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  1. 2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Hello Tenno!

    We've done our first Leaderboard Operation since 2017-05-04 with Ambulas Reborn. You read that right - it's been 2 years! And history certainly does repeat itself. As we debut new mission types with Operations, so do we find that exploits are discovered and abused.

    Years ago, Operation Trophies and their method of acquisition were changed to allow every clan the chance to earn them, rather than just top clans. This was done because top clans tend to have illicit runs, which means tying rewards to them is questionable.

    With all this in mind in the midst of another Operation, the question becomes how involved it is to wipe illicit runs. Each event has a different definition of illicit runs because the variety of Warframe abilities and content results in different edge cases. In the case of Operation: Hostile Mergers, let's first define ‘illicit' runs.

    Operation: Hostile Mergers:

    1) Using Loki's Ability to Switch Teleport a Demolyst to death on tiles with a bugged teleport volume resulting in insta-death is considered an illicit run.
    2) Using negative damage exploits to compete is not permitted and is considered an illicit run.

    We have been able to cleanly identify cohorts that used Items 1 and 2 for Leaderboard runs.

    The following measures have been enforced against confirmed exploiters:

    - Cases of extreme abuse have resulted in temporary suspensions until the Operation is over on June 3rd. Any suspended accounts now have a score of 0 for their clan.
    - Illicit scores in general have been removed where applicable.
    - If an exploiting account is a repeat offender of exploits or suspicious behaviour, permanent game ban.

    Thanks to all Tenno who cleanly participate.



    I'm just gonna be honest. Why bother? I know that people hate participation trophies, since it levels the playing field too much, but why even make events anymore? People cheat, use *illicit* tactics. I'd rather the team just give up on clan based crap. Its all the same story. Trophies are not earned, scored are impossibly hard for smaller clans, too small for clans of substantial size. Not till we are all made clear on one, teeny tiny detail...


    I'm all ok about learning something is considered bad. Even being told it isn't supposed to happen. But why this far?! Its not like we had a set of rules on what abilities we were not supposed to use! You didn't make clear that demolysts were not supposed to be affected by warframe abilities at all!

    So why bother having an event when perfectly *normal* and accepted actions are being cut and players banned for not being in the know? Just drop content and be done with it.

  2. May i ask why the game feels sluggish? It takes a full minute to login upon password entry (yes i have a stopwatch handy) and it seems that ANY actions (arsenal, navigation, market, even operator) just don't register for 30 second periods after you use the prompt. Is there a server error? I don't get it because this wasn't a problem before this patch. Could you please look into it?

  3. 4 hours ago, Tinklzs said:

    Why make arcanes not be proc'd by warframe abilities? Like Velocity + peacemakers, yet still allow them to be influenced (proc with secondary then switch to PM).  Revert that change! You can balance far better than taking fun out of equations ya know.

    Someone is salty...
    First off, its not your game. Their product/IP, their rules. Please follow those rules.

    Second, don't flatter yourself on the notion your build is now garbage, you just have a little more setup to deal with. High Critical pistol will fix your problem.

    Lastly, you don't need that arcane. It serves minimal benefit to a mesa build.

    Don't make assumptions. They just make you look bad.




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  4. I have a question. When will nitain extract be farmable in a manner similar to Detonite Injectors/Fieldron?


    It makes no sense why nitain is becoming more necessary, but its access it locked behind alerts that are locked behind alerts. Lore already states where we can find it, but when will we be able to get it like any other resource? 

  5. I cant stand players who sit in a chair thinking DE owes them an update.

    ***NEWS FLASH***

    Digital Extremes employees have a standard they have to work towards. Its not by player choice they add the update to the game. Maybe show a little respect for the fact that you can actually play the game in the meantime (although of I had to venture a guess, the whiney babies are bungie fans who still can't take the fact Destiny was 2nd fiddle to warframe. Suck it up buttercups, DE was first and foremost).

