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  1. Don't know if this a bug or a feature

    It could've been hit with radiation which caused it to attack you, although i've seen cases where the specter starts killing its own teammates for no reason without being affected by a rad proc. Better equip yourself well if you're popping a specter i suppose lol
  2. no just stop, you know this was supposed to be implemented long ago, and it doesn't matter if you aim you'll still end up stuck in some random wall lip or travel further away from where you actually wanted to go with this maxed setting but when you try to return to it you realize you just either suddenly ran out of energy or just already fell off of the dam,n thing you tried to dash on
  3. I hate the new eye shading, the supposed eye lashes that now shadow over it make it too dark, this was completely unnecessary they could've made some more operator outfits instead and like you said some colors are now impossible to get on operators eyes
  4. I upgraded my Mind Sprint from Naramon Skill tree to the max, now it goes way too far and it gets so disorienting, i'd like to go down a bit with the dash speed yet i'm permamently locked out of it how is this still not a thing, are we supposed to be punished for this? inb4 hahueh tough luck there buddy-o-pal dont hurry next time with the upgrades

    it's. not. enough.
  6. Akbolto Prime is "Belloshoomo"?

    isn't he just a dax soldier? and judging from how they used to write words I think it's safe to assume they had a much different pronunciation lol correct me if im wrong tho not much of a lore nerd
  7. Akbolto Prime is "Belloshoomo"?

    Man i'd like to hear to an actual survived orokin speaking in this game one day lol
  8. Just how come the Exaltation one didn't make it? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=951099563
  9. ya, i'm sure neither you or I am the first but this post just serves as a reminder to DE this still exists it has been a while it's bugging me and other people that use deployables in poe and also because I haven't seen any posts depicting this lately either I get it you got a lot of upvotes on plebbit great job it's ok to show off a bit from time to time lol
  10. You can see my Guardian Eximus shield osprey at lvl 11 and one of the Tusk Firbolgs at lvl 36
  11. TennoGen for Operators

    exactly what i think about everytime i bring out my little smug looking mistress out of the warframe
  12. Go for the multishot one, if you have dual stat mods on your astilla you could probably switch out 1 for normal +90% mod for more damage and Hell's chamber for it, because it should reach 100% status anyway with that much multishot and status chance
  13. secret sniper rifle?

    It's just a vulkar glitched out on top of a grakata :v
  14. Grineer Mask

    It doesnt even look that great, you're not mising out on much
  15. DE for the love of god

    Even better - an option to not have any AI teammates at all, go full rambo