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  1. You Killed Ember

    Sorry to say buddy, but you're not the only person whose frame got reworked against your taste. There was a valid reason for it and that ember was indeed taking the fun away from new players in low level missions. Just do what the rest of us did and adapt or play another frame
  2. Exalted abilities do work with rivens, just not all modifiers.
  3. Who said she was "Cat themed"?
  4. What's your opinion on this riven?

    I'd keep
  5. Warframe abilities getting kind of old

    What frames are you currently running with?
  6. You know, for when you play Warframe on a toaster like mine and bounties feel more like a chore than playing a game lol
  7. The TOP of the worst ideas for Warframe

    -Having to craft relics (requires argon)
  8. Add Weapon Craftimg

    Wait for Venus open world
  9. Nidus augment idea

    I am intrigued by this idea however, I'm concerned about it's synergy with Nidus' 2. I think it would look awkward walking up to the Larva and hugging it to get stacks. That's just me though. Love the idea otherwise!
  10. Valkyr Prime: Corrosive Projection or Steel Charge?

    For higher levels, CP is definitely more beneficial, unless you're going to rely on other methods of armour stripping
  11. Quick Question.

    Are any of the rewards from the Plague Star event tradable? (This may have been asked before so if this is a repeated topic, I apologize)
  12. Excalibur augment idea: Exalted Glaive

    Well until I see DE make a second augment for any ability in the game, I don't see this happening. Sorry..