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  1. 3 hours ago, VotumPrime said:

    Top tier status symbol armor of power given only to the most powerful of all Tenno! I would farm for that whole set as long as it's parts are larger than the Vetala Shoulder pieces!

    I'm hoping it will be completely metal too and wearing it makes any Warframe look like it was big and made for war! 

    They can make it so that random NPCs will acknowledge it. Imagine stepping into the relay and talking to Baro Ki Teer and he goes "Oh my mighty warrior! You grace me with your presence!" in a lewd voice!  

    If it's too little we will make it 1000 Vitus Essence a piece! 

    (Hun)How's about no? I'm getting really sick of the try-hards saying stupid "crap" about stupid "grinds only they can possibly do" when they know DAMN well they won't do it! This really is starting to piss me off...


    Either come up with a solid, GOOD idea, or please STFU about "grinds only we can do". Because I guarantee this idea would be so poorly received, itd be removed and locked after a week!

  2. On 2019-08-23 at 10:25 AM, dw3t said:

    In these hours I have seen many topics similar to this that I am going to do and I don't want to create flame or uncivil discussions, mine will be an analysis by a strong Warframe fan who in these hours is also fighting with some friends to make him understand that the game still deserves.

    In the last few hours many Warframe partners are leaving the game (iFlynn, The Reaper Hunter and MCGamerzCZ) and with them many people I met on Warframe who find themselves in the discussions made in the videos of the various partners.

    The focal point of these videos is: the game is stopped. There is no incentive to play, Nightwave ok you have a new way to alert but get to tier 30 for what a suit operator? The event just finished Dog Days was a disappointment (I finished the whole night playing 9 hours straight) where you either played afk or killed you didn't change anything and you had to farm and farm for balls? Yes the farm is the core game of Warframe we all know, we all spend hours grinding to level and farm resources to craft stuff but seriously after you've done all what you've earned? But I like to farm and that's right, Warframe is also billeted on this (unfortunately not on the scale of the enemies xP). 

    The problem that many are noticing now is simply: there is no news. Is Gauss coming next week, but is Gauss really a content? No. You make it then you bring it to 30, form it, form again, end. This is done in 30 minutes without problems and then? You have finished everything. Many praise the Second Dream quest when it was introduced in 2015 because it introduced new mods, new lore to the game, a lot of plot and desire, and the following year came The War Within with a new tileset, other mods and new gameplay. Yes we have had Cetus and Fortuna in their turn after 1 year, and Fortuna has improved a lot compared to Cetus and this has been great but it is repeating the same thing it did not introduce anything new except the Profit Taker which in my opinion is the best boss in Warframe because it is balanced and fun. Doing Cetus and doing Fortuna leads to the same things: standing for the main associations and farming minerals.

    In my opinion the most depressing question is the quests: The New War was announced with a teaser at the tennocon 2018 and will be released in December 2019, ie much more than a year. Between 2015 and 2016 there were quests in a row like that of Titania or Suda which introduced other lore, why did this stop? The Warframe lore is wonderful because having to do a 5 minute prologue where you have to spend 1000 ducats at the end and then having to leave the players waiting for almost 2 years for an upcoming quest?

    Yes DE is an indie studio and they are at work on Railjack and The New War right now, I know very well and I'm very happy about it but we know very well that this game has bugs that have been there for years and that make frustrating many times the gaming experience. Wouldn't it be better to do short but interesting content with really fun events and maybe more bug fixes instead of blocking the game for 1 year?

    I am Italian and our last partner (DesRPG) asked for the removal of the partner at the end of last year, mainly for the same reasons as The Reaper or MCGamerzCZ today, that is, there are no news that lead to play. A skin is not interesting and does not add anything to the game. The game needs quests, events that make you want to speculate on the lore and in the meantime have fun but this is no longer the case. From Fortuna the game is stopped. Yes I know very well that Profit Taker and Exploiter Orb are coming soon after and the Gas City rework has arrived, but the Gas City rework has added gameplay? NO! We must always do Survival, Interceptions, Defense, Mobile Defense. Yes the new way to farm hexnon is fun the first 10 times but then you get to the problem that has no interesting rewards so why do it? How to date why one should do 4 hours of survival? There is no incentive for those who want to play longer to do so.

    I believe the time has come to change course and update the game much more frequently and add really content. A Warframe and 2 new weapons that will arrive in late August are not game content.


