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  1. I mean, Alad V is telling you what to do. Its just about analysis at that point. I'd run with a Ropalolyst group if you can, because that fight is fairly straight forward once you know what he is talking about.
  2. Do yourself a favor now and for the future: never listen to this person again.
  3. I'm just gonna be honest. Why bother? I know that people hate participation trophies, since it levels the playing field too much, but why even make events anymore? People cheat, use *illicit* tactics. I'd rather the team just give up on clan based crap. Its all the same story. Trophies are not earned, scored are impossibly hard for smaller clans, too small for clans of substantial size. Not till we are all made clear on one, teeny tiny detail... DEFINE ILLICIT!! I'm all ok about learning something is considered bad. Even being told it isn't supposed to happen. But why this far?! Its not like we had a set of rules on what abilities we were not supposed to use! You didn't make clear that demolysts were not supposed to be affected by warframe abilities at all! So why bother having an event when perfectly *normal* and accepted actions are being cut and players banned for not being in the know? Just drop content and be done with it.
  4. I would dare to say thats the point! Cheesing is the only thing that ensures-and I know this is a dirty word, so #*!% it-that content is "Fun". I understand even that DE wants us to have it hard, so the people griping for stuff to be challenging are kept quiet. I GET IT! But can't we all agree that this cycle of launch and day one nerfing is getting a bit... Repetitive? Its not even that I dislike the content. I LOVE THE NEW MODE! But I'm not sure if they even get what their doing anymore. Are we supposed to like this or not? Nova has been SHAT on so many times it is, in my humble opinion, disgusting. If Nova is that much a problem strip the frame out entirely if its not acceptable and give people the new one to make up for it. Granted, I know this solves nothing. But why bother patching content day zero of its that big a problem. Strip them out, rework it, and give players the frames when their ready to fit the vision. Is it really this hard to understand that if its a problem, remove and solve it before things become out of control?
  5. So... Lemme get this straight. Your mad you can't boast how awesome you are, because DE is making a wise business decision to "Capitalize" on the competition's mistakes (Destiny, division, etc.) and you need to angrily make a thread about this because... Why? Why? WHY DO YOU NOT USE YOUR G/÷€€!/* BRAIN? (OK. Time to make a point) Here's the deal, sunflower. DE is not making their game harder, their making it "Better". To get a leg up on the competition. Ya'know, the other games that have 9 yr.olds playing for monetization purposes? Cuz kids have NO impulse control? If the fact DE is making a better game scares you, I fear what the industry at large is turning into. So lets level, shall we? This was something to add rewards back into the mix. Nightwave was supposed to give you more for the same amount of play. Because of this, you weren't supposed to grind MORE. You were just to keep playing. And your asking for harder content? The logical jump your making here scares me. You don't need games, you nees help! You need to put down that keyboard, and go exploring, in the REAL WORLD. You are asking for stupid hard content to satisfy your own ego. You need to step back! There is a line that should not be crossed when you play games. You are FAR past it.This is not about the game. This is about your time!and your asking, no, BEGGING them to take it from you? Step away, go read a book, watch TV, ANYTHING BUT PLAY GAMES! Then, with fresh eyes and an opened mind, read your first post again and say that is how you feel... I can whole-heartedly bet $50 you wouldn't agree with it.
  6. May i ask why the game feels sluggish? It takes a full minute to login upon password entry (yes i have a stopwatch handy) and it seems that ANY actions (arsenal, navigation, market, even operator) just don't register for 30 second periods after you use the prompt. Is there a server error? I don't get it because this wasn't a problem before this patch. Could you please look into it?
  7. Maybe not change the file at all. There was your first mistake. Thats why there is a settings menu... As for your pc, its long past time you upgrade it to something a bit better. Open World tilesets hog resources. Many MORE so than you'd expect from a simple shooter.
  8. I don't know what your looking for, but that budget is pretty limiting. I'd say a Radeon rx570 is probably all your gonna be getting because better cards are gonna cost much higher
  9. The ideal solution is rework the other archwing to be better at traversal. I can even use an example: Elytron Core Vent ability. Such wasted potential cuz there isn't a reason to need the smoke screen unless you are putting more strain on the cores. A thrust increase during the core vents duration would be useful and allow players to explore other the elytrons usefulness in plains.
  10. I believe that was the point being made here. These are exclusively tied to RNG, not something acquired via a "Special Challenge". Relax, farm, pray RNG is not what some players want in a uniquely styled cosmetic. Prime frames and such are okay for this because they have boosted stats, but not for a tailor made cosmetic item that has no effect on gameplay.
  11. Someone is salty... First off, its not your game. Their product/IP, their rules. Please follow those rules. Second, don't flatter yourself on the notion your build is now garbage, you just have a little more setup to deal with. High Critical pistol will fix your problem. Lastly, you don't need that arcane. It serves minimal benefit to a mesa build. Don't make assumptions. They just make you look bad. Sincerely Short_Temper
  12. I have a question. When will nitain extract be farmable in a manner similar to Detonite Injectors/Fieldron? It makes no sense why nitain is becoming more necessary, but its access it locked behind alerts that are locked behind alerts. Lore already states where we can find it, but when will we be able to get it like any other resource?
  13. I cant stand players who sit in a chair thinking DE owes them an update. ***NEWS FLASH*** Digital Extremes employees have a standard they have to work towards. Its not by player choice they add the update to the game. Maybe show a little respect for the fact that you can actually play the game in the meantime (although of I had to venture a guess, the whiney babies are bungie fans who still can't take the fact Destiny was 2nd fiddle to warframe. Suck it up buttercups, DE was first and foremost). Maybe the arbiters will give me a challenge 😉
  14. 3 questions. First, how will we get parts for kitguns? Second, how do we acquire K-drives? Third, Archwing launchers are infinite when? other than that, i guess the question is, when do we land, and how many are waiting?
  15. I generally dont share, but heck, if this will get a chance at feature time, whatever... Loadout: Rift Prime Limbo And youll need a carrier with Vacuum and Ammo case for the supra to keep ammo. but do as you please. Hav fun tonight!!!
  16. im just saying this, but you consistently asking for something only makes it that much harder for them to push out the updates. I know it sounds illogical, but it can be demoralizing for devs to do updates if you don't at least acknowledge that you see changes. Again, just saying
  17. Ok. I'll admit, I thorughly enjoyed the Sacrifice Quest. Probably enjoyed it better than most. But I don't understand the decision to add the somachords into the quest missions only. Wouldn't it have been better to add them in-game through the normal process of rotation with cephalon frags? I personally just don't like the way this was done, DE. Can we please not have to replay ruin the story just to get the chance at these tracks? I don't like replaying quests to the brink of ruining the story... Can we please get The Sacrifice Track's Somachords in a rotation with the others, and maybe try to Guarantee the spawn of them if you have the cephalon fragments for that planetoid? Please, and thank you... Short_Temper [P.S.] Still waiting for Spacemom to comeback for us....
  18. While i have found a replacement "fun" frame (youll figure out what) I still wish Limbo could be reworked to have his Statis back the way it was, or modified to work ONLY on limbo's firearms. and return its duration plz?!I liked having a full minute to do as i please in the rift. I understand the concerns of "Fun" but at what point do players who like and have fun playing a style that is not respected get a say in a community driven decision? Its really not fair for us who have invested time and materials into a frame that is "Fun" to be told to "Adapt" when a simple fix of the ability would solve the (Obvious) problem.
  19. Huh... wasnt even watching, but thnx for the free slot guys. LOL!
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