    Maybe the arbiters will give me a challenge 😉

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  6. On 2018-08-09 at 3:52 PM, Voltage said:

    Will Vauban see more changes in the future? Tesla is still extremely underwhelming and Minelayer is still in dire need of buffs. The new passive is pretty sweet, but the majority of his kit is quite lackluster. His base armor should also be increased as well. I do hope Vauban is revisited more, because while this skin is amazing, his kit is not worth using in its current state.

    im just saying this, but you consistently asking for something only makes it that much harder for them to push out the updates. I know it sounds illogical, but it can be demoralizing for devs to do updates if you don't at least acknowledge that you see changes. Again, just saying


  7. Ok. I'll admit, I thorughly enjoyed the Sacrifice Quest. Probably enjoyed it better than most. But I don't understand the decision to add the somachords into the quest missions only. Wouldn't it have been better to add them in-game through the normal process of rotation with cephalon frags? I personally just don't like the way this was done, DE. Can we please not have to replay ruin the story just to get the chance at these tracks? I don't like replaying quests to the brink of ruining the story...

    Can we please get The Sacrifice Track's Somachords in a rotation with the others, and maybe try to Guarantee the spawn of them if you have the cephalon fragments for that planetoid?

    Please, and thank you...


    [P.S.] Still waiting for Spacemom to comeback for us....


  8. While i have found a replacement "fun" frame (youll figure out what) I still wish Limbo could be reworked to have his Statis back the way it was, or modified to work ONLY on limbo's firearms. and return its duration plz?!I liked having a full minute to do as i please in the rift.

    I understand the concerns of "Fun" but at what point do players who like and have fun playing a style that is not respected get a say in a community driven decision? Its really not fair for us who have invested time and materials into a frame that is "Fun" to be told to "Adapt" when a simple fix of the ability would solve the (Obvious) problem. 

  9. 1 hour ago, zabithwolf said:

    I'd like to report a problem with Adding fish to the side tank only.  no idea if this is the case for the main fishtank Vignette).  Just something to consider. 

    -You can select and deselect the fish to add.

    -you cannot accept nor hit enter to add any fish.  doesn't seem to be an option to click add or enter to initiate adding fish.  

    It's not a problem for most.  But I caught my first 36KG fish and it was exciting to Put my Tralok on display.  But to have it not, shot my excitement a bit.


    First, happy fathers day to DE and the fathers who make/made the game possible. You guys at DE are the best.

    On to the subject, I'll go ahead and say that the above person has reported the bug, and i'll state that it does indeed apply to BOTH tanks. You have to remove/add all at the same time or it won't work. Please add a confirm button back to the UI in this menu. It would be very helpful.


    Another bug of note (still don't understand if it is a feature or what) In some missions Umbra players are able to use transference from Umbra freely, but can be met with a Transference Static if they use the ability again right after (not 0HP, use of 5). This is confusing to myself and a few others, as it only happens SOMETIMES making a bug catch tricky. Also, Umbra does not move from place sometimes in mission, unsure if the bugs are connected, but it's worth noting.


    Thank you guys again, this has been an amazing update, and I'm looking forward to the next quest. The Sacrifice was an amazing Quest, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next one.



  10. On 2018-05-24 at 5:02 PM, Tauni said:

    Fantastic, Saryn's back to collecting dust for me if this is the last of the rework, which did nothing to address her biggest flaw. Still no cc. Damage is all fine and dandy, but you tend to need a little something called cc to stop enemies with peashooters from shredding you. 


    There's a reason Saryn hid in corners. 

    i dont know why your so upset, the meta still works as far as i can tell

    just need to modify your modset to accomodate the changes

  11. 22 hours ago, Vain_Vair said:

    I'm not too good at video or gif creation but I'll share a somewhat amusing gif I made when one of my MR tests wigged out while I was doing a spin attack. giphy.gif



  12. OK, so.Problem i just witnessed...

    I jump into an index mission, medium tier. We get 50 points, and finish the mission. This is where, for whatever reason, we're failed, no rewards given. Can someone at DE plz explain this,and/or give us the rewards for this? Why are we being failed when we completed the objective?

