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  1. Expand TennoGen

    It's not like DE doesn't review player creations before accepting them in
  2. Spotted possible April Fools.

    Whats the joke im on mobile
  3. Syndicate based operator suit (suggestion)

    oh i would kill for a hexis operator suit, but like most of the syndicate stuff it starts to feel less and less special as time passes on cause more people get access to it, this would be my only problem with it lol you got my upvote anyway tho
  4. Creating our own Glyphs when?

    I have a folder with almost 2500 jpeg reaction images webms etc. and it's barely taking up to 2 gigs, I mean surely for a gaming industry that does events with cash prizes of 10 grand for first place(Tenno's greatest trailer) this should be nothing lol they're not running on potatoes for servers
  5. Im sure many others and I would want to stand out from the rest, we're not all fanboys to that one particular streamer and it is kinda unfair how only they get to do this. It's all practically small jpegs, how much space could they possibly take up? I would love the idea to have one of those basic warframe profile glyphs but instead it would be my own customized frame and background in place of it, you could make the price around 50 plat each time you change and the available options for about the same price so it's still profitable for your company, the old glyphs and streamer/ytber ones could still be obtained if one wishes to use these instead.
  6. Corrupt A Wish

    his last video was released on 2015 and it still says he's active to this day on Wiki granted, but if you rub it the wrong way a magic chimera comes out instead and eats your face off I wish I knew WHO TOUCCHED MA SPAGET
  7. Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but Skee-Lo quits music industry forever I wish Operators actually talked in quests
  8. you went too far with boltor prime sounds

    exactly, they all sound like this lol we need an option to revert them back
  9. Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but to weapon tennogen skins only I wish Maroo was our new space mom
  10. The Sergeant's Rework (?)

    Just give it time and enjoy the easy non-time-consuming boss fights with Sarge till you still can because he does appear on sorties
  11. Vauban Deluxe Concept

    Power armor deluxe :ok_hand:
  12. Mouse Sensitivity alters when entering Archwings

    ya i got it disregard this post
  13. In every scenario be it on the Plains Uranus sharkwing or good old Archwing specialized missions and no this is not me playing with a 3rd party software in the background, 0 and 0 on both Look and Aim sensitivity settings should be turtle speed but instead it jumps around to what I assume the default sensitivity setting, this can be reproduced easily by entering any archwing mode
  14. Mirage Prime theme

    Anyone knows if there's a full version of Mirage's Prime launch screen theme? sounds glorious