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  1. (Hun)How's about no? I'm getting really sick of the try-hards saying stupid "crap" about stupid "grinds only they can possibly do" when they know DAMN well they won't do it! This really is starting to piss me off... Either come up with a solid, GOOD idea, or please STFU about "grinds only we can do". Because I guarantee this idea would be so poorly received, itd be removed and locked after a week!
  2. I mean, the new frame and weapons ARE content. Just not much. Maybe i see myself in some of this, but your a bit impatient. Although they may be tempted to lift the veil, I would think it best to keep a few secrets, and surprise us later. But enough of the minimal points, lets discuss the "Bigger picture". Game Development and Design is a pain in the rear. I'm not in the industry, but as a tech enthusiast I can share that programs are hard to code. You ever sat down and tried to make a java coded bot? I'll let you know its hard. One keystroke off, and what even is that bot gonna be doing? Its... eventful to say the least. But it isn't a smooth "copy and paste" from templates. Game designing is terribly troublesome, and DE probably has it harder than most because the game their making is full of unique characteristics and that grind your gears. But at least Warframe has players (Anthem anyone?) I get that its all getting tiresome. Personally I would love for Warframe to get a few boosts to the drop pools (still haven't gotten Condition Overload to drop) but lets be real. This isn't just a simple kill mobs game. Its getting better with the updates. All they really need is time to make sure that they have it up to par.
  3. I'm just gonna be honest. Why bother? I know that people hate participation trophies, since it levels the playing field too much, but why even make events anymore? People cheat, use *illicit* tactics. I'd rather the team just give up on clan based crap. Its all the same story. Trophies are not earned, scored are impossibly hard for smaller clans, too small for clans of substantial size. Not till we are all made clear on one, teeny tiny detail... DEFINE ILLICIT!! I'm all ok about learning something is considered bad. Even being told it isn't supposed to happen. But why this far?! Its not like we had a set of rules on what abilities we were not supposed to use! You didn't make clear that demolysts were not supposed to be affected by warframe abilities at all! So why bother having an event when perfectly *normal* and accepted actions are being cut and players banned for not being in the know? Just drop content and be done with it.
  4. May i ask why the game feels sluggish? It takes a full minute to login upon password entry (yes i have a stopwatch handy) and it seems that ANY actions (arsenal, navigation, market, even operator) just don't register for 30 second periods after you use the prompt. Is there a server error? I don't get it because this wasn't a problem before this patch. Could you please look into it?
  5. Someone is salty... First off, its not your game. Their product/IP, their rules. Please follow those rules. Second, don't flatter yourself on the notion your build is now garbage, you just have a little more setup to deal with. High Critical pistol will fix your problem. Lastly, you don't need that arcane. It serves minimal benefit to a mesa build. Don't make assumptions. They just make you look bad. Sincerely Short_Temper
  6. I have a question. When will nitain extract be farmable in a manner similar to Detonite Injectors/Fieldron? It makes no sense why nitain is becoming more necessary, but its access it locked behind alerts that are locked behind alerts. Lore already states where we can find it, but when will we be able to get it like any other resource?
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