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  1. Hello, I recently saw the prime time where the Lua disruption mission was shown (as part of the dev build) and thought this would be the suitable place to provide this feedback. I may be providing inputs before you actually even do it, And this may already be on the list of things to do but I want to mention it anyway. Although the "umbrafication" sounds like a cool concept there is one rather significant Flaw with it. The AI in the game isn't worth its name, especially when it comes to allied specters and companions. I personally won't have any incentive to use this if implemented outside of" would be fun if" scenarios, so I will not be replaying that node if I will only be getting a temporary sentient frame out of it. However, If I can change the base attributes of the frames like health, armor, shield capacity, energy, sprint speed etc. I would be more inclined to do it on a regular basis.
  2. I would much rather have the ability to buff an aspect of the warframe.
  3. I don't have a very strong opinion of it. I will spend kuva to roll rivens for weapons I like, But I will rarely ever go out of my way to buy them for plat. The RNG grind does get a little annoying though, I like how it can make less used weapons more than adequate, but that just means that the weapons were poorly balanced to begin with.
  4. I like the concept of temporary rewards (argon crystals can be a pain but are the reason I sometimes do void defense with a Nekros) But the AI design in the game is... Not deserving of the intelligent part of its name. Maybe some other buff like a speed/strength /efficiency / duration would be better.
  5. According to me you can qualify as a vet if : Clocked game time in the thousands Went through rise and fall of 5 Meta load outs (raise your hands if you remember rhino with boltor, rainbow builds, simulor Mirage, greedy mag with Mesa, jumping trinity with castanas, chroma that did even more damage than now) Can clear any of the star chart nodes by picking any weapon or frame in your arsenal without looking at the actual node or the weapon you are picking. Can go through missions without stopping to look for directions. There can be more but I think that would suffice. You are stating that there was a progress reset, that is not true, I could still use my old weapons and frames just as effectively with poe and Fortuna. I would term it more as a progress expansion. It's not a new summit to climb but another summit that people can hop to from the current one. What you suggest is only possible with a game that has linear gameplay, warframe is not that linear. We don't need to start from scratch. (I am hoping there will be something different with Railjacks that is a completely different mode than our regular gameplay.)
  6. As others mentioned why not both? Most of my weapons have CO and Blood rush on it and they perform well in most situations (whether from 0 counter or with existing counter) a CO blood rush meme strike with suitable element will make quick work of whatever is thrown. Also the highest you will normally have a counter is around 3x, anything higher is extended endless territory where the you will be more concerned with staying alive. And don't forget combo multiplier increases your base melee damage as well, and naramon school exists if you want have melee centric playstyle. Many of your statements are kinda the equivalent of using a heater in a desert. If there are no enemies what do you need damage for? If there are enemies that are dying quickly you don't need to scale up,if there are many enemies that are not dying you can scale your combo to 2x pretty quickly. I will choose between CO and blood rush only if I have to (very low status or very low CC on the weapons) else it will be both.
  7. Inaros was the bravest and empathic of the Warframes, when he rebelled he removed the shield generators symbolically to show that he would bleed with his people and trust them enough to leave himself unprotected. The infestation within took advantage of this and bolstered its health instead.
  8. Yeah the current IPS makes impact utterly pointless, the status as well as the damage type. Atleast puncture has some bonus against armor and slash is just overall superior due to its status procs. That's why negative impact (even on a mostly impact weapon) is still usually better than most others . Their attempted changes for 3.0 were terrible but it does need a rework. I thought of a few things that might be better and would employ a "Hotspot" mechanic. Impact: bonus damage against armor and shields, Body shots against armored /shielded enemies would reduce their armor with procs and shields would stop recharging. Getting a headshot would stun them and leave them open for finishers (for a very long time) while reducing their accuracy. Getting shot in the hands with this proc would make them unarmed, Getting shot in the legs with this proc would make them slowed. Puncture : no bonus or negative effect against any of health/armor. Puncture procs would bypass armor / shields and do 75% of damage as true damage. Puncture procs on headshot would have a second headshot multiplier. Puncture procs against limbs would have punch through. Slash : bonus damage against flesh, reduced damage against armor, Slash procs against body would work as is currently but would take the armor bonuses under consideration. Slash procs on headshot would cause perma blindness and make enemies damage allies (haha blindfire) on their attacks. Slash procs against limbs would cause dismemberment if enough slash damage is stacked. (yeah would love to see a handless bombard try and run around kicking things)
  9. Some glyphs are just like that, haven't had mine update in months too.
  10. That's why before arbitrations vodyanoi was the go to place for Endo farming, Nekros + Nidus would bring away more than 1k Endo every round. Nidus is indeed a very versatile frame if used right,
  11. Yeah, it is rather hard to give a concrete value, it is entirely based on the market trends and personal preference on what the value of the riven should be. Anybody can say their riven is worth 5k but there need to be buyers willing to pay for it as well. I personally avoid anything that goes into 4 digits.
  12. The stug has multiple drawbacks that stop it from being even an adequate weapon. 1 self damage, 2 low projectile speed 3 poor arcing of projectile 4 delayed explosion 5 awkward primary and charge mechanics 6 sub par stats to kill enemies fast enough. 7 looks like it was made using Legos Can you make it work? Sure if you absolutely want to use a weapon that is quite literally a goober gun. It can work but there are far far far better alternatives.
  13. Seems nice, not sure the testing grounds were neutral or were heavily biased to give you an edge. I am not sure we will get the same results in missions where there are no other nukes.
  14. That is a lovely riven, Should be possible to sell for more than 500p easily to the right buyer.
  15. I can only surmise that the OP has no idea what I he is talking about, And on top of that he has the audacity to tell others the reason they feel something is wrong? The points leading up to the solution are already known, there is nothing that is new information (some of it, like there being zero useless things is not even true, a lot of the things become useless after you build the things you need them for) , this is the exact reason why the vets are frustrated in the first place. Misunderstood my ass, feels like a bait for vets, and I bite. The solution is not even a solution to add, not playing the game until the next update won't make the problems that exist go away, though it will reduce the frustration temporarily like any distraction would.
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