  13. Ok, so the Arca plasmor is great, but I think the holding animation while limbo's using it is bugged. His Carry arm (left) looks bent outta place when i have it equipped. If you guys could look into it, plz and TY.

    [Correctional edit]: OK, after a little testing, I found only three frames in my arsenal carry this behemoth correctly; Rhino, Saryn and Volt.I'm not sure if its just the animations, or if weapon itself is too big for the animations. Please look into this DE

  14. While I cannot confirm this personally (My rig straight up died) I heard from some friends that the matchmaking is having problems again. One even went so far as saying it crashed his game, so i was wondering if:

    A, anyone else having this issue other than them?

    B, has DE mentioned anything the server/program responsible for handling it?

    I know its weird, but these friends have rarely ever had it this bad, and the fact I can't confirm it first hand is irritating. SO guys, is this an isolated problem, or are my friends just part of a larger problem that has hit home?

  15. 6 minutes ago, Tendou_Souji said:

    Hema resource cost, for the last time, is not broken.  My clan was able to complete it just recently.  Farming in derelict with a full team yielded 100+ per person in Derelict defense waves.  Even more when we got a resource booster from sorties.  You can increase riven mod capacity for 60p in market place.  As for prime access, I can't change your decision, but I won't boycott for something that doesn't go my way.


    Also, no fix for missing animations/sounds; various missing warframe idles and various missing companion sound effects.

    Wait, are people still complaining about this? geez... Comon, guys. Just go farm the samples already. My clan leader and i have 1/3 the cost between the two of us, and we are the only ones farming. Surely, given that many of you have more active members, you could have the Hema done if you'd quit complaining already.

  16. 3 hours ago, -AoN-CanoLathra- said:

    I can, with a team, level a frame from level 0 to level 30 in 3-4 hours. No booster, no pre-made team.

    The trick is to know which areas have high XP gain w/o being untenable for lower players.

    Defense and survival missions are good for this, and interception and excavation can be good as well.

    Best faction is Infested, as their 'Heavy' units don't do much damage and are fairly easy to avoid.

    And to those of you who are screaming at me because I seem to be supporting Akkad, know this: Yes, I level on Akkad. No, I don't build a team with Mirage, Ember, Banshee, Trinity, Frost, or other similar frames. No, I do not use Tonkor, Simulor, etc., even though I could. I typically bring, no matter which frame I am leveling, 1: whatever Primary I haven't finished leveling at the time, 2: Pox, modded for Gas/Electric, and 3: Galatine Prime or Secura Lecta (if I need credits) or Caustacyst or Venka Prime or Hirudo (especially Hirudo these days). I either join a Pub group or go solo. Sometimes I bring Carrier, sometimes I bring a companion who needed a Forma. I run around, I kill stuff, I use my powers, and play the game NORMALLY. I just happen to be on Akkad while I am doing so.

    Ok, I can see your points here. But I should probably help myself out a second first.

    It has simply been my experience that it takes three days worth of play. This includes what you are leveling, what polarities you have to work with (new frames, not forma's in some cases) What weapons you will be bringing, and the matchmaking type. The idea that any 'Public' match is good enough isn't what I prefer. You gain more xp from staying alive and killing as many enemies, or assisting in the deaths of as many as possible, and for this I like to have people I know or players of larger rank. I sometimes have what I call 'Turnover' for warframes and weapons (although, these are generally items i like, just not enough to keep around and forma). These weapons are/were the weapons that boost mastery rank, but in the end I can't keep because I need the credits, have no more use for, or even just generally saw limited potential for. Granted I see potential later, like the case was for the Drakgoon, but in the end I either couldn't justify keeping it, needed the credits from its sale, or was just dissatisfied with its overall performance. Some past mistakes were selling off weapons before fully ranking it in the first go, but that was part of my learning early game tactics.

