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  1. Rough ETA on Railjack? Kingpin system? Daily mission builder? Will we see a change to the functionally of dojos when railjack is released?
  2. Is there a timeframe for Fortuna? Will it be roughly the same time as the Plains of Eidolon last year? Will Melee 3.0 becoming before or after Fortuna? How big is the Venus Landscape going to be? (in dimensions)
  3. this is really pissing me off.... Change the "Completing" to Completed the grammar is wrong....
  4. What will happen to the Mods like Blood Rush and other combo related mods?
  5. is there any timeframe that we could expect the drop to be given to us?
  6. With all the dojo Remasters lately is there any chance we'll get a new purpose for the dojo, rather then just clan research and building Giant Robots? Also is there any chance in the future to get an alliance dojo that could have new research and purposes? (Maybe even bigger robots)
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