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  1. Dahx11

    Ordis Petition - [Sacrifice Spoiler]

    I liked his new voice
  2. Dahx11

    What's your biggest disappointment in Warframe ?

    Valkyr nerf...
  3. Banshee with Resonating Quake Aug?
  4. Dahx11

    Synapse/ Latron (prime) /Twin Rogga / Dual Skana

    I agree with the Synapse 100%
  5. Dahx11

    de please bring back artax rivens

    Incorrect. They removed it because some stats were intentionally fixed to be a certain way in order to fit the "beginner" level sentinal weapon class. Meaning rivens wouldn't change much of anything on the weapon. That's why they were removed.
  6. Dahx11

    Dex Weapons

    This makes no sense. The days are not by consecutive logins
  7. Dahx11

    Picta - Warframe of color

    We already have a color themed Warframe by the name of Chroma
  8. Dahx11

    HATE (In real life)

    Wow you are late..
  9. Dahx11

    Sarpa Prime

    Still a relatively new weapon, give it a couple more years
  10. Dahx11

    Quick Question.

    Are the plague exodia arcanes tradable? And if so, how much do they go for?
  11. Dahx11

    Next prime

    DE did say that there is still work planned for Chroma..
  12. Dahx11

    Next prime

    What are you talking about? All of the frames you mentioned were reworked before the prime was released
  13. Dahx11

    Next prime

    My money is on Limbo since more work is planned for Chroma
  14. Dahx11

    Staff Profiles

    If y'all don't stop, we'll have a pun Condition Overload!
  15. Dahx11

    End game reward ideas

    Can never go wrong with cosmetics however, once you collect all the possible cosmetic pieces, running which ever endgame mode would not be worth playing after that point. Endgame rewards have to be something worth pushing for at all times. That's what I think at least.