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  1. IGN: -Delimit- Mastery Rank: 27 Country: USA (EST) Current/previous clan: Just a solo clan, not currently in one. Started: Off and on since 2013. Discord ID: Delimit#3964 (set to invisible 95% of the time) Looking forward to Railjack!
  2. I had forgotten all about some prints/stasis pets I had laying around. Can I get an idea on these? (Smeeta)
  3. Perfectly justified. It reads as such, and is already confirmed to be true. πŸ‘Œ
  4. Yet, only one of us is confused as to what actually happened. Seems superior to me.
  5. We could ask you the same thing. They "simply" added another method of squiring toroids. It isn't complicated. Why are you trying to dissect this?
  6. So, like it says. An added chance to acquire them, not a replacement.
  7. I read that as an additional drop method, not a replacement. Dropping on both is fine.
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