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  1. WTB Prisma Grakata

    for 80p
  2. So, About Tigris Prime...

    Tigris is one of very few ranged (if not the only) weapons that can handle enemy scalling, don't cry in the forums when you nor your buddies can't pass hard level content after it gets nerfed
  3. Kuva as a Sortie Reward

    The 5k-10k kuva was just a suggestion, its up to them how much they want it to be, should they implement this at all
  4. Kuva as a Sortie Reward

    well, they didn't say no but haven't heard a solid yes either
  5. Kuva as a Sortie Reward

    well after like 10 rolls or so on a Riven, it gets expensive, like 3,5k kuva a roll and i've seen quite a bunch of people taking it as far as 100 rolls already and it doesn't exactly have to be a common drop somewhere in the middle for eg. idk it's really up to DE if they actually take this idea for granted
  6. Kuva as a Sortie Reward

    The reward could be 5k-10k mby, something to spice up the common drops besides your regular pineapple statue with 4k endo lemme know whether you think this should be a thing, or am I a complete moron for thinking this because this might potentially kill kuva siphon missions or w/e
  7. Mastery Rank Tests 23 Is Annoying

    If you wish to reach higher leagues, you should prove yourself not completely buy your way through, this is what makes warframe unique imo save that money for warframe slots or something lol
  8. Also upon completing Corpus Ciphers(dunno why it doesn't work for Grineer) if you have a mouse with forward and back buttons, you can quickly skip the cipher animation by hitting the back button and go out of it after you either completed it or used a Cipher Backspace should work too, haven't tried it tho
  9. I feel ya, wish you could filter out Limbo players when going pub like with the chat nowadays lol ofc filtering warframes out like this is kind of a bad idea, but im just saying limbo shouldn't have the power to control how others play
  10. The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Thought i'd bump in...
  11. Endgame questions (level 100+ enemies)

    Yes, most warframe's dps starts falling around that level, the only thing you can quite rely on is your high status guns/melee's if you're going for that high endgame content, i'd suggest getting a good high status melee and start leveling your Naramon focus school for eg. no, that'll make you an even easier target for procs and hits from enemies, just max those mods out if you haven't already. I wouldn't really pick saryn as an endgame frame, but if you are going for a melee build with saryn then duration and efficiency would be mandatory.
  12. MR Lock on Planets

    Yes, this needs to be a thing. I believe new players should experience lower tier planets first and then gradually climb their way to the top instead of having higher tier stuff spoiled to them in the very few hours of their gameplay. This only makes the game stale faster and plus us more experienced wouldn't have to deal with them dying at every butcher/moa that sneezes on him on high level missions.
  13. TIL: Oberon can Dab.

    Ew, i stepped into something normie memes
  14. Where`s the War in Warframe?

    This does sound great and all, but fps might be a problem, could our rigs even handle this much? link related lol
  15. Anyone knows what this could possible be?

    It could be, I wasn't active at the time so I wouldn't know lol Edit: ya does seem like it, if you go to the codex click training then dark sector you can see how it looked like before it got wrecked like the pictures above