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  1. i was doing arbitration mission and was playing with a friend, he had been killed and i was trying to get the tokens to revive him and as i was doing that the 2 rando's with us decided to leave the mission. i was fighting allot of enemies and jumping in and out of tenno form to regain health..... then all of a sudden i couldn't do ANY of the thing stated in the title, my guy could only casually run from a hoard of grineer and i could do NOTHING to fight back. i was like that for 2 minutes till i died via not being able to do ANYTHING. and failed the DAMN mission. i had been there for a while and i am so god damn angry right now.
  2. I was moding my secondary Zakti Prime when i was looking at Status Duration and only had two mods to choose from Perpetual Agony & Augur Seeker. Both of these mods give you +30% Status Duration but Perpetual Agony costs 11 & Augur Seeker costs 7 and gives you a set bonus that changes Energy Spent to Shields. Just like the Status Chance mods buff during Update 27.2 they need to upgrade Perpetual Agony's power or lower its cost to 5 - 6 not 11 it makes not sense to have two mods that do the same thing but one is better and cheaper. it makes the other mod useless.
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