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  1. Dahx11

    Excalibur Umbra Scarf

    They really aren't that different
  2. Dahx11

    Please, DE, when Equinox Prime comes.....

    Inb4 Day form Prime and Night form Prime have 2 separate release dates
  3. Dahx11

    Next vault/prime.

    I doubt it
  4. Dahx11

    Survival missions make little sense to me.

    Well according to Lotus, we have an operative running around looting for us while we distract the grineer. Assuming the resources are valuable to them so I don't think they'd want to destroy the ship. Remember we get relics from these missions which apparently contain Vintage Warframe Parts and Weapon Parts (which is what the Grinner are constantly after if I remember correctly)
  5. Dahx11

    Warface and Warframe...

    So is Warframe..
  6. Dahx11

    Azima riven

    I'd say around 125 - 150p max
  7. Dahx11

    What's wrong with player toxicity lately?

    This makes sense. Warframe has been getting a lot of coverage lately online so more people are joining and as a game gets popular, the more likely the player base will become rotten.
  8. Dahx11

    What's wrong with player toxicity lately?

    I was once roasted for using the Tonkor in a sortie and then started making mom jokes. Toxic players exist and it doesn't seem to be declining any time soon.
  9. Dahx11

    Artax Rivens, why get rid of them?

  10. Dahx11

    Artax Rivens, why get rid of them?

    They were removed because the intention for the Artax and Taxon was to be beginner gear. If I remember correctly, some stats on the artax were fixed and rivens wouldn't change them, so DE did not see the sense in having rivens for a weapon with fixed stats.
  11. Dahx11

    So I'm pretty triggered. . .

    But... but... we already had a 5 year ani-
  12. Dahx11

    Opposite Gender Skins

    Not this again..
  13. Sheeeeeeeeit!!! These are brilliant! Heck i'd buy your gammacor riven even tho I already have one😂
  14. You can also get them from the secret caches found in some Sabotage missions
  15. There's always the free energy in the void