    I mean, the new frame and weapons ARE content. Just not much. Maybe i see myself in some of this, but your a bit impatient. Although they may be tempted to lift the veil, I would think it best to keep a few secrets, and surprise us later. But enough of the minimal points, lets discuss the "Bigger picture".


    Game Development and Design is a pain in the rear. I'm not in the industry, but as a tech enthusiast I can share that programs are hard to code. You ever sat down and tried to make a java coded bot? I'll let you know its hard. One keystroke off, and what even is that bot gonna be doing? Its... eventful to say the least. But it isn't a smooth "copy and paste" from templates. Game designing is terribly troublesome, and DE probably has it harder than most because the game their making is full of unique characteristics and that grind your gears. But at least Warframe has players (Anthem anyone?)


    I get that its all getting tiresome. Personally I would love for Warframe to get a few boosts to the drop pools (still haven't gotten Condition Overload to drop) but lets be real. This isn't just a simple kill mobs game. Its getting better with the updates. All they really need is time to make sure that they have it up to par.

  3. 3 hours ago, GrandLompus said:

    Probably so if you've already ran it a few times to completion.  But like I said: I do not want spoilers, so I'm trying to figure it all out myself without any prior knowledge.  Maybe I'm just dense, but I've still not figured out how to do it yet.  Or maybe that's just not the way Warframe works and first reading up on missions in the forums and the wikia is a strict prerequisite.

    I mean, Alad V is telling you what to do. Its just about analysis at that point. I'd run with a Ropalolyst group if you can, because that fight is fairly straight forward once you know what he is talking about.

  4. 5 hours ago, Hannanh7 said:

    Hey I want some information about (https://www.aoeah.com) I have  discount Platinum offer in my account once again, I purchased last time form (https://www.warframe.com) but now someone suggested me this site (https://www.aoeah.com) and they are giving the same amount of Platinum at lowest price. I just want to know that is this site has any kind of contract with (https://www.warframe.com) or it's a scam? guide me thanks ....

    Do yourself a favor now and for the future: never listen to this person again.

  5. 2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Hello Tenno!

    We've done our first Leaderboard Operation since 2017-05-04 with Ambulas Reborn. You read that right - it's been 2 years! And history certainly does repeat itself. As we debut new mission types with Operations, so do we find that exploits are discovered and abused.

    Years ago, Operation Trophies and their method of acquisition were changed to allow every clan the chance to earn them, rather than just top clans. This was done because top clans tend to have illicit runs, which means tying rewards to them is questionable.

    With all this in mind in the midst of another Operation, the question becomes how involved it is to wipe illicit runs. Each event has a different definition of illicit runs because the variety of Warframe abilities and content results in different edge cases. In the case of Operation: Hostile Mergers, let's first define ‘illicit' runs.

    Operation: Hostile Mergers:

    1) Using Loki's Ability to Switch Teleport a Demolyst to death on tiles with a bugged teleport volume resulting in insta-death is considered an illicit run.
    2) Using negative damage exploits to compete is not permitted and is considered an illicit run.

    We have been able to cleanly identify cohorts that used Items 1 and 2 for Leaderboard runs.

    The following measures have been enforced against confirmed exploiters:

    - Cases of extreme abuse have resulted in temporary suspensions until the Operation is over on June 3rd. Any suspended accounts now have a score of 0 for their clan.
    - Illicit scores in general have been removed where applicable.
    - If an exploiting account is a repeat offender of exploits or suspicious behaviour, permanent game ban.

    Thanks to all Tenno who cleanly participate.



    I'm just gonna be honest. Why bother? I know that people hate participation trophies, since it levels the playing field too much, but why even make events anymore? People cheat, use *illicit* tactics. I'd rather the team just give up on clan based crap. Its all the same story. Trophies are not earned, scored are impossibly hard for smaller clans, too small for clans of substantial size. Not till we are all made clear on one, teeny tiny detail...


    I'm all ok about learning something is considered bad. Even being told it isn't supposed to happen. But why this far?! Its not like we had a set of rules on what abilities we were not supposed to use! You didn't make clear that demolysts were not supposed to be affected by warframe abilities at all!

    So why bother having an event when perfectly *normal* and accepted actions are being cut and players banned for not being in the know? Just drop content and be done with it.

