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  1. They are probably sleeping/in stasis. Why spend credit on beds when you can carry more crew by hanging them by their faces , crammed together like sardines.
  2. I enjoy the stahlta , especially with the unreal skin. Nice sound too. It's an overall good weapon... Wish it had a bigger magazine though.
  3. It is kind of a catch 22 situation. You can't have balance without a clearly quantifiable distinction between easy and hard (and the various steps in between) And you can't have an easy distinction between easy and hard without already having a baseline for balance. Unlike other games where it is easy to say level 5 gear is more balanced for level 5 content/level , while level 1 gear is underpowered and level 10 gear is overpowered warframe has no such distinction (MR is a poor quantifier and a misnomer on top). So simply saying "make it hard" is not going to help cause there is no clear definition of what hard is.
  4. I am waiting on a radiation bonus agendus so I can run viral, rad , electric build. I too have a 54% heat at the moment.
  5. This is the part which I think you are most accurate about Fun is subjective , That's a terrible comparison , Orbs don't have a requirements for multiple roles and co ordination , so people can solo it bypassing the need to have squads. Orbs also don't have a chain boss mechanic requiring all previous bosses to be defeated for next one to spawn. Thus putting emphasis on efficiency. Orbs don't have lures needing regular upkeep and charging. Orbs don't teleport away if you screw up. They also don't have rewards that are in demand at all times. As you can see there are multiple reasons why orbs differ from eidolons hunts beyond just the day night cycle.
  6. I think the agendus is the best of the bunch , (smooth stance and powerful gimmick) the heavy should be used only when the enemies line up well. Followed by grigori which has guaranteed slash on heavy attacks and an acceptable stance combo. Followed by the Livia (poor stance but good stats) and finally the exec which just underperforms for some reason (the shockwave also causes ocassional ragdolling which is counterproductive)
  7. You are confusing being civil with being friendly/courteous I think. More relevant than you making these comments in some odd attempt at being offended on someone's behalf and ignoring most of my actual statements. Plus giving an idea of the state of mind helps the other person better understand the tone of a conversation in a written medium , where it is rather difficult to tell the intent behind a statement and so more clarity can be provided or sought. Again , it's a discussion , it's supposed to to be discussed. Understanding how the players have managed things so far can better allow us to give guidance as well. Perhaps they didn't use frames that needed energy that frequently (which they do now) , or they relied on a different playstyle where they were never directly targeted by these attacks. Or perhaps they were carried most of the way and are now in need of much more than just quick tips. Very well , this will be the last time I respond to you in this thread if it is not relevant to the actual topic at hand. Good day to you mate.
  8. Just use the xoris , throw and use heavy explosion. Don't even need to move much , they all come to you. Pick a frame that is reliably tanky , I have managed to get rank 3 with no time extensions needed.
  9. Sorry , but I think that's more of a problem between chair and keyboard. While there are defintely rooms that have a lower limit of decorations , there are also ones that are very vast. And more types of decorations would never hurt but they are not inadequate. Maybe look to a few of the featured dojos for inspiration and check a few videos and guides.
  10. I honestly don't have any specific frame I enjoy seeing in squad. I usually play assuming I will be solo. I do have frames I dislike to be grouped with , but can't really point ones I like being around.
  11. While I wouldn't mind , I do not see DE putting any effort towards it. Umbras scream would indeed be more apt.
  12. Firstly , you are cutting out parts which do add information over simply "disruptors" (purple aura and radiation being able to neutralize it) quote the whole thing if you want to complain about lack of contribution. Secondly having multiple people agree to the same thing adds statistical validity to a statement/claim , so me agreeing with others does actual contribute to the discussion (so would disagreeing if I could back it up) Thirdly this is general discussion , so while members are expected to maintain civility and stay within the theme of the thread it remains a discussion not just a factoid. Players helping players is the forum for that , and it is honestly surprising that any player that is in steel path has never encountered a disruptor through the entire star chart. Plus you getting offended at a comment not even directed at you really confuses me , you can DM me if you have a problem. Cause statements like yours are the type that tend to derail threads pointlessly.
  13. I am personally not a fan of Eidolon fights due to many reasons (eye bleed being the top reason) But yes it is a bit miffing that eidolons can be completely missed by players purely based on when they normally play the game. Although I don't want to see eidolons in the day (it kinda goes against the whole night of the living dead thing) I wouldn't mind the ability to turn night into day. Like the bloodcursed arrows from Skyrim. Maybe make it a rare drop or require special crafting components and inventory limit to not make it spammable.
  14. Strength doesn't affect the augment itself. But it does benefit immolation a bit by starting at a slightly higher percentage (max 50)
  15. Zaws were kinda left behind in the melee rework , I used the kripath polearm a lot before then. And the dohkram heavy scythe was fun with exodia hunt (it grouped enemies and opened them for finishers) After the rework I am mostly using cyath machete (cyclone kraken) with exodia brave for heavy build , it's my current default melee weapon. I love ita stance and mobility it brings. Build wise it just makes more sense to have hybrid setup with more crit than status and good speed over more damage.
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