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  1. i bet 50p on the green 00! wheres the bookie to get me my scrip?
  2. What to do with so much power? like in real life , the answer is get more power :P I would like some more variety with higher level content , but DE has shown an unwillingness or inability to do what you have suggested.
  3. i woudn't know , i stopped going there once i had everything maxed and acquired.
  4. Equinox can do what you need. Be warned it can get a little complex to manage and you need to choose before hand how you want it to function. Nezha is also sufficiently versatile , to mix damage and support with the right augments , Nova could also fit very close on a good build. I am not sure how you built your mesa , with the current helminth system you could replace her 1 with a more survival oriented skill.
  5. Before hitting the prestige cap it was a chore and an annoyance when glassed enemies appeared but at least it gave minor rewards. After hitting the prestige cap it is still a chore and an annoyance, but with no rewards. If anything is repeated frequently (every 20 minutes) it will lose its charm over time until you hate it, dont believe me? set your favorite song as your wake up alarm 😈 Many also dislike the lotus giving pointless advice and insight but it doesnt directly associate with any change to the mission (except "change of plans" which are not exactly frequent).
  6. I do :D my playstyle is like a more forgiving equinox maim build (especially now that i have pillage instead of prism ) , you still need to do initial damage and get kills and then reap some rewards. Its very fun in corpus tile sets with all those traps and laser doors, did you know you can turn turrets on your side with explosive ledgermain? the downside i have observed is that it tends to get enemies to use the lockdown more often. Not ideal for traversal missions , but great for missions where you need to hold points. comparable to saryn actually. As to the main topic,
  7. Well it is still an event , with time limited rewards . i feel we have gotten used to equating an event with some actionable missions or nodes to complete in a short time frame. It already has a name , its called Naberus ....
  8. Its a good mod , but practical applications may be limited (that too to the kuva variant not the regular one). the napalm lasts for a relative short time and only procs heat (only affected by base damage mods) - but its long enough to cover most distances for melee closing in regular missions or restack the napalm after reloading to keep enemies locked, if you have a riven that allows you to get decent status (directly or indirectly) you can slot this instead of the dual status heat mod for some very good spot CC and debuff zones (cause heat is good now) Its a good mod FOR THE K
  9. Does Tuesday work for you? if not they could probably reschedule the invasion best suited to your calendar, But not Wednesdays cause they have spin classes.
  10. Screenshots which are relatively poor anyway , OP wants to run the game "Like the Demo" but i am skeptical if he has the rig for it.
  11. 1) i am not sure you should be using images that aren't actually capturing the issue as justification then , as we cant really be sure what you are trying to compare with, 2) The demo map is different , so comparisons would never be 100% as it is physically lacking actual game elements including textures which may have an impact on the appearances - this goes into the actual changes to the map and is not limited to just the graphics. A model wearing one shirt and another average dude wearing the same shirt will look different. My argument here is that your comparison was never going to be
  12. SKYBOX! find me that exact skybox and i will recreate it (within reason) as i have a ton of decorations that i will not remove from my orbiter (that took hours to get right), just to prove a point. I also did say that it is very much dependent on the location and lighting. I have captured my own images with the highest setting i can manage without melting my system on Orb Vallis to get them as close to original as possible (others could probably make it even better) - do note that the two maps are actually different so a 100% replication will not be possible.
  13. yeah the sound does feel a little ... less.
  14. Are you running on a laptop? those specs are ... kinda ok for a laptop , but i am skeptical it can even run the game at max settings without losing out on some frames at 1080p. Do you have dynamic resolution on by any chance?
  15. probably , Even though they were advanced they did still need transportation , not everything could be teleported. And the lower class probably also needed a means to get around they could still afford.
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