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  1. Tried Titania's rework. Got very disappointed because it's not an actual rework. 1) Spellbind I don't have got much to say. I know many players say that 1 and 3 are practically the same, but to my eyes they aren't. I use Spellbind to disable a massive group of mobs and its does that job correctly. 2) Tribute Making it only 1 to get a tribute's full power is welcome, but the tributes are still useless if we can't have strength, duration and range affecting them. When I have 150% duration, I expect the tributes to last 180 seconds instead of 120 seconds. When I have 150% range, I expect the Dust aura to be 45m instead of 30m. When I have 150% strength, I expect dust to have 66.7% accuracy loss by the mobs (1 chance to miss out of 3). And by accuracy loss, I mean an extra accuracy layer, which means that they have a 66.7% chance to fail hitting if all the previous rolls came to a successful hit. As for the Thorn, likewise when I have 150% strength I expect 66.7% of the damage to be reflected back to the attacker. Same goes for the two last tribute effects, you got the idea. If strength, range and duration did have some effect on tribute, we could have Titania builds that are specialized in the usage of Tribute in various ways : -strength for maximal damage reduction / companion buff / speed debuff -range for maximal control / team buff coverage / a general wider safety area -duration to be good to go for 3 Minutes (2 minutes for companion buff) 3) Lantern I couldn't care if I had 1, 4 or 10000 lanterns, because as long as they don't do their actual job properly (sticking a mob in place) they're absolutely useless. Just make them work... They need a range buff too : a little buff for the attraction range (25m instead of 20m would be fine IMHO), and a huge buff to the damage dealing area (5m instead of 2.5m wouldn't be abusive TBH). Explosion range looks OK. 4) Razorwing The changes are nice, but I'd still like to be able to renew the razorflies automatically. Maybe at a constant rate that can be enhanced with duration and/or strength. And probably have the razorflie's level be equal to the map's mobs instead of being level 30 at all times, that'd make sense. Passive) The passive still sucks. The self-boost for bullet jumps is fine, but frankly the trampoline for team mates is useless. I'd welcome a passive a bit similar to Hydroid's instead : being able to spawn a razorfly by killing a mob affected by spellbind or something like that. Oh wait, I just killed two birds with one stone : I found a nice way to renew razorflies in archwing mode and something that makes the 1 feel a bit more different than the 3. ^^ Anyway, I've always been a hardcore player of Titania, I tend to use all her abilities, but frankly I do understand quite well why most players still wont use her even after that "rework" that doesn't deserve the name "rework". No offense DE, but you haven't thought hard enough. And you haven't played that frame enough aswell.
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