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  1. It's served it's intended purpose, unlike the Necramech
  2. I won't deny that they work in some regards, especially with their 4th ability dumping as much damage as it does. But that being said, why bother with the Necramech when you could just use a warframe or weapon that does the same exact thing just as well, if not better, in addition to not being limited to just open worlds, or requiring the same absurd grind required to get one of these gimmicks.
  3. The reason I have qualms with it is because I have to spend time and resources of my own to go and get this glorified tin can with legs, so the least they can do is give it some kind of usable purpose. I understand that it's okay for things to be just "fun" but unlike something stupid and gimmicky like the K-Drive, Necramechs take a bit of effort and time to acquire, for the the equivalent of a downgraded warframe. To repeat, I never said it was not okay for them to be there just for fun, I just want to see what reasons they really have to exist, since they're such a damned pain to get.
  4. I suppose that's true, but yeah, Archguns are criminally underpowered comparatively to most meta level ground guns. I do see the benefit in having infinite ammo for them, though one could easily play Protea and achieve the same results, and do so without being restricted to Open Worlds. Like I mentioned in the post, I understand that some people might find them fun, and in some regards, I also enjoy strutting about in a walking tank that makes *way cooler noises than it should be making*, but this justification is moot, as fun is subjective between most people, and some people,
  5. I know this a topic that some people have probably asked/discussed already, but I'm honestly still stumped as to why we should even bother with Necramechs at the moment, save for MR. They serve absolutely no purpose in game, save for being a source of MR and being an overly hyped gimmick to attract new players to the game, akin to K-Drives. I've asked around in game a through out my "experience" with Deimos, and the most people can say about them in regards to justification is that they're "tanky" and fun. I know that some people enjoy punching things with a mech, or strutting about with
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