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  1. Same way they research any new item , build the respective lab and invest resources in it. The actual Mats are just a suggestion , they could be anything else, but makes sense that you would research Eidolons shards to be able to make suitable changes to the environment for them.
  2. They do , there was a topic where we discussed on the rolls everyone got and the result after a couple of hundred lich/sisters is that the weapons are weighted more towards the lower values.
  3. I am curious to see what they name the infested "adversary" and the line of weapons if they do. Plague comes to mind immediately , but it could be something else. Also will need some macguffin to justify the creation of infested variants , like liches have kuva and sisters have granum void. It's probably coming (same way we have open world's for each major faction) but I don't think it's gonna be anytime soon.
  4. Just for your future reference "agree to disagree" is when people decide to tolerate the opposing positions, even when they do not accept it as the best choice. Also What makes you think warframe is the only game I play ? It is defintely one of my most played games which I enjoy in short bursts but not the only game I have in my library. And why does anyone play anything , Entertainment mate , the whole point of games is entertainment. I do enjoy playing warframe , but there are parts I dislike and parts I do like.
  5. I don't think you get the core issue , you might have more free time than you know what to do with. But not everyone has 2 hours to spare in a day , usually real life needs to be given time too. Guess we will agree to disagree as we clearly have very different views on the matter.
  6. Hello, We recently had a discussion regarding tridolons and their accessibility, Personally i am not a fan of tridolons , i do not like the eye bleed it causes, i also dislike the specific expectation on gear and the attitude some tridolon hunters showcase. Much of this is to do with the type of reward given by the hunts and the limited time available to achieve them, Not everyone has the free time to wait an entire hour for a mission. I would propose the following so that some of it is mitigated and those that are not interested in elite speedruns can do so casually at any time of their choosing (with friends or solo). A new key available in the orokin lab called the shadow dragon key Clan Research Requirements (just suggestion): 20K credits, Brilliant Eidolon shard x 1, Radiant Eidolon shard x 1, Eidolon shard x 1, Crafting requirement (just suggestion): 5K credits , 20x void traces, 5x intact core, 1x breath of the eidolon, 5 x Iradite. Reusable. 6 hours crafting time. Inventory limit of max 1 at a time, Result of crafting: Option 1: A new node available on earth (similar to void trader node in void) , the node connects to night time PoE. Host can be joined by other players though invite. On entering the node a timer starts for 45 - 50 minutes, Exiting the node without defeating any Eidolon will allow you to re enter (key not consumed similar to the grendel missions), Defeating even one Eidolon will use up the key. Node can be exited by aborting to orbiter only , Extraction will automatically take you back to orbiter. Option 2: Key can be used on the Eidolon shrine during day, Upon use the sky is darkened (think skyrim blood cursed arrows) ,Eidolons emerge and grineer deploy their lures. The "shadow veil" lasts for 45 minutes and upon time out the veil is removed and PoE revert to what they would have been if no key was used. Key will be destroyed if an eidolon was captured/killed, but can be reused if no eidolon was captured. If used during night it has no effect, cannot be used at dawn while an eidolon is still roaming.
  7. I do wish we could make more zaws for some of our more exotic stances , Would defintely love a blade and whip , sword and shield , dual sword/ dagger , glaive options. Gunblade ... Doesn't quite fit zaw theme of ostrons , maybe some kitgun variant from fortuna. I had even made a whole topic about it almost 2 years ago.
  8. Before the auto completion update I do recollect doing 300 something. Haven't really tried recently to beat the score but I do casually manage to reach 80 something with the xoris.
  9. Sisters have a damage "capping " mechanic (so you can't one shot them with a sniper) per bullet/pellet. It's inversely proportional to the actual damage above a threshold ( I have seen my buffed up sniper do 200 damage , where it should do 2 million) while my brakk does it expected 1000 or so damage per pellet. as well as a sustained damage resistance mechanic (they gain adaptive resistance to the element you keep using over time) imagine they have a rank 1 adaptation. So a bad idea to keep hosing them with synapse. You will need to pause when you see damage being reduced for the resistance to reset. And unfortunately beam weapons have that ramping mechanic , so beam weapons are not ideal. They also have damage mitigation, damage redirection, healing and shield regen abilities (based on their base element) so best prepare for it. On top of the actual elemental resistance/immunity innate to them (seen on their screen) and the ones given by shields and Armor. And they can only have up to 5 status stacks so status weapons are not as effective. They also gain more health and DR at higher ranks , a rank 5 sister with the right elements is a nightmare. So best to take a weapon that would be something that does multi bullet burst , like some AR and shotguns. Built for crit and lots of pellets , with just the right amount of damage to fly under the damage cap. And picking elements most suited for their resistances. You also need to pace yourself instead of dumpling your entire magazine.