  6. 6 hours ago, Steel_Rook said:

    While I agree with this in principle, Demolysts are a unique situation. They aren't just combat bosses, but rather suicide rushers. Being able to stop them in place essentially undermines their entire design. And considering the Demolysts are literally the only thing capable of destroying a Conduit in the time allotted, undermining them undermines the entire game mode. While that's not always a bad thing, making Demolysts vulnerable to control turns the entirety of Disruption into a gear check. Do you have hard control? If so, you win. If not, come back when you do.

    I honestly don't see any way to make the Disruption game mode work without making Demolysts ability-immune. There are far too many ways to cheese them otherwise.

    I would dare to say thats the point! Cheesing is the only thing that ensures-and I know this is a dirty word, so #*!% it-that content is "Fun". I understand even that DE wants us to have it hard, so the people griping for stuff to be challenging are kept quiet. I GET IT! 


    But can't we all agree that this cycle of launch and day one nerfing is getting a bit... Repetitive? Its not even that I dislike the content. I LOVE THE NEW MODE! But I'm not sure if they even get what their doing anymore. Are we supposed to like this or not? Nova has been SHAT on so many times it is, in my humble opinion, disgusting. If Nova is that much a problem strip the frame out entirely if its not acceptable and give people the new one to make up for it.

    Granted, I know this solves nothing. But why bother patching content day zero of its that big a problem. Strip them out, rework it, and give players the frames when their ready to fit the vision. Is it really this hard to understand that if its a problem, remove and solve it before things become out of control?

  7. 2 hours ago, Knight_Ex said:

    Really like most things Ive seen DE has killed the competitive motivation I had to do Nightwave missions, basically trivalizing the entire concept, this isn't anything like how a battlepass works, this is an amalgamation of tedious content turned casual friendly, again because of complaints.   But of course people will argue and say its better because they get more time to do stuff, however it was that time-gate where my own personal motivation was stemming from, a week was more than enough time to nail out most challenges, hell you could sometimes complete them within a few hours after they refreshed.  But still casual players complained, and DE accommodated that, Which I absolutely hate because it makes me worry more for the sake of warframe,  You can see it in the numbers as well, players leave constantly for many reasons,, I know of several individuals who left because of the nightwave in general.

    I really don't think even ground can even be had here, there will always be an argument that "this is better than that" cause of yada yada reason, however one constant factor remains, DE will always bend a knee at the casual players, while the Vets are still standing there waiting for harder content to be released, however with that content DE will always seem to forcefully insert a casual friendly atmosphere into the game,  Thats great for new players and seems to only make the game more popular, however I see more and more people leaving the game, looking at my friends list that is comprised of basically Vet players mostly from old clans, then last login days average close to the 100 marks.   I sometimes pop them a message to see if they wanna log in, but most of them are busy with other games and have lost interest in warframe.   Its the current reason why I'm clanless right now is because I can't really find any active clans that have many players that are at what could be described as "endgame" content, ie Profit taker, arbs and maybe Tri-hunts.

    It bothers me that mentality "its ok", or "take a break", is still the main response to complaints about content, whats lacking here isn't the flow of content, its the context of that content and how it will eventually be changed to favor a targeted audience.  DE probably hasn't forgotten but warframe was built with the help of Vet players, and steadily DE is loosing that community investment each time a piece of content is made casually friendly.  I'm not even excited for the gas city update, I was but now I just see it as more content to be infused with casual play.  But getting back to the nightwave topic I feel like Nightwave shouldn't be a thing and it should turn into something else instead of replacing alerts, If DE needs more proof then for the next nightwave enable alerts as well and see which gets more use. 

    I truly hope this doesn't become a more consistent thing for DE, they speak of raids and now I'm just worried that any sort of challenge that might present itself will just get squashed out by newer players complaining about the content being too difficult, DE take a lesson from other developers, you don't always have to listen to the community that speaks the loudest.  And it isn't always about what can make the most money, sometimes you need to throw some love to your players that are otherwise just waiting for something to happen.

    So... Lemme get this straight. Your mad you can't boast how awesome you are, because DE is making a wise business decision to "Capitalize" on the competition's mistakes (Destiny, division, etc.) and you need to angrily make a thread about this because... Why? Why? WHY DO YOU NOT USE YOUR G/÷€€!/* BRAIN?

