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  1. Here's another thought. Balance these frames so they aren't broken OP? You are trying to justify a system cause its foundation is made on broken things. People don't benefit from it, they try to make the best of a broken situation. There is a difference. I already have proposed this and it already exists. Adaro stealth path provides significant gain for melee weapons as well as frames (any mission will do actually, adaro is just more convenient due to the markers) . Just as we have stealth multipliers (both xp and damage) , there need to be marksmen multipliers for experience (damage wouldn't hurt either) depending on weapon choice and skill. Again, this is nonsense. You are only worried about this cause you limit yourself to Levelling in XP caves where such practices are observed, and unfortunately the most effective for attracting leechers due to the ratio of time to experience gained. I again ask you, do you care about nukers in regular gameplay when you don't need any affinity?
  2. What progress? The only thing such players will know is how to get carried through the ranks without knowing anything about their weapons. Nonsense, if you aren't getting kills why does getting experience for your weapon matter? Stop following loot cave nukers and do regular missions to level your weapons and gain some actual experience.
  3. That would imply brain damage due to frequent face smashing and less of an intelligence identifier 😛 Also random question, how many calluses can face have?
  4. infested: only times i had to revive them was when they stepped in goop or toxic clouds before i could melee their health back. corpus : they do tend to die more often on corpus maps with those sapping ospreys , more cause of dumb AI than poor modding. Grineer: Very rarely to they go down , usually when they are stuck on a geometry or not moving
  5. i think you would need high strength for it to do that yeeting. best you will do is a yeep.
  6. They used a measure of volume to give clarification, why liter shouldnt they use ounces? that makes no sense ! jokes aside, They might , and they might not , DE doesnt have the best track record of implementing what is said. It is not common sense , it is only an assumption at this point , hence i was clear that it is a "maybe". There are two boss nodes (as per the tennocon demo) that are assassinates, they could very well be the existing lephantis and the prelate. Or they could be the "Sun" and "Moon" that were shown on the drift or it could be one of the mechs which reb poorly fought in the same tilesets., it would be a shame if they made so many new infested units and only used old assets for the bosses. There already exists a lephantis knockoff during plague star , it would not be stretch to try something new.
  7. Lephantis is where nekros is , the new hub is called nechralisk it is guarded by seemingly undead automatons, co incidence? very likely , cause thematic consistency is not DEs strong suit. Maybe lephantios iwll be retired?
  8. More accurately they ruled out Ultimate's and signature abilities. Whats a signature ability? whatever DE wants , and i assure you there will be a few in the workshop that will be common to many frames but you wont get it cause they are signature. I am still peeved about how garudas healing does not affect objects and the reason they gave for it even though i dont really use garuda that much.
  9. The issue is genuine, But you will not see this happening. Why? Cause the frames behind those encounters are actually top tier. cant make top tier easy to access or it will be less likely for players to get it for platinum. Just a monetization strategy, and i will not fault DE for it. But it does seem silly now that primes are easier to acquire (relatively) P.S. i got Mesa before they made the changes to the boss fight needing only one nav co ordinate, i know the grind.
  10. Stealth frame ..... blasts the loudest music with some of the brightest lights while dancing. But other than that the logic is solid , no need to stealth if everyone is CCed. Also suggest to get her resonator augment for better control.
  11. Yeah , Epic hired DE (kinda?) , cause they were still doing the "for hire " thing. maybe the better term would have been "the only successful PVP game where DE was involved in some form was unreal" .
  12. Then you should not have any issues if you get no experience on your guns , cause you aren't needing them in your support role. The frame itself i admit should get experience for assists , what constitutes an assist? Ally doing the killing while being under a buff, enemies killed being under a debuff/damage due to your abilities, that and objective completion experience is the only thing i am willing to accept as sharable. you join pug at your own peril , zero expectations should be kept in pugs. Oh you mean putting a "ban this guy" button in game ? sure ,i am ok with that as well. i do make reports to support when i meet such individuals -whether they actually get a warning or not i am unsure of. I was always a "prevention is better than cure" person. I absolutely dislike the concept if gaining "experience" when you haven't really experienced S#&$.
  13. I dont mind feeding it , all those resources were getting stale anyway. i guess a timer wont be too bad? just need to do it rarely once you now what you want and any new frames with cool abilities are launched.
  14. Barring a few niche frames (equinox) that have some augment specialisation, most frames have maybe 2 alternate mod load outs (for me) with config C usually a test config, I will likely buy 1 config for my most used frames to save me a few seconds of mod swapping if i can find a more suitable ability to replace. What OP is suggesting is not bad but you could always just change the abilities from the helminth room if you wanted and swap mods in any config to suit it (assuming there is no cooldown timer like the dumb stuff with pets that was recently removed). If Its only convenience that you are missing then you should pay for it of spend a few extra seconds.
  15. They tried with the amazing eternals , it was so bad they didnt even try to launch it. the only good PVP game they made has been unreal.
  16. Not direct damage, but I wouldn't mind some ragdoll gamage when it takes out multiple enemies in a line without PT.
  17. BullS#&$ , standing around doing nothing is not conducive to co op either , how is it a co op game if you are waiting for others to finish the mission for you? If they truly wanted co op to be successful they would keep the game balanced towards it, The only real time you need co operation is when you need to open friendship doors , and that too can be overcome. Its not a bad idea , its an idea that needs changes to the core concept of how leveling works. Tell me honestly , outside of needing to farm affinity do you really care who joins your matches if you are not leveling weapon and frames? you have gotten used to a crutch that keeps you from walking.
  18. Let's look at the core build, High strength, moderate to high range, with efficiency and duration to taste I assume? If rest is primary focus then you can up your damage with finisher and melee damage boosting abilities. Savage banshee come to mind immediately with her silence, but do you really want more augments if it's the one that is picked? A generic damage boost or elemental addition (ember heat?) for getting the upper hand perhaps? Maybe bunch them together before you use rest with larvae or ensnare?
  19. You can re buy them. For plat. I don't think you quite understood the monetary implications of what DE is doing else you would not have suggested it.
  20. They only get nothing if they do nothing, You should be advocating reigning in the frames that would make this possible.
  21. Maybe it will wake up DE to the unrestrained powercreep of "these specific" frames. I would rather you get nothing for doing nothing.
  22. Focus farming is crap , i disliked that concept since its inception and only did tridolons to max it and forget about it. I have a personal hatred for AFK leeching which is incentivized by the current affinity sharing concept , if that is resolved i do not have any issues with keeping the sharing minimal if not zero.
  23. There is a very simple explanation really, They like blueberries so much they fused their DNA to always smell like blueberries. Just as likely a reason as any other.
  24. Most likely, only when you are leveling weapons though. perhaps it will diversify mission usage as well. P.S. and as i said , different means to get bonus XP. Shared XP should only come from completing objectives in my opinion.
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