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  1. Mega(zord) Cernos: to build, it requires one of every type of Cernos and a forma, and it takes up every weapon slot because it can be used as a primary, secondary, and melee :P
  2. Funny thing is, there used to be a time when it felt like every hotfix had a dedicated conclave section. You've been here far longer than me, but when I joined in 2016 it felt like they were trying so damn hard to get people to do conclave that they had an entire team devoted to just conclave fixes. Obviously that went nowhere and it's been pushed to the sidelines like many other failed experiments, but there was a time when they honestly tried to push it down the players' throats. I think it came to a head one year when they tied restricted rewards in a holiday season to conclave matches. It'
  3. Adding my voice to ask for better rewards vs time spent. The currency gain in the event as is is horrible. I don't care if we have a month. The amount of hours required for certain sets is disgusting.
  4. So nothing about the pitiful cell gain per time spent in this event? It really feels bad.
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