    (OK. Time to make a point)

    Here's the deal, sunflower. DE is not making their game harder, their making it "Better". To get a leg up on the competition. Ya'know, the other games that have 9 yr.olds playing for monetization purposes? Cuz kids have NO impulse control? 

    If the fact DE is making a better game scares you, I fear what the industry at large is turning into. So lets level, shall we?

    This was something to add rewards back into the mix. Nightwave was supposed to give you more for the same amount of play. Because of this, you weren't supposed to grind MORE. You were just to keep playing. And your asking for harder content? 

    The logical jump your making here scares me. You don't need games, you nees help! You need to put down that keyboard, and go exploring, in the REAL WORLD. You are asking for stupid hard content to satisfy your own ego. You need to step back! 

    There is a line that should not be crossed when you play games. You are FAR past it.This is not about the game. This is about your time!and your asking, no, BEGGING them to take it from you?

    Step away, go read a book, watch TV, ANYTHING BUT PLAY GAMES! Then, with fresh eyes and an opened mind, read your first post again and say that is how you feel...


    I can whole-heartedly bet $50 you wouldn't agree with it. 

  8. May i ask why the game feels sluggish? It takes a full minute to login upon password entry (yes i have a stopwatch handy) and it seems that ANY actions (arsenal, navigation, market, even operator) just don't register for 30 second periods after you use the prompt. Is there a server error? I don't get it because this wasn't a problem before this patch. Could you please look into it?

  9. The ideal solution is rework the other archwing to be better at traversal. I can even use an example: Elytron Core Vent ability.

    Such wasted potential cuz there isn't a reason to need the smoke screen unless you are putting more strain on the cores. A thrust increase during the core vents duration would be useful and allow players to explore other the elytrons usefulness in plains.

  10. DE, can we please have Zaws/Kitguns accept skins? I like having a nice new weapon thats mine, but its just so bad looking. They don't look good on their own, no matter what colors you give them. I'd like to be able to add skins to these to make them look at least "semi-decent". Please an Thank You for your attention.


  11. 3 hours ago, TheFinalEpic said:

    I know the moment i heard that it runs better on potatoes that there  has to be something given up for said performance. 


    Maybe it's because I play Warframe with every single effects turned on max but the Plains of Eidolon look so much more uglier than it used to be. The older one looked more vibrant and it had its unique color scheme. This one is just empty and bland.


    What the hell?

    Thats a matter of "opinion". Personally it looks and runs a lot better. Its not as flat, there's a lot more to see, and while I haven't been able to find thumpers yet, its nice to know theres more to get my hands on. 

    Mayhaps you need to have a good, long break and come back to give it the "fresh eyes" it deserves.

  12. 23 minutes ago, xNenex said:

    Just put on some music and farm it , I m sure most of veteran players have it by now , when you have nothing to do just make a party and farm for it , it's not like they gonna remove it , except the electric and cold stuff u get from exploiter orb. Just relax , farm and pray rng . That's what everyone does

    I believe that was the point being made here. These are exclusively tied to RNG, not something acquired via a "Special Challenge". Relax, farm, pray RNG is not what some players want in a uniquely styled cosmetic. Prime frames and such are okay for this because they have boosted stats, but not for a tailor made cosmetic item that has no effect on gameplay.

  13. 4 hours ago, Tinklzs said:

    Why make arcanes not be proc'd by warframe abilities? Like Velocity + peacemakers, yet still allow them to be influenced (proc with secondary then switch to PM).  Revert that change! You can balance far better than taking fun out of equations ya know.

    Someone is salty...
    First off, its not your game. Their product/IP, their rules. Please follow those rules.

    Second, don't flatter yourself on the notion your build is now garbage, you just have a little more setup to deal with. High Critical pistol will fix your problem.

    Lastly, you don't need that arcane. It serves minimal benefit to a mesa build.

    Don't make assumptions. They just make you look bad.




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  14. I have a question. When will nitain extract be farmable in a manner similar to Detonite Injectors/Fieldron?


    It makes no sense why nitain is becoming more necessary, but its access it locked behind alerts that are locked behind alerts. Lore already states where we can find it, but when will we be able to get it like any other resource? 

