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  1. Ooo, this game looks intriguing, it better not turn out something like Destiny
  2. I like where this is going, now all we need is to come up with some fancy unique name for him
  3. Honestly if they fill this game with DLC's and micro-transactions again just like they did with the last one it's not gonna survive long, and i've heard they got a confirmed DLC expansion pack date already lol
  4. I remember back when this game first launched it was a rated T but then got changed into M, guess they left it behind, honestly even little children know how to swear these days I really don't see any point in keeping that profanity filter in-game tbh lol
  5. may I ask how were you guys buying tennogen stuff before then? lol
  6. I suggest we add more holster animations from the back of the warframe for Sword & Shield weapons, like in these pics. The current ones we have that draw from the warframes left hand just look so re.tarded and unpractical, on some of my warframes my primary clips right through the shield too
  7. Exactly im not a pleb like you lol
  8. this gave me ze giggles
  9. Wow, and they complain about getting their updates delayed and etc. lol
  10. Honestly we shouldn't allow limbo nerds to lock us from using our weapons while in the rift, sorry but i'd like to actually do something not just sit around there like a total moron. inb4 warning point and post edited
  11. Honestly I dont mind all that much getting a few rivens in a row or a couple thousand endo I dont see whats the big deal here, you can retry for a another reward again tommorow
  12. I know they kinda confirmed this but it's already been a while, Wraith/Vandal Weapons need to be color customizable.
  13. I always liked the visual looks of Nami Solo tbqh, not only that but it has the highest crit chance and status I believe