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  1. It's an amazing frame , totally worth having and investing into. Amazing CC, amazing damage potential , amazing debuffing , survival could be a bit of a gamble at times but with the right subsumed ability it will not be a major challenge. Best to keep moving though. The 1 is far too situational , so I have it subsumed with pillage. Some evasion boosting mechanics (the vulpaphyla and set mods) make it very hard to get hit.
  2. You should put an epilepsy warning on that video 🤪 I really dont know what the challenge was , and i dont see this working with any tileset that has nullifiers in it. But as i said i dont know what the challenge was.
  3. I dont go to the bazaar that often , and if I do I am usually in and out in a minute. Haven't noticed any arguments.
  4. Gave my inputs , one issue I observed in our raids was that there were only 2 ( if you don't consider nightmare) which broke with every update. We definitely needed some more variety but could have done without the overly complex mechanics with no hints (JV was especially annoying) Although there was a more lenient frame choice , there was a fixed role assigned to each player (this was before we had so much op frames and weapons with near invulnerability and utility, lvl 150 was relatively hard) And since raids could take nearly an hour to complete (usually half that) the d
  5. Yeah the dark split sword is the reference of what I am proposing. An "omni " exalted weapon that can switch between weapon types. I just gave hammer , polearm and sword as an example as they are closest to our IPS elements as well as good reference on range , speed and movement types. Yeah some weapon types would indeed be better , but that's just a core issue with weapon vareity and balance overall.
  6. I actually like this idea and i think it could work, Kinda wish that excalibur had this as a thing cause he is the blade boy, but i can see a berserker type frame use it as well. but first let us differentiate between Combo count and combo multiplier. Combo count: Number of attacks that connected/ avoided with melee Combo multiplier: which is what affects the acolyte mods like bloodrush and weeping wounds, Combo multiplier= floor(Combo count/20) we can have abilities cost 25 , 50 , 100 , all combo count to provide certain effects. One can only have 220 counts (240
  7. I agree Gas is in a pretty poor state , I thought maybe with some enemies on the drift being immune to viral effects gas would be more effective - nope , they have armor and so corrosive works better and being open world the enemies rarely converge to take advantage of the AOE. Magnetic still has its use on high level corpus (maybe if toxin didnt bypass shields , only the procs did ,there would be more builds with magnetic in them) Blast i think is just as bad if not worse off than gas , i never consider using blast unless there is an enemy that is immune to every other element
  8. As far as I am aware you can only send invites from inside the game.
  9. Chakram is primarily a debuffing ability , so enemies take more damage from your regular attacks when under the influence of it. Even though it can kill enemies , you will need multiple casts/bounces for it to be effective even with reaping chakram. it can scale up to sortie , but then its damage starts to fall off. Pillage doesnt really need much range (duration is better), neutral range and duration is good enough for most rooms, having near 200% strength would help with better stripping though.
  10. Eclipse is definitely more damage , but dont forget its not always at max , it depends on environment lighting so you only have potential 400% damage , your actual damage will be usually less. The point of more efficiency is actually to make sure you can cast warding halo in a pinch, i used to run blind rage in the past but i found myself without energy and dying very often , cause at higher levels warding can be destroyed in one shot and you can run out of energy as well. so quick cast ability + augur + brief invincibility = very good survivability. I forgot to mention i run a vulpa
  11. Pretty sure its unique for each account and gets deleted once redeemed. P.s. seems to be only for US , needed VPN to access the site.
  12. i think i replaced her exalted pistol , it does decent damage i suppose but its easily outclassed by others that dont use up shields. Aegis storm is more of a utility ability to gain energy for the squad and CC the enemies. I wouldnt replace it myself. i had the 50% bonus strength on next cast from helminth.
  13. Alright new clan goal , get all 3 dojo trophies. But considering the overall state of the game the decline of featured dojos is just a symptom of a symptom of a bigger issue. The bigger issue is the games co op overall , with first symptom being a decline of clans / dojo having a purpose. And then players being less inclined to invest in dojos as a result.
  14. Guess i wasnt aware of how poorly the featured dojo system has aged. We stopped following after our initial victory , maybe we should participate again. Cant really have much of a competition if there are barely enough participants to cover the podium.
  15. "Cause its fun" is a valid justification , i wouldn't have highlighted regular fissures if you had just mentioned that. but since you specifically mentioned cracking relics there are better ways and it need not be limited to exterminate or capture.
  16. The grineer always felt to me of "function over form" philosophy. I do not mind some touch ups , but i would not enjoy changing them too much. The tilesets themselves could definitely have some improvements (more worn out and used feel , fewer obstructions) but i think they are still operational and dont need a full overhaul like the corpus gas city or corpus ships, Maybe the asteroid colony could use an actual overhaul.
  17. Uhh , i do not really see an issue. Yes it has tangible value as compared to other decorations, but there is no obligation on anyone to actually purchase it. I have it purely for the aesthetic reasons, it melds well with my orbiter (and some dojo) decorations and lets visitors know i have done arbitration multiple times. It might be a newbie trap , but considering you can only do arbitration after at least gaining some minimum competency (finish star chart) where you are no longer a newbie and then collecting enough tokens (also not exactly something for new players) its definit
  18. Yup ,this is pretty much what the vulpaphylas (devolution mod) do and they are my go to companions now. Mods that reduce the downtime or add different effects when downed would help as well. And although there are ways to make companions more survivable they are usually tied to a frame or ability to add DR of some kind. And while I enjoy synergy , I dislike dependence.
  19. Thats a lot of damage in one small package 😄 you shouldn't need vitality or guardian, i rarely take health damage while the halo is on, but then again , do use the spears more often to CC enemies (and the splitting chakrams more than make up for the reduced strength) and have an augur mod to get me some added shield defense. and the chip damage is taken care of by the chakrams health orbs. Maybe some efficiency and a slightly lower rank blind rage to keep the efficiency above 100 will net better results. Equilibrium will work just as well. Heres my 1 forma general build, i have
  20. Even though I agree with OP , this is a sales strategy to cause FOMO. It is a poor strategy in my opinion , cause I would be more inclined to buy something for 300p that I want than shell out 500p for a bundle of 3 items of which I only want 1. It's just my mindset , don't like being baited into buying things I don't want. And that's what it is bait.
  21. It was relevant before bullet jumping was a concept I suppose. Ever since I have gotten good at the movement system the number of times mantling has helped me is far less than the number of times it has been a hindrance. They should remove it or speed it up 10x to reduce the downtime.
  22. Knowing how consistent DE is in their lore amd world building , I wouldnt say the chance is zero.
  23. I did play , and I was confident enough to raise my particle intensity to 30 , I then played and then reduced it to 25. Itvis still significantly more obnoxious than the regular fissures.
  24. As much as I would enjoy a jungle open world , there really is currently no in game planet that will work. Earth already has the plains (which are more like the hills of eidolons honestly) I do not see DE creating another open world on earth. And the drift is kinda a jungle? Change the chromaticity and you have lush greens (instead of vibrant reds ) I really wish it was green , the red tends to strain my eyes. Underwater open world ... Hmm sounds interesting but how exactly ? I loved subnautica , but I don't see it translating to warframe. Maybe some sort of orokin osmotic barri
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