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  1. It's a viable alternative that sticks to the core of the thread and does more than simply argue against. While I may not think it would do that much because there's only one mod in that slot that carries a huge cost at an odd polarity, it would still enable an extra 4 or so capacity for many builds without making too much trouble for the regular slots themselves. I did read your posts. Your other statements were all rather closing avenues, yes, but this one was accepting of the suggestion while also suggesting an alternative that would be more likely, which is the spirit of debate. Have a
  2. Yeah, which is why I suggested even the initial proposed cost for such a thing was 4 forma to represent each polarity a regular forma would do. Something with that kind of benefit also needs to balance the monetization structure already in place, but even a high cost would be worth it for the extra freedom in modding. Your idea is nice too! And this is already a thing, but Prime mods aren't even the worst offender for capacity cost in the frames themselves, that's the corrupted mods. Their whole thing is to have upsides and downsides and present a clear choice to players, but require f
  3. So, to expand on the title - I think forma has lost what it once was meant to do. Polarization of a slot was meant to increase capacity by lowering cost in that slot and allowing greater 'diversity.' Over the years, however, the number of mods has increased and, more notably, many of them have greatly increased in capacity cost, especially when the Umbra and Prime mods are taken into account. Now, instead of polarizing slots increasing build diversity, it's gotten to the point where polarizing slots is necessary for certain builds and certain builds only, while changing either requir
  4. There are a lot of things that need to be fixed/adjusted in the latest hotfixes, I agree. We've seen many of them and many more will continue to be brought up. The unvault situation is a new one because it's SO EASY. I for one am not upset about Loki in particular, just that the Mirage/Banshee unvault lasted four months while other frames have been locked away longer. They're digital items. Putting them back into circulation is one of the easiest things they could do while working from home. Shorten the time unvaults are around and cycle through more, or unvault more at a time i
  5. I'm adding my voice to this, in the hopes that the more people respond the more likely they are to actually listen (or at least are forced to address it). There was no reason for the Mirage/Banshee unvault to last over four months. Either start unvaulting more frames at a time, or shorten the period they're unvaulted so that more are cycled through per year. I mean just come on, you've got over half of the primed frames vaulted already. Why you're not going by date last seen is completely NONSENSICAL. I was hoping for the Commodore Prime suit to make its comeback, yeah, but Zephyr ha
  6. The Wolf Mask is a blueprint that needs to be built, so check your foundry under the Appearance tab. Hope that helps.
  7. Except most of their points have been echoed by a lot of players. Most of the last few updates have been the drastic efforts to bail water and not the epic building of the ship we love, and almost none of them have been well received. Orphix Venom was almost universally lambasted except for the hardest of hardcore white knights and those unemployed that could spend the literal hours required to gain anything. Deimos was buggy as all hell and basically another empty open world, except this time with no real reason to visit the 'town' associated with it. Kuva Lich wasn't and still isn't wha
  8. We all knew the quest would be short, but even without the 12 hour time-gates of building warframe parts some of the earlier 'quests' had, this was abysmally short. It was two missions. One spy, and another random volatile. Two missions, with some taxi between and a random section cut in just so we could have a song sang at us as we fought a battle we literally couldn't lose. Vala is a random character that we're introduced to in the briefest of passing, seemingly fueled by revenge, and we're supposed to care about her when our tenno haven't been explored since The Sacrifice, and even tha
  9. Good point. I want to write more, so let's write more! * Alarms were blaring, the littlest Queen was screeching over the intercom, but none of that mattered. Grineer had little in the way of 'survival instincts' - it had been engineered out of them centuries ago - but there were always a few, those careful enough to listen to the whisper of their hindbrain but not fully conscious enough to transition to Kavor or Steel Meridian. One Lancer felt that long-depreciated part of his brain screaming at him as he watched another squadmate fall. It was standing perfectly still, unbo
  10. Hmm, love the narrative there! Thought of another suitably bad one. Time to make it more consistent prose-wise. * The Corpus ship was largely silent but for the usual routines of wage-slaves at work. It wasn't a good living, but it was better than many received, and results had been good that quarter. The captain was pleased, which meant the crew was pleased. It was bad enough being near enough to any planet Alad V had his eyes on, but they had no reason to assume anything out of the ordinary would happen on this transport run, so as long as the goods were transferred safely, the cra
  11. For the worst one...well, I think there are a few yes. As @-CdG-Zilchy mentioned, being slowly bled out as a health source for a pain-vampire is bad, but I think the worst one would be a Corpus unit facing Valkyr. Just imagining the rage simmering inside and seeing a foe wearing the coveralls of so many of the grunts that walked by as she was vivisected...finally being allowed to express that rage... They'd just be walking by, maybe responding to an alarm, and all of a sudden as they get close they hear nothing but screams and the swish of blood splattering surfaces. They get to the room,
  12. The cinematic trailer really makes Mag's crush horrifying in HD. Just being lifted up and crushed into a little ball with no regard for what happens to the innards in relation - ouch! Still, you already mentioned a fair few of the horrible ways enemies have to die against warframes. What a surprisingly light way to refer to the mass biological war-crimes that is Saryn's terrifying existence. I for one wouldn't want to be infected and dissolved by a monster of viral horror shaped in the facsimile of a once-shapely woman, but that's just me.
  13. It's frustrating as hell. I finally decided to get into Deimos a good deal after it came out, but not so late that I was unprepared for Orphix Venom, and my biggest gripe was that mechs were given SO many mod slots, but hardly any mods to put in them...including the aforementioned Vacuum/Minimap mods. Then OV comes along and what do we get? The utility mods they've been missing all that time beforehand. I couldn't stand the mode but you can bet I played it enough to get those. Glad I did, because they disappeared after the event. Make the problem, sell the solution. Remember whe
  14. Yeah, it's funny that they're still so adamant against Universal Vacuum and Enemy Radar when that's all most of us use our companions for. Yeah some of them can be decent damage-dealers if you want to put in the work to get the one or two scenarios that can do it, but for the most part they're largely passive annoyances we have to revive on the regular because they die if they're looked at funny. The only mods I have on my companions are survivability and utility mods. No attack mods, but that doesn't matter because any enemy AoE takes them out in only a few hits anyway. Steel Path? Might as w
  15. That you've reverted to no hotfixes until the next update is baffling considering the state of the release. Things are barely stable and you're going to send this out for the console players with the next content update? When Call of Tempestarii drops and people realize it's another 20-30 min warframe-acquisition quest and not anything that will actually matter to the story of our operators in-universe, players are going to drop all the sooner because the actual update beforehand is still a mess. I'm just really disappointed because you'd think you'd still have some teams working on
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