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  1. Why tactical alert frequency only 2 per yer in last two years? WE need MORE.
  2. Ordnance velocity and turret velocity are so much hard to get. Not the drop chance,but all Outriders are so much rare in mission.(this problem also happen with void hole when railjack launch in 2019) Outriders generate ONLY 2-4 per mission usually,and in higher level mission that almost turn to elite. (27.2 The way the levels were set up on the various Grineer Fighters, some of the nodes had level ranges that were too high for all the varieties to appear (The Elite varieties on Earth never spawned for example). So we re-adjusted the level ranges for the
  3. This bug usually happen when change turret or back to dojo in mission (rare). Leave and back to dojo can fix. Start mission will know bug happen or not. in mission
  4. Focus point is no function after all focus tree are maxed. Anyway spend this point future?
  5. @[DE]Rebecca But we can't get second railjack with different polarity.Right?
  6. So all mods effect by host's reactor? Cause effect personal reactor is funny.
  7. @[DE]Rebecca 1. What's change for reactor? No flux anymore and avionic changed. 2.Forge change?(Can craft for party member?But don't know what's partner have.UI change?)
  8. Is any new stories plan for Stalker? It's long time since The Second Dream.
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