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  1. Except on the financial report that is being referenced, it very specifically names DE as the source of those profits. IIRC they were only just acquiring those other studios. They've most certainly been extremely profitable, especially given the growth over the last 3 years.
  2. -AS-Delimit


    Is this one of those google translate games?
  3. Well, it would still be 5 years. It should roll over to 6 in November according to your email, it apparently only does whole numbers.
  4. Right, but you said that only you could see the join date. I can easily see your "join date", but I cannot see your account creation date, since it's not listed anywhere. Nobody, including you, can see your account creation date without digging around for old emails. It's in account management. You don't even get a date there, just total years:
  5. Right, which is the only thing labeled "join date". You can't actually see a date other than the "join date" listed, that yes, anyone can see. "Member for" is just time in years, no dates.
  6. You can see join dates on the forum profiles.
  7. I suspect it will come down to the numbers they run and if they've gotten series 2 ready. It would be pretty easy to check if there are a bunch of people that are on the cusp of finishing with a quick script, in which case they may push it a bit farther. Similarly, if they are a bit behind on series 2 stuff that would also give them breathing room. Personally, I'm hoping for atleast another week.
  8. 9k for Master, but yeah...very little difference. We all end up at the same place anyway.
  9. You should create an imgur album, I'd be interested to see these "hundreds" of cases that you've heard about. I will say, that's a pretty short time span to be A) knowing that many people playing. B) hearing from "hundreds".
  10. Would you have these "hundreds" of complaints documented somewhere? Honestly, it's just easier overall with Trinity. Throw down some energy pads occasionally, use lots of 4's.
  11. I would wager that the vast majority of them are even less than that. I don't claim to know how many ponied up for the Grandmaster package, but it wasn't nearly as many as the rest of the tiers.
  12. We've wandered quite a bit off topic, but Vazarin has a node that increases operator health by 150% that helps quite a bit. And yes, you can unlock way-bound nodes after you max them and use them in any tree. (1 million focus + Eidolon shard) With some focus investment, your operator is walking around with over 1100 health, and won't be the constant chain of death for your operator that you describe.
  13. Shwaak/Shrak/Lohrin - decent all around amp that works great if you're just getting into farming Eidolons. Can pop Voms with ease, and still alt-fire shields. It doesn't require high standings. As he said, even a tier 1 set will be an upgrade over the dumpster that is the mote amp. A little bit of focus farming and you're operator will stop flopping harder than an NBA player, and actually take some hits.
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