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  1. Valkyr needs QoL changes

    As a loyal Valkyr main, I can safely say this is the best post i've read on her in a long time. Really, the only thing I might disagree with is moving the life steal from hystaria. That would just give players less incentive to use the ability. Other than that, I am definitely on board with all your other suggestions.
  2. Octavia's Music Compositions

    The idea is that all songs created on the mandachord follow a global tempo and key so that when multiple Octavia's are in a squad, the songs can be combined and mixed seamlessly. If all the notes on an octave were available, then chances are, different songs from different octavia's would sound off key and terrible, ultimately making it very annoying and unenjoyable.
  3. Octavia's Music Compositions

    There is a reason why DE only selected the notes that are available.
  4. Open World idea

  5. Just wanna see the builds you guys run on the AkJagara, if you use it at all. Include the rivens if you have one; I am aware that it's not the most endgame of weapons.

    Either Zephyr or Mirage
  7. Prime is standard.

    That's kind of the point... And nobody is telling you to use the primes. You can still use the standard frames if you so desire. If you get an upgraded PC, how often will you be using your previous one? That's the point of the primes (ignoring the lore obviously) Also it shouldn't surprise you. They clearly said every frame will get a prime. If you don't like them, don't use them. Simple

    Uhmmmm.... Yes.
  9. Rhino Prime

    Trade for them
  10. Ordis commenting on MR tests? Please.

    Failure: "Don't worry operator, I always *FAIL*-... make mistakes
  11. They need to nerf trick mag! It's too OP on the Kraken!
  12. What are your favorite shots?

    Blast procs on a shotgun that send tyhem flying :D
  13. Octavia's Final Quest

    Git gud