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  1. Soon TM. Also they are definitely bringing back OV , so it won't be wasted investment.
  2. I liked the concept of the old combo system , But it was not practical , the speed variations for the same combo between weapons made it even more frustrating. Some weapons Pause for 0.4 seconds to get the unique combo to continue , oh you waited 0.35 seconds ? Basic combo for you , you waited 0.45 seconds ? Starting new combo. While others would need more or less of that waiting and you would never know by how much unless you spent a lot of time with it , and Ally speed buffs could completely screw you over too. The current combo system is definitely easy , it's not necess
  3. When i am pilotting my railjack I pilot like a madman with a purpose, and no regards for motion sickness. I pity the gunners that actually try to be useful cause one second they are shooting fighters , the next moment they are looking into the sun or a void hole. So the gunners are usually useless in my squad , However the artillery is something that needs assists , I make it a point to simply leave the pilot seat once I have taken out the engines of crewships. Maybe if gunners could actually maintain their aim independent of the ships away they would have less problems.
  4. I can understand the OP (wanting to avoid attrition of the community) , but I can't really support the approach. The game mode already has many exclusives (shards , transmuters , articula cosmetics ) these are already more than many other mission nodes in the game. A better approach would be dropping the bar for entry a bit and cleaning up the anxiety raising bugs and migraine inducing visual clutter. I don't play personally cause I got what I needed from it , and unless some new clan member really needs help, I really do not want to go through the headache. I could suppor
  5. I believe it will just be treated like evergreen primes , Some of the crap prime relics will move to railjack so they can focus on the "good " unvaultings.
  6. I am not against the existence of such a thing. I would personally never buy it as I would likely use it for less than 10% of the time. So I don't see it worth the value.
  7. This is just one of the many issues , clipping , red zones, different textures between shrunk and expanded decorations and rotation are a few. Also if you want to have DE notice it suggest to go to feedback/ bug section.
  8. You heard wrong , He did mention it ( cause he saw it in one of the chats ) But no confirmation was provided that it is going to be looked at , just that it could be interesting.
  9. First , its a game , its not a job in which you have to earn platinum - any complaints that use "i will get less platinum now" as a justification will get no sympathy from me. Second , we dont yet know what the reward to effort conversion for OV in non event missions will be - Tridolons might sill be the most effective for their respective rewards, i also cant recollect if they specifically said they will reward all arcanes Third , i personally dont like eidolons cause they are quite literally migraine inducing , when i got my last waybound unlocked i never touched it , there were mu
  10. Feels like some of the feedback made it through , The ship always felt like a work of art (flamboyant and impractical) and not a tool of war (efficient and deadly). There was too much useless space and elevation levels just for the sake of it, that made traversal annoying (paired with a poor UI and tactical map ) And though the images shown indicate an overall reduction i will wait for the actual workshop/release to comment if its better or worse - could be that its just one level of the map.
  11. I disageee on one point,. It is not losing purpose , it never really had a direction. Or even if it did it lacked the conviction to keep to that direction. Btw , welcome to the salty vet club.
  12. Not just deluxe, wraith (sevagoth) concept looked rad but sevagoth ingame feels too rubbery (feels like a kid trying on their moms fake fur coat right out of the wash). Some deluxes get it right (excalibur, mag, oberon, Nezha, Nidus, Nyx, trinity) , some are just trash(nova, Khora, Volt) and some are very taste oriented (ember, chroma, Vauban, Atlas) this is from my eyes, cause beauty and the beholder and what not, some might feel differently of course. Deluxes have always been hit or miss from the beginning , not just recently
  13. First, Calm down , its a game not your life investment that is at stake. Second , i have mixed feelings about the OP, There are some parts that i agree with near the end but most of the early stuff where melee is depicted "just as good as guns" is not true. Melee was overpowered for quite some time (ever since the CO and bloodrush days) , but the generic enemy was not tanky enough to tell the difference (100 hp enemy dead by 1000 damage bullet or dead by a million damage melee strike was still dead) but with steel path enemies could actually survive a few melee strikes so the guns b
  14. Summary: Part of the community that likes a challenge: Our gear has been powercreeped by some mods so much that the game can quite simply be played by spamming one button. something needs to be done. OP: oh yeah? dont use any gear at all then , problem solved. Completely unrelated , I also equate RNG based time sinks as difficult. I hope everyone understands the issue with the above approach.
  15. Feels like you haven't really grasped the concept here mate. You still want to maintain the status quo of the slot machine approach for the game it seems. Though some points you made are valid. I will again highlight that there is a limit to the resistance. So you will not be in a situation where all enemies are fully resistant to everything , at most they will be resistant to 3 elements in most situations and that too at 50% each as per current number suggestion (number could be tweaked as per mission starting level so fewer adaptation stacks and resistance per stack for low level and mo
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