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  1. oh of course, I know there is a reason behind that decision, I was mainly making that post to get my "feedback" out there haha, if anything I'll just grind some D2 or BL3 during that downtime ^^
  2. I know this might be a pretty mundane or nitpicky request, and you're probably right for thinking that. But I feel like that one week pause that will happen between the Emissary Nightwave and the intermission is a bit of a questionable move in my opinion... Nightwaves have become such a core part of the game in my view that having it gone, even if it's only for a short week, doesn't really feels right to me, I feel like it would be better if DE could either extend the Emissary Nightwave for one more week so the transition between both of them are almost instant, or ship the intermission on the 14th instead of shipping it on the 20th in order to reduce the downtime to a minimum, I just think it could be a better way of rolling out these instead of creating that "Artificial" downtime between the two But this is just my personal view... I'll understand if it never happens but grinding this system is such a fun thing to do for me that having it gone for a week will feel like Warframe is missing something haha ^^'
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