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  1. This is really bad indeed. I currently have 100% trophies on PS4 and 91% on PS5 (all that's left are the buggy ones). I don't plan to keep both version installed on my PS5 of course given the relatively small SSD already so DE really needs to think and work on a fix for this.
  2. Same here. I had previously acquired all currently obtainable trophies so all I had left was the buggy ones. Still doesn't have them.
  3. My trophies did not automatically unlock on PS5 like you said it would.
  4. For some reason I can't get the trophy for completing 8 defense waves with melee damage only either. I've tried everything.
  5. Please take a look at the trophy list problem. There is a tracking achievements list inside the game itself which tells you what we've already done. There should be no reason why our trophies are not unlocked automatically. No Man's Sky managed to do this (instant platinum as soon I logged in) so why can't you?
  6. I played the entire day yesterday and I still have 2/3 bars on the controller.
  7. The trophy list fiasco is just stupid. Warframe has an in-game tracking system for achievements and their related trophies for YEARS. All you need to do is unlock trophies as soon as I log into the game on PS5. No Man's Sky did it. You can too.
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