  10. It's kinda like a mix of quantum entanglement and superposition in one. Effects on one side will result in similar effects on the other side no matter the distance. No matter who uses the finger all reliquaries are powered together. You also both have the finger and not have the finger in your reliquary , it isn't until you open and see it that you actually decide if it's on your ship.
  11. I have had mixed results at times , and there are multiple factors at play. Aoe weapons tend to give overkill damage in most instances (they also have that weird accuracy bug) , AR and other hitscan type weapons tend to be spotty based on faction selected. Crits do add to the overkill but status tics are less common. Damage through ability buffs also is a factor. it also very largely seems to depend on client host interactions. Being a host has a higher possibility of doing more damage , a client has less. I know I have joined a sniper only survival and managed to get 90% damage in the last 2 minutes by breaking away from the main squad while looking for an exit. I can't really find a very conclusive formula , but from my own experience where less than 10% kills resulted in 75% damage done does hint towards overkill counting.
  12. Hmm , might just do that. That goes both ways mate , you are of course free to disagree with what others say. And I have been stating the same stance since the beginning. The fact that you now agree (at least partially) with my point of view shows there was only a communication issue where you thought I was proposing something I was not. You also do realise that the existing night state would be unaffected , those that want the thrill of rushing though the thing as fast as possible could still go via the regular route.
  13. There are no useless frames just by themselves , there are definitely useless players in a squad though. It is also very much subject to the mission , eg. Hildryn during no shield nightmare missions is rather useless. And the build will also make a difference.
  14. Honestly , most enemies don't survive the priming. I use the bomb when they are relatively close together but distant from me.
  15. I have a riven so , not sure if it will suit you. Riven has MS and toxin. Fire rate does not affect the charge of the al fire yet. I had galvanized aptitude , the riven , galvanized chamber , chilling reload , then all 3 heat mods and ammo stock. Galvanized acceleration in exilus and primary merciless in arcane slot. It work both ways , the boom as well as heat status overload.
  16. There are other more mobile melee stances too which cover more distance than rolling.
  17. No one talking of the phantasma ? With its special interaction on the alt fire and magazine capacity ? It does get a bit ridiculous.
  18. I really wish DE had a "The Journey so far" recap option (5 seconds per major cinematic/quest release) to give a recap of past events that ends with the last completed quest and "what lies ahead" that gives similar clips on the quests still left (but available in the game) Would give returning players a better idea of where they are and give new players some direction too.
  19. Lol , I guess we are done here then if that's your response, now I know the type of person I was dealing with.
  20. I don't think Excalibur is a one trick pony, people confuse one trick ponies and specialised frames at times. But he is baseline in terms of power and utility. And can get specialised depending on how you choose to build him. The RJ is probably the one that has least effect after reaching a certain level , but its augment can act as a significant buff. The SD is probably next and again , can act as a buff for a more melee focus build. Radial blind I don't think anyone has a problem with (the ability to do finishers opens up even more gameplay options with the right arcanes and mods) And exalted blade is his best ability for damage. It is obvious he is best for melee builds and trying to make him into a gun frame will just result in poor returns.
  21. I wish they also did elemental damage similar to what we shoot them with. The damage of enemies versus enemies was never that great. But on the plus side , an aggro absorber near you at all times will be useful. I rarely mind control regular units , I usually use utility units like shield ospreys and ancients, makes me realise how few support units grineer have. Grineer really should have some sort of medic unit to use better.
  22. Don't worry , it's just someone that likes bread ... With some nice white sauce.
  23. I thought the primed divine spears are based on guandao prime. While the original were just some generic spear models. I don't mind the more solid spears of the prime personally.
  24. i have done it in the past, but just skipped it this time, not in an immediate need for essence or bored enough to bother with it.
  25. Still ignoring the core suggestion of mine, which is to create keys that are limited to maybe one per day giving you access to night plains for 15 to 45 minutes and then needing 6 hours to rebuild. This would be independent of the actual state of the plains. Also ignored the pre existence of quests with night instance on plain while claiming it would be a programming challenge. Also ignored the mechanics and gating that existed in Raids and how DE simply removed the whole thing. I don't think you really are getting what I am trying to say and are going off in tangents trying to justify yourself on subjective claims based on your own narrow perception. So let me again make it very clear. I do not want the tridolons to be around all the time. But I do want to be able to access them at least once a day at my convenience for a limited duration. Eg. I log in at 7 pm , I see that it's 5 minutes to day time. No point in trying for a Tridolon but I need the radiant shards/riven transmuters to free up space to join a sortie. Fortunately I have an item I built (which took me 6 hours to craft) made from sentient cores , argon crystals and other assorted mats. I can only have one key at a time. This creates a seperate node on earth which always starts the plains at night (similar to the void trader defense missions on void). I can only access it once per key created. When I join the node I am informed that it will last for only 45 minutes and a timer in countdown is shown in the map instead of the regular day/night cycle. I can then proceed to do whatever it is that I want to do in limited time I have. Hope that clarifies.
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