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  1. I always asked for this. And farming duplicate mods isn't a problem for me
  2. 100 Forma Braton Prime

    But why tho?
  3. Warframe Chat: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    IMO region chat is far more toxic than recruiting tab. A lot of players' bias get in the way of what the real answer to your question is. And a lot of players in it just like to troll instead of give real answers. At least in recruit chat, if you're persistent enough you can get the squad you're looking for. P.S. I'm with you in the trade chat part tho
  4. Was ivara nerfed ?

    It was fixed..
  5. How much is my Sybaris Riven worth?

    A hefty amount of metal bread, that's for sure!
  6. Warframe show idea

    Good concept but the show would be filled with bugs and lack of plot.. Also 90% of the episodes would be filler (centered around grinding of course :v )
  7. What weapons would you like to see in game!?

    And full black leather suit cosmetic :D
  8. how pass alone double lock door?

    My guess would be maybe because he was using Ash, he could have teleported to an enemy clipping through the door. Other than that, there's no way to bypass the friendship door when not in solo.
  9. Rifle Riven Problem

    This is because there are already shotgun riven mods (shotguns also use different mods than rifles). And those require you to equip them on the shotguns. Bows use the same mods as rifles so that is my guess as to why they are under the same category as rifles.
  10. Baza

    Perhaps I was unclear. I never meant that the weapon itself was useless. I meant that it's gimmick of it being silent is pointless because you very rarely get true stealth kills with it because it normally takes more than one shot to kill an enemy. After the first shot, the enemy becomes alerted and you can't get the stealth benefits from it. Don't get me wrong, the weapon is strong. I just think marketing it as a silent weapon is pointless. We don't. However, the Baza isn't the first "stealth" weapon we received in Warframe. (As you have made quite clear). "Make easy prey of enemies with this quiet, agile and pinpoint accurate tenno submachine gun" is the codex entry and marketing tagline for this weapon. So you would think that it being silent would be of significance. Bows and throwing knives are silent, yes, but that's not a feature that was made as a selling point for those weapons. The Baza, however, has it in it's codex entry. So there was some purpose (or intended purpose) for this feature. Otherwise it would just be a primary that just happens to be silent. And nobody would have a problem with that.
  11. Baza

    Its gimmick is kinda useless tho :/
  12. DE, This is a problem about the sorties...

    You won't make 10 plat with that attitude ;)
  13. G3 allowing you to "abort mission"

    You would have still gotten the items :v
  14. Next prime?

    Assuming Zephyr gets reworked in time, she is next in line. Otherwise it has to be Mesa