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  1. As long as the members can opt for it , it would be rather disliked if only the admins can arbitrarily select a resource tax.
  2. I think the current proposed changes don't really impact player choice much, its pretty much going to be the same as it was. Things which were strong will still be strong , and those that were weak have slightly more potential to be less weak.
  3. So , basically undo his rework ? I dont know if you were around back then , but Ash bladestorm used to function exactly as you said. He was one of the most common frames in defense as you could spawn kill enemies up to sortie.
  4. I am actually slightly concerned , in the past the steel path wasn't all that popular cause it didn't have any power increasing drops - kuva could be gotten elsewhere. Now with the proposed arcanes and galvanized mods which actually add power will be locked behind steel path, we will have players that barely have a proper build and experience complain that getting resources from a game mode that is intended to be for already well geared players is not available to them. I really hope it doesn't spiral into DE making it even easier and defeat the purpose of actually having t
  5. I partially agree with some of it. There could be bracketing of similar buffs that can be stacked and they could be distributed acrosss the UI/HUD Ex: Damage, MS , Fire rate /speed , Critical chance and Critical Damage from various sources (basically things that affect the environment/enemy but originates from us) could be stacked together and shown near the weapon description, Damage reduction,resistance , Heal , Armor, energy regen could be shown near our health/shield indicator - things that affect what is received by us in some way. Things that manipulate the envir
  6. Keeping aside the whole debate about if the various nerfs and pseudo buffs are warranted or even effective that came with the workshop, Lets talk about some of the not so obvious issues we may face. There is only so much real estate on the screen , and i will absolutely not be able to track the literal dozens of weapon buffs, in addition to the warframe abilities, the status effects, companion effects and the actual action on the screen, I wont even be able to tell what buff is what, is that the buff i got for crit chance from the mod for rifle? is it from the secondary ? is it
  7. I actually have a different radical idea , make most AOE weapons SHRAPNEL based with very little punch through (like 0.2 to 0.5). So the radial damage is actually like an omni directional Shotgun blast.
  8. I have also asked myself the same question multiple times. But if you actually click on the link you should be able to see the number of BP owned, so i don't think DE is too concerned about it.
  9. A white knights fall from grace is so fun and satisfying, You eitehr die a hero or live long enough to see yourself turn into the villain eh? Dont worry , i am sure it will get better. With that out of the way , a few points to note: 1) The overall change to melee will be impactful , there is no doubt in my mind that effective damage is reduced to roughly half now on average and the ability to ramp up will be a lot less consistent (cant really put a number to it). But it is still well above what guns can do , i am happy that the mods are reigned in a bit but melee is still goi
  10. Are you actively using his parasitic link to give DR ? Just standing around will get you killed. You do need to be a little active to survive at higher levels.
  11. Mirages 1 is basically multiplicative Multishot on your ranged weapon. And multiplicative damage and bonus range (and crit chance) on your melee. So weapons that damage in an area are most effective , Extra if they leave some sort of lingering effect (ogris with napalm or Penta with fire grenades ) Simulor was great back in the day as it kept an area of damage and mirage could trigger the vortex with a single shot Her 3 can be a little unreliable though , and the bonus shown on screen is not the actual bonus , so be mindful. I suggest the hall of mirrors augment for
  12. This is such an old thread , But anyway you can use warding halo if you have nezhas augment to give it significant DR as well. The rift still doesn't affect it.
  13. Bye , hope you find a good game. And develop a better control over English while you are there.
  14. I dont see it happening , And while I would like the option there are too many alt triggers to be conveniently streamlined.
  15. So basically conclave ? That's not even theoretical , we already know how that ends.
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