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  1. woudlnt hurt , would be just as much dev time as a skin or ephemera i would imagine.
  2. Vauban , kept a couple of bastilles in the path of the demolysts , Lockdown to give breathing room and zenurik blast to slow it further. heavy status primary and CO melee . Manageable if at times close. The kuva guardian is a real annyance though , that thing cannot be CCd, when i see it i just give up.
  3. I am going out on a limb here and guessing you dont like how requiem relics are handled. They do tend to just pile on if you keep doing kuva missions and lich nodes though. As to the actual requiem mods , i usually just trade one for whatever i am lacking. less frustrating that way.
  4. Your actions have consequences! I do understand what you mean though.
  5. Haha , i can imagine few things that would be cool , Like a condroc dropping you back on a nest on earth, a drone dropping you back on gas city garbage chute,
  6. Catchy title aside i am talking about the literal ceiling in tile sets where you get respawned back if you go out of bounds. This is understandable and made sense back in the day when parkour was not as prominent and tenno couldn't leap 5 storeys in a single bullet jump. It probably made optimizing tiles easier as well. I have had fewer issues with the recent tilesets (Jupiter , corpus ship) but issues are very frequent with other locations (ice planet , grineer shipyard , galleon) Why am i saying this now? Few reasons , 1) When they did the arcane rework they boosted parkour speed of arcane consequence making it much easier to trigger and use, 2) They now introduced a game mode where speed and mobility can be well used (at least for my playstyle) to get around quickly , close gaps and get out of danger . 3) It is greatly rhyme breaking when you are in the flow of parkour and you jump , overshoot the ceiling and are transported back between enemies that are alerted and able to quickly kill you while you re orient yourself. I am wondering if i am in the minority in this and would like the views of others. I would really like an actual collision ceiling or it to be raised to a point where it is not accidentally breached.
  7. i am interested to see how nidus gets primed , might open up some possibilities for infested prime variants. maybe with a derelict like aesthetic?
  8. Sure , Teshin has a cool concept that is not well utilized... like a hundred other things we cant even remember, so i thnk teshin is still in an ok spot as relevance goes.
  9. As if DE cares about consistency and factual accuracy. This is unlikely. Reminds me of that one manga where the hero hit the villain with jupiter (i cant remember the name) as if it was one hunk of solid rock. Followed by a small comic strip explaining how he was an arts major not an astronomer to have known that jupiter was a gas giant.... Yeah , many people stopped reading after that. Especially in a world where venus is frozen (irrespective of the lore , as the lore came much much later than the tileset) pictorial differences are not going to be a priority. as they can easily explain it away by saying "Orokin terraforming made it look different"
  10. Assuming this is for SP , I am not sure what OP means, Yes baruuk with reactive storm augment can dish out damage but getting into millions damage without an active buff (Stat stick or otherwise) on self or debuff on enemies (armor removal and increased vulnerability) is unlikely. What you want to complain about is the stat sticks that can allow overlap of combo counters and mods that bleed their effects into it. It also needs to be built up and maintained (killing enemies makes it deplete , and keeping them alive for just enough time allows you to replenish it). What needs to be looked at are stat sticks that allow this kind of playstyle where you can take advantage of a mod that is not even on the weapon.
  11. I have reached saturn by predominantly using Vauban. His kit is excellent for steel path with the right builds. 1 with tesla bank augment for Hella sustained damage, there were always 4 around. His 2 for whatever suits the mission ( the nail gun bomb and the overdrive are what I commonly use, with speed pad for defections, tether is less common and niche) His 3 when I want to blind allies... I mean kill bunch of things that are not in melee range not commonly used but it has its use. 4 The best CC and debuff ability in his kit, bastille for Grineer to strip all armor and vortex for corpus for those magnetic procs, since the bastille collapses into vortex I don't have to worry about killing the enemies individually. The build itself is not overly complex. High duration, baseline efficiency (with p flow and energise) , high range and strength with umbral mods and tesla bank augment. Energy siphon for that little bit extra convenience. Simple strategy, start mission and have the tesla coils out and about. Use bastille to give self armor and some additional survivability while stripping enemies or keeping them at bay. Collapse bastille after 10 or so seconds seconds (I have armor strip at above 10% rate) Grineer will have been stripped and corpus will now be getting magnetic procs, Use status heavy primary to get lots of status on the vortex enemies (punch though and aoe weapons work wonders) Get kills with Crit heavy melee with CO, Paired with overdrive and vaubans passive I do respectable damage. Really very effective, the only mission I had issues solo were hijack, that got easily overcome with minor change in strategy and loadout (shield pizza actually used? Absurd) I tried using other frames and weapons and though they are still able to finish it I think I have found the perfect steel frame for my playstyle.
  12. Is it the same ones you get when entering and exiting transference? Could just be persistence of that effect.
  13. Actually a fair point , The spawn type is the same , only higher level. But i think its slightly different in kuva fortress? i think i got my first few scans of the kuva kavat in one of the disruptions also some shield lancers i didnt know existed (i dont play extended runs). Also Lua is a bad example , its spawns are bugged even in regular starchart. Still if we get to splitting hairs it is still in line to what was to be delivered in letter if not in full spirit (always scope for improvement and there may be more changes).
  14. Thanks man , i am looking forward to it , I used to get frequent issues with performance and had headaches cause of the FX pollution everywhere. I am glad it is finally acknowledged and a fix is planned.
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