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  1. This is more about the meta stuff: that a Founder who paid for the Prime has a vested interest in Umbra not making it completely obsolete. Speaking of, while I'm not a Founder, I don't like the Howl and sentience changes in this patch. The orbs thing actually sets Umbra apart from Prime more and there are some good lore reasons for it upthread. But the Howl change turns what was an interesting sidegrade of an ability into a straight upgrade (and looks rather bad besides), while the sentience change mitigates the risk that came with the additional power of the frame staying mobile in Operator mode. I don't like these changes. I think making Umbra "an even better Prime" is a mistake because it devalues Primes. And there are more Primes out there than just Excalibur, and Umbra already had some well-defined gimmicks that would work well with other frames too. What I personally wanted from Umbra was not a replacement for Prime, but an alternative to it, an equivalently powerful but meaningfully different better version of a frame (mostly Excalibur, yes, but that doesn't mean I wanted or want Prime to become completely useless). And the original state of Umbra was closer to that (those mods, though...). But now Umbra looks more like a new flavor of power creep. On the pro-Umbra note though, while the Orokin security systems indeed have good reasons to not recognize Umbra, Baro does not. That is a genuine Orokin-made gilded exterior, dude, show some respect!
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