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  1. Anyone that picks the ayatan ember stars over the mods probably does not know that they can be melted for Endo (1k). There is very little reason to pick that over the mods other than to full your orbiter or dojo with animated sculptures. I stopped caring about the lich system, I now just do maybe 1 a week if I am too bored to do anything else.
  2. You shouldn't make fun of these people cause you are not having plat problems. Thousands of Tenno are jobless cause of the recent grind, how are they supposed to feed their kavats. Don't be heartless buy the things is you can afford it. And on a serious note they probably don't know or are using abbreviations to save time.
  3. I prefer to be constructive 🙂 or at least reasonable.
  4. I also suggest you don't use the kohm you have currently until you get a response.
  5. Yeah, it became pretty clear once we got a view from the outside of the dry dock. So when I build multi level rooms and elevators.... Are we evicting the old tenants and other residents just so we can make a cool garden that nobody strolls through? Just when I thought the Tenno couldn't get worse.
  6. A better mechanic instead of healing according to me : when enemy is under the flower scent influence he temporarily becomes an ally (or neutrally aggressive like chaos or revenant thralls) and focuses attacks on other enemies, when it receives fatal damage it turns into a husk (the husk gain health but the enemy is dead) which can still receive status effects. If your purpose of healing is to create a synergy with the earlier abilities to have carriers there are better ways than healing enemies. I am still opposed to the idea of any ability that heals enemies.
  7. What I got from the post : OP likes strong women in high heels. Nothing wrong with that. What else I got : OP is suggesting a frame that focuses on spreading status depending on weapon elements, Nothing wrong but would be too useless or useful depending on weapons themselves. Nothing wrong just very niche. OP is also suggesting an ability that heals enemies..... Get outta here with that weird concept. Why would you heal enemies? That's worse than useless, that's counter productive.
  8. I would like this as well. The current peer to peer structure makes any kind of hosting unreliable. My connection is acceptable most times to host, but even my ISP has bad days where I would prefer not to have others suffer and like to be a client. The ping limit check is also very very basic. It's not 100% reliable as ping under load may change over time. (usually the host is having another application running in the background when this happens)
  9. Human flesh being burnt smells like pork. One of the reasons open cremations are rare and usually a pungent scent is added to the pyre.
  10. Fire, electric and ice are kinda the same for removal (I sometimes leave the frozen doors and electric fires to control the enemies) Breach and rupture are also identical.
  11. It is... A bit... Weak, I mean, what's up with the tentacles? I don't even see them on the main forms, they are just there squirming for no purpose. The helmet Is nice, It not bad it's just... Lacking.
  12. There's a slider, I am not sure if you are facing issues with the appearance even after changing it.
  13. Good thing we aren't talking about an imaginary weapon that only suits your rhetoric and is arbitrarily made to fail. You are not taking into consideration the combo counter that already exists against a new enemy. You are also forgetting the fact that hybrids will have higher consistent crits which will be 3.8 to 4 times more damage purely cause of the Crit before adding the Condition overload effect and armor stripping which won't go away for a new enemy. Weapon A (assuming plague zaw) has the UI stats of 100 damage, 25 status, 18 CC, 4x CD will need combo counter of 8 for 100% status, and above 100% CC. At which point all attacks will do minimum 400 damage (cause of crits) which can increase to 1840 with 3 elements (360% damage cause of CO) Effective damage after 4 strikes( with 8x combo already active) = 400 + 880+ 1360+ 1840 = 4480 Now let's take the exact same base weapon at same combo count but with no blood rush or Crit damage. =100 + 220+340+460 =1120 If you get a lucky Crit in one of these you will still only get 2x (920 on last strike) which is still 1580. The hybrid is still nearly 3x as effective for Damage output. Will Status procs themselves matter? Yes, will have the same effect though, But the Crit slashes will have a more pronounced effect. corrosive procs will reduce armor equally across both builds if they are equally weighted. Your problem was assuming the total damage while running cold, you will not be running cold for 80% of the time in regular gameplay and usually have some sort of combo built up. Of course you are free to ignore the combo counter and run however you wish, just note that you will not be able to achieve the same results.
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