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  1. https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-balance-a-game-difficulty-and-reward Bingo!
  2. No that's not true. OP is saying that content should feel rewarding. There is a balance between time investment, difficulty and reward, and Dog Days balance is completely off, making it feel so grindy to the point where people are using exploits. Imagine having to stay on Hydron for 10 waves with a booster just to level up one weapon. Would you still say the same? Edit: Whoops, I meant 10 waves as in 10 reward cycles.
  3. Well, it can still be a power fantasy. Some people just want to kill bigger things with bigger numbers and feel rewarded for pushing themselves, that's all. And if what you are saying by there being a thread asking for this, every day, then there is obviously a demand for it. I myself, love the Earth and Mars tileset, but I get bored by killing lvl 1-10 mobs so I want higher level ones. Why does that have to be suppressed by your version of power fantasy? This sounds great, reminds me of Diablo 2. It also enhances the "power fantasy" Gabbynaru talked about. It would be abused for focus farming though, but I see that as a good thing because ESO or Equinox got old very fast.
  4. It's a team game. If you have friends (I don't), then you can take turns to activate the mission. You can do it, I believe in you.
  5. He/she wants the rewards like everyone else. Browsing on your phone or writing in the forums is more fun than the game mode so he/she does that instead while getting the rewards in-game. What is it that you don't understand?
  6. No one should laugh at your disorder, those who do are idiots. If DE doesn't allow you to turn the "man in the wall" off, then I'd suggest decorating every location where the man in the wall can spawn. You can scale decorations with the + and - sign on the numpad to cover the whole spot (Try some plush animals from Cetus to make it cute instead of scary). If the sound of "hey kiddo" also scares you, then you can make some sort of habit of turning the sound off, every time you are in the orbiter. Lastly, you don't have to use the orbiter all that much anymore. The star chart, syndicates, arsenal, mods and relics are all accessible in the relays. Dojos with the observatory will allow you to use the star chart and arsenal too. I hope you get well and learn to cooperate with your anxiety, I've had a panic attack before too and I totally feel you.
  7. Exactly, and Mirage is supposed to always be in eclipse, so it is important to have this visual bug fixed I'd say. I've seen some older footage of Mirage on youtube, and it looked bad then too, but not as bad as today: In the light to the left and in the shadows to the right, these are taken from MCGamerCZ youtube video: https://youtu.be/e3K8a3cjVXk There is a workaround to this, but it's not pretty. You can change the energy color of mirage to match the attachments. I've found the the light blue in the Classic Saturated pallet (7 down from the top right) to be very close. It's still "patching" the holes in your Syandana though.
  8. The extractors. I wish for a button that says "repeat", so it sends fresh drones to the same planets. Or make it automatic, because I always forget about it. A checkbox to hide unused blueprints in the foundry. Being able to tie appearance to different builds on your weapon and warframes. For example, I would like to tie my green Lato skin to my corrosive build and my blue Lato skin to my radioactive build.
  9. +1 It happened after a host migration. Thanks for being quick on posting the bug!
  10. This is how it looks without any abilities active. This is how it looks with eclipse active and in the light. Notice every attachment, even the one on the weapon is blue. Also notice that the holes in the syandana is patched up. This is how it looks in the dark. It's whitish instead of blue, the syandana is also patched up. This last one is just showing that the mirrors does not have any attachments at all. It's not the main issue, but very immersion breaking because they are supposed to be your mirror image to confuse the enemy. I think everyone agrees that the attachments should have the same energy color as Mirage, and no changes like patching up holes in syandanas. I'm using the Graxx skin on Mirage. But the bug exists on both Mirage Prime and the normal Mirage skin too. Lastly, the attachments I use here are Vanquished Banner, Ki'teer armor set and the Caggro Sugatra for my hammer. Every graphical setting is on max. Hopefully you guys at DE will look into this. If anyone else reads this and have some workarounds, please provide 🙂
  11. So can I catch up on on Nightwave season 1? Or are the beacons just to hunt that wolf guy?
  12. I love playing Volt. I never considered that giving others a speed boost would impact their game negatively, and I will be careful from now on. To add to the discussion; what about Wisp? If Wisp isn't an issue, then adding something similar to Volt would be an easy solution. Instead of flowers, it could be some sort of electrical surge or whatever, which you can avoid.
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