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  1. The only person who should be allowed to make riven changes is Pablo, because clearly he's the only one who plays the game you're making. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed, because some of the things you do are so awesome and some are just so out of touch it makes us all wonder what you're smoking (and I'm from Canada, so I have a good idea...). If or when the melee changes are finalized and they get started on riven nerfs there, oh Lord the salt will flow.
  2. Has there been any word about the standing glitches in Nightwave? I leveled up from 3 to 4 a few days ago and it didn't actually give me my level. The standing shows it went from the right amount for the next level, but the level itself and the reward didn't happen. @[DE]Megan Should I make a support ticket about that, or will it matter in the long run?
  3. You're welcome! Too bad the drop didn't work, but oh well. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  4. Yeah, because so many people complained about that. What's the point of amps if they can't be affected by anything? What's the point of Helios if it can't scan everything? There were some good changes in this hotfix, but a couple of really bad ones, and everyone's only psyching out about the possibly leaked arcwing weapon (and Helios, which is good)
  5. I know this isn't the most important topic ever, but I really want to ask if we're ever going to be able to do something about Mesa Prime's chaps. I understand you're working on meshing the tennogen skins properly with her new appearance, but some of us find her chaps very distracting in combat/movement. I love the rest of her look so I don't want to just go back to the regular Mesa skin, but would it be possible to have her chaps be an auxiliary like Nekros' mortos binds? Thanks for your time!
  6. "Staticor charge shot now deals self-damage" Oh yay, couldn't have asked for anything better! /s
  7. Oh, I agree completely. Riven prices are absurd and I've never paid more than 100 plat for one, but they used popularity to determine stats when the very fact that the weapons had good dispositions was going to influence usage. It's a classic Catch-22. Those that enjoy min-maxing are going to suffer from unwarranted changes regardless of whether they're following the 'meta' or not, and if we as a culture have learned anything from high school, it's that nothing should ever be determined by popularity.
  8. I think the fact that they nerfed the disposition of the freaking LATO even a little bit shows how out of touch this riven disposition change was. I'm sorry, but these changes were bad and they should feel bad. They shouldn't have introduced rivens into the game with the damage system as it was anyway, and now it's really suffering for it.
  9. Ah. Kinda sucks for those of us that work on the weekend, but I get you. We'll have plenty of time afterwards to explore.
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