    Another thing is playtimes, which I have plenty of, just many I play with don't. This leads to some very impractical (and embarassing) moments where random players decide they would rather T-Bag their teammates rather than help them, or let them run out of revives because they are too far ahead with their own problems to care. I also have a problem with gamers who do these actions, and I generally take a couple hours to vent off from these incidents. Rather than abuse some other player and get banned, I'd go yell at a mirror or walk in the park than play missions with a chip on my shoulders. It would be rude.

    But to be fair you have a point. Knowing where and what enemies give off the best possible xp is crucial to success for many players. It is also best to rank up multiple items at a time, this way your not wasting hours doing so. As for our wonderfully mentioned defense on eris, Akkad just has all these things working for it, so why not? It makes more sense to plan around your own playstyle, but many times planning a group may yield some surprising results. You never know what will drop from rotations, but having a group does help resource drops, so there are certainly benefits to going in a group. You also get better credit rewards for public and group play. 

    Overall, it really comes down to a matter of opinion. Some people prefer solo, others random squads, many just want friends who know their routines, attack patterns, etc. Some people like synergy between their squadmates, and I really don't blame them. It's how they learned. I thank you for the points you provided. Hopefully a new player can read these and not make all of my mistakes again.


  17. So, glad to hear a :Stop Script: is in the works for the helminth virus cyst. Cannot say I'm overly joyed to hear it about now, but it will probably make me happy at the appointed time we receive the cure. Also good news, the Matchmaking system is getting looked into, Hooray!!!

    I have to say that I still believe in where your going with Warframe. I love the progress system(i.e. Mastery Rank), the various weapons one can choose to use AND abuse to no end (who doesn't love to see enemies fly off with a throwing knive, Arrow, Boltor Bolt, etc), and the various ways to make yourself look amazing (Fabulous!!!). The missions feel a bit repetitive, but the multiple ways of doing them make for a fun replay. After all, I love helping New Loka save the trees (Yes, I'm gladly a tree-hugger), and why not kill some people for science, Simaris? Also, the rich History and Architecture of the Orokin actually feel extravagant, luxurious, and ever Continuing. It's like the world we all know, from a different and obscure perspective. A time where immortality truly existed, only to be swept away (Oh god. BARO!!!) and your role as a custodian of the origin system is one you take with a heavy burden. I like these tidbits you left for me to find.

    But even in these moments of intellectual puzzle solving and gleeful homocidal episodes where no Grineer/Corpus/Sentient/Infested punching bag is safe from your crosshairs, I have a few things I would love to see addressed. Maybe I'll take the time to go over what a friend and myself discussed, which is Warframe builds and the need for Balancing. 

    So, we all have at least one. A warframe we LOVE using, but is drastically underpowered in higher level missions. I believe there are currently three that are Major frames. Oberon (although his guaranteed Radiation proc does help somewhat), Valkyr (The drain on her fourth, combined with the damage backlash after it ends kills her usability) and Mag (Yeah, remember that rework you did to 'Even' the field? Yeah, you done goofed). Actually, there are others too. Titania, Inaros, and even Volt all require a 2 Forma build to Survive (not thrive) in a 35+ mission. It can be a bit (what's the word? oh yeah) Grindy. For real, it takes more effort to play endgame then it does to just get there. After the second dream, winning the war within, and finishing off the Death squads sent to hunt you, its... terrible.

    I cannot tell you how many times I have fallen to higher level enemies not because I was sorely under prepared gear and weapon wise, but because I have a frame I love using, and not enough credits to build Formas in surplus fast enough to add ever so vital room for the mods I SHOULD have equipped and could not fit. Add on to this that only three missions i am currently aware drop credits in excess fast enough for you to get them in preparation for this task, and well, I'm sure you get how this ends. I inevitably have to rely on my Teammates for added protection (which places greater burden on them as they have to constantly change tactics to get me back up and running). Also considering that leveling a frame takes (no boosters, an open squad and plenty of free time) three days. I believe you maybe can see my problem here. In the event I want a frame to do well, it takes about two weeks for a proper 4 Forma build to be well prepared and supplied with excess gear to be safe that you will not go down without ample fight AND, in the event of a critical misstep and failure on my part, have energy and ammo restores for the team that has to drop its priorities to help me return to the fight.

