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  1. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.3

    'we want to reduce the grind'
  2. Archwing Launcher

    I find it weird that we can use the archwing as many times as we want on special archwing missions, but apparently here on the plains you gotta craft and then deploy it manually by consuming an archwing charge for some reason. Perhaps the orokin shield generators on the end of the plains we see are blocking ordis to drop us our archwing that could be a solid lore explanation tbh lol But it's already set like this and will most likely stay this way i'm already getting used to it too, plus it gets me into fishing which also gives some very valuable components aside from fish oil
  3. Warframe Update 22: Plains of Eidolon

    glad I made that post about Kuva as a sortie reward a month ago or so lol thank youu
  4. Can anyone help me out with Loki prime?

    Heard some rumors that he might get unvaulted around christmas just like last year with ember and frost, might wanna hold on to that plat
  5. 966 Mandachord requests fulfilled (open)

    Wow and not a single Nirvana track? damn lol pretty good stuff anyways, thanks!
  6. Best way to farm oxium is just farming it passively with a booster imo, but if you really need it there's a good spot on Phobos - Stickney bring a nekros or even a hydroid with Pilfering Swarm and you should get a decent amount of it there
  7. Have Lotus tell us to take a break

    I'd be fine with it as long as there is an option to turn it off in the settings, something like this might actually make me take a rest or maybe even a quick nap lol
  8. Make a Riven Trade Chat Channel

    Best idea i've heard all month, since rivens came out it has been increasingly hard to sell and or buy stuff anything that's not a riven lol
  9. Custom emote for syndicates

    I second this
  10. Broken (or OP) frames or weapons in PoE

    slideshow 0.5 fps on the first day of launch

    lets hope it doesn't come to that with all the whining lol

    Most vets obviously just want to speedrun through all of it, you should be thanking them they're doing you a favor by releasing some of that grind burden off of your hands you have yet to realise. If you want to do things at a slower pace, perhaps it is you who needs to set it to solo/invite only mode ^^
  13. Here's my survival build for banshee I use mostly for level 30-50 missions, shield and health with -bleeding reduction for those slash/toxin procs, natural talent to cast Sonar & Silence quickly, works great either on solo or public gameplay aslong as you don't stand around waiting to get shot at. Banshee is no tank (obviously) so don't expect her take too many hits and survive on sortie levels lol this build I believe is as tanky as one Banshee can get. Also Arcane's like Guardian and Barrier and Grace can do wonders to your survivability. As far for Vectis I use a combo of Crit and Rad/Toxin procs (The Riven has Heat + Status Chance on it) it's basically an upgraded Thermite Rounds, you can try a Corrosive combination with blast or cold but I just prefer this instead
  14. these are the same people who level up to like mr 2-7 max and just leave the game forever afterwards lol
  15. POE

    lmao gold