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  1. most likely not a bug, they just didn't bother making seperate animations for melees on wisp
  2. With so many updates to the game, you'd think something as basic as this would've been done and over with a long time ago.
  3. Just imagine if the Shedu could've shape-shifted its form into either of the other 4 designs and thus acting as an entirely different weapon each time, instead of this arm cannon of utter disappointment that I personally feel absolute zero incentive to go and look for.
  4. bring back melee air dashing, it used to be very useful for mobility like what the hell happened it fell off the face from the earth and no one bats an eye
  5. Why the hell was the melee air thrust while pressing E mid-air removed? I noticed this was exclusive to melees like the two handed nikana Tatsu but now you applied this to all melees? Taking a Telos Boltace with you on missions is basically mandatory if you want that same mobility back now, I feel like a cripple without it. https://streamable.com/0ywdq
  6. if only we had 2 handed scythes, idk what was DE thinking with those discount back scratchers
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