  15. 7 hours ago, MostOriginalNameEver said:

    Hello. I want to bring up an issue/misunderstanding which both DE and many players unfamiliar with excalibur umbra seem to have. Recently due to needing millions of credits to max out mods I've had to grind index quiet a lot however I have been attacked and cussed out in game over text and voice chat for using umbra. A fellow player recently told me that people reporting umbra players for using his transference mechanic has actually resulted in DE warning him. In the URL attached is what DE told him and I want to explain why DE is wrong on the matter and I hope they look at this with an open mind. Link: https://imgur.com/a/zDuOhhy

    Umbra's transference is only useful when he is stationary and not on defense as he does not protect anything he just attacks, meaning the only mode where his unique ability is useful is Index and certain interceptions. In the message from DE they are basically saying that playing umbra that way is less effective than running around yourself, however this could not be more false. With certain weapons like rubico P, rattleguts, and kohm with good builds he can insta-kill enemies covering half of the map and the linear high index map most of it and he kills faster than a mesa would due to aimlock, longer range, and certain mechanics which make him kill faster than a person would with the weapon specially kohm. I am not sure if it is due to better aim or the fact that with some weapons he does not reload etc but he kills very fast and covers a very large area resulting in kills faster than even a mesa so all that is left is for a rhino which there is an abundance of in index to collect the points. Remaining stationary which is mistaken with AFK is key because there are few spots on the maps where he has vantage point and can cover a large portion of the map without him running around, losing his vantage point and blocking his own LOS making him useless. If you run around with your operator he loses the vantage point and is no longer insta killing things on half the map. For none prodman runs umbra and rhino are the best frames for index and calling him "inefficient" when no other frame can do what he does is doing him injustice and sadly it is rooted in players who do not understand umbra(MANY still don't, I can confirm) and see that umbra has no kills because the game for whatever reason does not show his kills in the scoreboard in most missions including index which is where he shines. I have been cussed out many times even though my umbra had at least 70% of the kills but i would be called names, "useless" being the kindest of them because they cannot look at the scoreboard and see how umbra is killing everything and now I realize that DE is indirectly supporting this toxicity. If the player is not a rhino for example and his job is to kill and provide the points for the person collecting and he does provides the majority of the points he/she is doing their job right and should not be regarded as "inefficient". I would like anyone from DE to come to one index with me to prove that not this method is not "inefficient" but very powerful and show that the majority of reports on umbra players they receive is due to players' lack of knowledge. If whoever who is an official team member of DE is not satisfied with the result they see in the test run I will forfeit my account which i cherish more than anything with near 2000 hours and much hard earned currency. At the very least please make umbra's kill show in kill-feed so people stop harassing umbra users and because God knows so many of them don't know how he works and look at the scoreboard and get provoked leading to toxicity and false reports which sadly are being taken as valid. I love this game and the community and the last thing I want is people being unjustly toxic and false reports harming free of charge players' account statues. 

    Thank you for attending to this matter.

    So, pretty much you want to make a case for afk play? There's a reason people get upset when you try this kinda stupidity in an online game. 2 things generally happen: 1. Umbra's transference passive is more experimental, meaning AI objective tracking and code may not be feature ready, and 2. Said players using this generally go AFK (Away From Keyboard, for anyone not familiar with that). This makes matters worse if said players just move enough to keep them in mission and collecting rewards. I'm gonna admit, I played around with a friend, but we told our squad before we got too far, and gave them a chance to leave before we started the fun. It is a touchy issue because of how easy they are making their work, versus a newer player who needs help getting to that point. It created an unfair skill gap for some to abuse and win.


    I'm all for the argument of people getting informed, but know why their angry first.



  16. ^I agree with the above players. You can't take away the only failure conditions in these types of missions. Capture mechanic needs a bit of work, true, but you should be able to learn from mistakes. Not to mention from a MR 23 perspective, a diverse arsenal can bypass a lot of the listed issues here. Just gotta figure out how you can approach the problem without getting the failure condition.

  17. I cant stand players who sit in a chair thinking DE owes them an update.

    ***NEWS FLASH***

    Digital Extremes employees have a standard they have to work towards. Its not by player choice they add the update to the game. Maybe show a little respect for the fact that you can actually play the game in the meantime (although of I had to venture a guess, the whiney babies are bungie fans who still can't take the fact Destiny was 2nd fiddle to warframe. Suck it up buttercups, DE was first and foremost).

    Maybe the arbiters will give me a challenge 😉

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