow tenno :) TL;DR: I got roasted for simaris target hunting. /End of post Another rant below: P.S. But for real though, don't use every sing life support you see. My goodness! It's called survival for a reason! You're supposed to be killing enemies to get the drops not spending all the capsules!
  8. At least we will still get our cinematic trailer
  9. Similar to my idea? lol Not bad tho
  10. No. They can't bring him back, even if they wanted to. Because founders can sue DE for breaking the founder agreement of Excalibur Prime being founder only and not being obtainable elsewhere. So there you have it. You will never get Excalibur Prime. Deal with it.
  11. Such disrespect :(
  12. Alright guys! Here's my entry! I had so much fun making this. I mean who doesn't love Clem? There is also an extended version that may be uploaded when the winners are chosen but even if I don't win, at least I had fun doing the 2 things I love: Making music and Playing Warframe Also if you, don't recognize these classic Lotus VOs, then you're not a real vet
  13. I keep getting a prompt that says "Cannot download thisfile" when i try to get the fankit
  14. NO. That would make hystaria completely useless and nobody would want to use it. Why would anybody want to play something that has a health drain. How do you even explain that? You are dying because you're just angry? This would put Valkyr in a worse place, and there would be no reason to use it. Leave Valkyr alone!
  15. Why on earth would you want to nerf Valkyr any more than was already? She's fine now. Just NO.