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  1. Lucky you, mine's still bugged
  2. whats with the purple font lol
  3. Chat isn't loading for me at all, can't see what I type in can't communicate with my clan members or friends even through whispers, just locked away from communication atm lol and no my internet is fine as I can connect to random squads and play with them just fine
  4. When was it fun even lol.
  5. Nah best to keep it as it is, just be glad DE had the decency to even give you a forma and a booster at all after a nerf coming from them its quite uncommon lol
  6. I feel ya, theres always that one toxic short tempered no-life fat virgin that yells at you if you do something wrong lol, one of the reasons why I stopped doing LoR runs for a while best thing to do would just be /ignoring the c&nt and finding an active clan instead of running pubs which I pressume you do
  7. ya its all fun and games until it really gets to ya, and you start dying every 5-10 minutes you must be new here lol
  8. Alright so I guess good ole Amprex or Atomos will do the work in sorties just fine now huh why the hell should we be able to kill ourselves with our weapons in a PvE game?
  9. lol, I stopped using Tonkor since MR10 bud just implying that this weapon was hella useful even to new players for higher tier missions but now they're kinda scr3wed
  10. Although i only stick to shotguns and sometimes rifles nowadays but having something like a tonkor by your side, to clear out a room fast and effectively when you felt lazy asf was always nice, but not anymore
  11. just think about how fast you could finish an extermination sortie with a tonkor or simulor, instead of your tiny red dildo and perhaps loki spazzing around lol you'll have to take care of every single enemy in the room 1 by 1 from now on
  12. Most of the community is excited about the upcoming changes, but we'll see just how well and quick they do without these weapons in high lvl sorties, even after the buff to some of the non aoe weps for example glaxion or attica they'll still barely scratch a lvl 70 bombard, im looking forward to this lol
  13. it would be kinda stupid not to lol