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  1. I played Chroma a lot and i would suggest the following two changes: Vex Armor: Don't increase raw damage, but crit & status chance So, make Vex-Armor's damage-buff into a blood rush/weeping wounds kind of ability that works on almost everything, like the smeeta-kavat's charm crit-buff. I think that would scale much better in the current game That could also further increase the usefulness of spectral scream, because even with the coming changes, i don't see it being as useful as just using weapons New Passive: Make Chroma into what the flavor-text says
  2. The texture-placement of Chroma Prime with TennoGen-Skins and Prime-Details "On" doesn't seem to be quite right, resulting in obvious/ugly seams and "broken" areas (white in the Screenshots) that don't look like they are intended to be that way. Affected are leg-, arm- and wrist-/hand-textures. Screenshot show Chroma Drevni Skin (Designed by Volkovyi) and every color-channel set to black, but this seems to be the case with all Chroma TennoGen-Skins and Prime-Details "On". Legs: Arms: Writs/Hands:
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