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  1. Go to any relay , Go to arbiters of hexis syndicate room , talk to dude that is responsible for arbitration rewards. purchase.
  2. EQUINOX MAINS UNITED! We are EMU! On topic: Agree on the lack of fluidity present, in the current state modding (or specializing if you will) for one specific thing either night or day (not both) is the way to go, I managed a kinda middle way I call twilight in which she functions well in either form but I will not be able to out nuke a full day maim or out tank or support like a full night pacify Equinox. But it works for me (like a car works on a potholed road that needs to be re ignited every few seconds ), as in I need to cast metamorphosis, then cast her 3 and 4 again, then charge it (energy transfer augment is a bandaid, but the very fact that it needs a mod slot screws my twilight build so I don't use it), I also tend to get killed when running casting these abilities cause I could probably capture a target by the time she finishes her animation (glide cast is my friend) . So in addition to the above suggestions, a brief period of invulnerability (with some cool down for the invulnerability like rolling guard) would be welcome as well, but if I don't need to recast my abilities then it's not needed at all. The metamorphosis buff is nice but isn't really that useful, I would rather the buff became a permanent passive instead of a timed buff (maybe armor instead of shields for night cause shields suck) . In short: Make metamorphosis buff permanent as long as you are in that form. Keep the abilities active between forms (i am willing to add the energy cost of the abilities to metamorphosis, and having them reset to starting point if it is not possible to retain charge for some reason) Invulnerability (or absorb damage like Nezhas halo to add proper buffs) during the transition state so the ability itself has use.
  3. 0_The_F00l

    Vauban 3.0

    This feels less of a vauban rework and more of a new frame concept based on a "army general" theme.
  4. I had suggested something similar earlier, Though it would make Equinox a little too powerful, My suggestion was to have 2 exclusive slots per frameform (6 slots will always be the same between the two) , and the total capacity between forms would be the same or maybe just 5 capacity more than normal. This way each form can take advantage of its specialities but will also limit you so you don't turn into a frame that can nuke, dps, tank, buff, debuff, heal, stealth all at the same time, anyone can see that would be a little OP. As of now you can have 2 of the above options in a build and the others will be poor, With my suggestion you can have 3 options that are good and others at average in any build.
  5. Not unique enough to be an exalted, Sure you can slap on enough strength to take out a squad of enemies but the suggestion is not change the damage, it's for mechanics to make it unique
  6. Hmm, interesting good to know, but let's face it... Vazarin, not many will use that (not hildryns fault just a fact)
  7. Hello, I want to suggest a mechanic to Balefire to make it more than simply "a staticor alternative" in its current state it is a poor exalted weapon, and being forced to it in aegis storm gives me even less reason to use it. Observation : Hildryn is an attack helicopter, What do attack helicopters need? Guided missiles! Suggestion: When using Balefire all enemies that come under her cross hairs while aim is held are tagged , When released hildryn releases a Barrage of missiles that home in on the enemies (in a way similar to pax seeker shots). Unaimed shots move toward reticle as they do now. While in aegis storm you don't need to aim and have them be under cross hairs, it automatically targets all enemies that are within aegis storm range. But aiming makes it focus on specific enemies. A fully charged shot will have 6 projectiles (at 100% strength at max rank) , numbers and damage rise with strength. Count mechanics Similar to phantasma. They will seek next nearest enemy if it dies before the shot connects. Tag distance limited by ability range (similar to Ash) . Enemies killed that were under the influence of aegis storm create a smaller shield pillage at their origin point. Shield cost same as before, This will make both the 1st and 4th ability much much more powerful and importantly fun!
  8. Things I like: Concept of shield based frame with no energy parameter, Shield pillage ability, Gating of damage and status immunity when overshields present. Flex! Flex flex! Things I don't really find to be great but have no significant hatred towards: Haven ability, Damage of balefire, Means to acquire it. Things I dislike : Disparity between frames appearance and thematic application in game. Lack of punch /kick /suplex based ability considering all the muscles. Noise of dodge when in orbiter. No wow factor for balefire its just a weapon, it lacks the "razzle dazzle" of an exalted, maybe if it launched seeking missiles (target locked!) instead of a straight projectile, Slowing of movement when using balefire, Aegis storm forcing me to use balefire or nothing, Aegis storm mobility restrictions, Aegis storm being just a joke on Anthem, Aegis storm not having means to replenish shields (energy orbs help but not enough especially when you are expected to be away from pull range from enemies), apart from arcanes. Aegis storm not allowing true flight, causing you to fall into chasms. End of the day, it's an OK frame but the parts I dislike far outweigh the things I like.
  9. Git gud Boi. It is pretty essential to stay alive at higher levels.
  10. I suggest getting friends with corrosive projection, Odonata with its augment and any sufficiently hard hitting archgun will do. The armor on the thing can get annoying solo.
  11. The trick is to kill the trash mob with it and have an armor strip weapon for the heavies.
  12. He is good at what he does, What he does: Keeping team alive , Keeping team a bit more tanky, Keeping enemies fighting each other in a small area so they target you less. Getting enemies to lesser armor. Give you emergency death denial.
  13. You: Older players have a lot of resources, I do not have the same resources, I do not want nightwave. Older playerz: Boi you don't know how much better you got it, we had to wait weeks, weeks! To even see a aura alert. In brief: Older alerts were not easier to get the auras
  14. You are deviating from the original point now, which was "need of reworks of older frames " and have now gone into finding the flaws that have accumulated in warframe, which I do admit are present but not part of the discussion. If we want get into a full-on-across-the-board discussion of all the areas where DE has failed it will need to be a different thread. You will be better off mentioning it here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1219-feedback/ Happy to continue this conversation there if you do start something with genuine suggestions that can help improve the game. Or we can stay on topic related only to frames and their reworks in this thread.
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