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  1. Plains of Eidolon

    I don't why but when you said "PoE", it reminded me of another particular free to play game :v
  2. [Recruitment Closed!] Cephalon Shy

    I have a question. If I have sent the application to one of the individuals listed via private message on the forums but they have not read the application yet, will it eventually still be evaluated even after recruitment closes?
  3. So throughout the Chains of Harrow quest, you fight the Red Veil operatives. This occurred to me, why aren't they used for when the syndicates are sending death squads after you? Instead of sending units who we fight on a daily basis, send the actual operatives, it makes the syndicate visits a little more exciting and it feels like you're fighting an actual group of individuals instead of the cannon fodder we see everyday. Sometimes a syndicate invades a squad mate and you don't even notice because they look just like the other enemies. Please make this a thing. Or at least do it for Steel Meridian. The rollers are useless lol
  4. <CONCLAVE> Mag's Crush is overpowered

    But yet it's perfectly fine for a frame to throw down a Beats™ pill that kills pretty much anything that attacks it :/
  5. Warframe Classes: Less Limitations, More Possibilities

    I think we need a heavy gunner frame. As in, mesa has the peacemakers, this frame would have a huge cannon. They both could be in the gunner class :p idk
  6. New Mission idea for "End Game Content"

    I personally wouldn't mind this mission type, given there is a lack of end game content. Also there should be at least one endless and one linear mission type available at all times too (once you unlock all the nodes)
  7. some question about tennogen

    I don't know about stream but Steam should work just fine! :)
  8. Banshee Prime Access Ends Soon!

    Unfortunately, it won't...
  9. New "helmet" for Rhino

    <Inset rhino is a d***head joke here> No hate... just want to be the first lol
  10. When I started playing Warframe, first frame I bought was Oberon. Feels bad man
  11. Nope this is on PC as well and I agree. The jugg at the end was a &#036;&amp;*&amp;*#(%&amp; decision and clearly wasn't thought through. Forcing players to bring specific frames like Excal or Ivara.
  12. How to get rid of CP Leech's?

  13. So I built a hybrid status/crit panthera using a riven that consisted of +Crit chance, +Crit dmg, and +Electricity. The order of elemental mods i added is as follows: Infected clip, the riven and hellfire respectively. Thus giving me a Corrosive and heat combo. These elements indeed proc in the simulacrum, however, every time I go into an actual mission, I proc gas and electricity on enemies. Don't change the build around and when i extract and look at my build, the mods are the way i left them (in the corrosive heat set up) I am convinced this is a bug; and an odd one at that. I tried to rotate the mods to radiation and toxin to see if the bug would be applied and run a mission to see if it would give me the corrosive and fire procs (of course, it doesn't). I would like to know if this can be remedied until a fix is applied.
  14. What if the slam from the reckoning caused a minor knockdown to nearby enemies who weren't affected by it. Just a suggestion c:
  15. Also I realized this is in the wrong category but I don't know how to fix, move or delete the post. Forgive me :'(