    Now that I have detailed the problem, let me be equally detailed in what I believe is the solution to this, as in the last update thread, I probably was still quite salty and unclear of thought to detail this out. The problem I believe with this 'issue' is that many enemies scale with factors such as Mission time elapsed, Base rank multipliers, number of Eximus enemies, Environmental factors, Mission tileset, Types of base units, etc. The point being so many factors make a mission difficult to stay in some instances, I believe it would be more than ideal to include a means of truly 'Leveling' the playing field. You know, make it challenging, but not impossible given the circumstances.

    My friend's idea was to have warframe ability damage scales with the enemies levels so that enemies have a harder time killing you. I personally don't agree because a measure like that may not roll over into Conclave very well, but the idea isn't far off. A way of balancing this might be a received drop from Lotus during defense and survival missions, such as a Damage Augment drop to deal more damage for a short time, or a rebreather pickup to extend your life support's Duration. Maybe even a Armor pickup so your armor becomes Heightened for a short to moderate amount of time. The times and boosts would depend on the mission ranks, but its an option.

    Another idea is to rebalance all Warframes Abilities. For Oberon's Reckoning, Excalibur's Radial Blind, and similar abilities, you could increase the rank bonuses you get from ranking up by .25-.35 seconds that the blind duration last. It's small, but can increase your chances in a pinch, giving you time to escape or kill off a small group before your downed, and makes reviving you less of a strain. For abilities like Valkyr's Hysteria, Titania's Razorwing, and Ember's World on Fire, you can decrease the drain amount for each ability rank up by 1-3 energy per second. A help would be the addition of a mod series that can rival the customizing powers of drift and corrupt mods, like Warframe Rivens (ooooooow, Scary). They would boost two properties (health and power Strengh, for instance) whilst degrading a third, possibly a fourth (like Effciency). That actually could be put to a specific frame, now that i think about it. (Mag-Natic: +30.6 power strengh, + 20.8 health, -28.2 Power efficiency, -12.9 Damage to grineer, must be MR10 and mod is specific to MAG, as an example. I'm not a riven expert) The point of it being to balance out the fighting so players can play how they want.

    Anyhow, I have a habit of being longwinded with words, so I'll finish this up. the last thing I want to mention is the games status as 'Open Beta'. This implies that players and developers can communicate accurately and throughly, I get that. If you were to ask me, though, I believe there has been a lack of attention and participation on both sides. Yes, Players want what they can't explain, but maybe as developers DE can possibly give them some ideas to start the process. I know you guys can get busy with all the 'FIX IT, THIS IS BROKEN' garbage that comes across your desk when a 12 year old complains like they are 2. Maybe if you helped other gamers reach out about ideas that you are offering, more feedback and 'Pre-release' concerns can be addressed quicker. It also may save you guys some headache as you probably get a lot of messages worded like (ERROR: CENSORSHIP OVERLOAD!!!! CENSORSHIP FAILING!!!!!). 

    I get it, I'm wordy, I'll leave you to it. Good luck with your next project!!!!!!!





    P.S. Almost forgot to mention this till someone made a post about it. Why is endo in the drop tables for Defense goals, survival times, sortie rewards, etc? Endo is literally accessible in BULK with some patience and a couple of repeat missions. For me, I am infuriated that I play a sortie only to receive 2000 Endo from the Final reward table. Not even once in the 5-7 times I have done a sortie did I get a reward worth the effort for a level 100 assassination, 80-100 Survival, or a 'Guard' Mission where the AI companion is the biggest moron in Origin History. On that tangent, why are Common drop mods in those tables as well? Literally, Every mod I have received as a defense reward, I can farm at least 2 or more in a decent mid level mission. Please, guys, Remove Endo and Common/Uncommon Mods from the drop tables in Defense, Survival, and Sorties.

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